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Deadlines Are For Idiots ………………

Deadlines Are For Idiots


I’m not so sure that I can really take much more of the idiocy now going on with regard to the impasse between the NBA and NBPA . Two sides that now seem on course for what could very well turn out to be a contentious divide between the two parties . David Stern and his union counterpart Executive Director Billy Hunter . At the same time union President Derek Fisher and the Executive Committee are intent on not cowering to the demands of the league hierarchy and team owners . In the midst of this all Stern and Deputy Commissioner Adam Silver have tried their utmost in trying allay the fears of the fans who are of the thought that there will be a lockout and labor stoppage .


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Coming off what has been one of the better NBA Finals in recent years between the Dallas Mavericks and Miami Heat . And as we know the Mavericks would prevail over the Heat winning that series 4-2 with Dirk Nowitzki being named Finals MVP . It’s interesting to see that Mavericks’ owner Mark Cuban in spite of his team having won the series he has had little to say about what may well be the impending lockout . I’m not about to suggest that this lockout can’t be averted but given the mess created by the NFL and the labor dispute which has now entered its third month , in effect over 100 days, I’m beginning to think that even there also there has been even less common sense shown by all of the parties concerned . Roger Goodell has been outmaneuvered by a truly worthy nemesis in DeMaurice Smith a former patent and labor attorney with DC law firm Patton Boggs LLC .

Now with a great deal at stake for both sides it appears that the team owners and league hierarchy now feel where they’re at the point where they can now see light at the end of the tunnel . And as of now the light being shone can’t be seen because of the ineptitude having been shown by both parties during their ongoing deliberations.

If the NBA team owners such as Jerry Buss , Michael Jordan , Donald Sterling , Rich De Vos , James Dolan , Joe Maloof and Micky Arison have sat back looking for the league hierarchy to lead in the ongoing deliberations. It seems strange that it has been left to Stern to take the lead but in reality it shouldn’t be as a surprise to anyone given the autocratic rule by the commissioner . Slowly but surely the mess created by the league hierarchy as well as the owners and their general managers has me wondering what other forms have idiocy have now taken place under David Stern’s reign ! The NBA has a soft salary cap of $57 million but somehow more than 2/3 of the teams within the league have sought to exceed that figure . Now it’s quite obvious with a downturn in the economy the NBA has been affected adversely and much of that has come down to the very fact the league and union has simply chosen to run amok with regard to their excessive spending . Teams have simply sought to buy their way to success and in large part it has been an immense failure for the vast majority of the teams . With the league now on course to lose in excess of $450 million for the fiscal year 2011 and having lost a cumulative $750 million in the last two years it has to be said the owners and Stern have some pressing issues to resolve.

The revenues shared between the league and players is split on a 53/47 ratio deriving from approximately $3.77 billion . The league hierarchy would certainly like to see that figure lowered but with Billy Hunter and Derek Fisher steadfastly clinging to the belief that it would not be beneficial for their members to be giving concessions to the NBA . Much of what we’re being led to believe now happening between the union and league hierarchy is something akin to modern day comedy of errors . Things have yet to take a truly contentious fervor but it could well be heading that way with David Stern now taking the lead in the deliberations and wanting to come off looking like the hero . And for Stern any photo op that has him being front and center in the public eye makes him all the more appealing for the public’s perception of him .

If there ever has been a reason to simply have little faith in the Congress then the ongoing stupdity being shown by the House of Representatives , Senate and the President’s administration in trying to raise the debt ceiling of $14.3 trillion ($14,300,000,000,000) has me wondering how much longer the two sides can actually remain in denial . Sen Mitch McConnell (R-Ky) and Rep Paul Ryan (R-Wisc) have simply stuck by the fact that tax cuts will be the one thing to stimulate the economy , create jobs and the lessening of government regulations in all facets of commerce , government regulatory authority will go a long way in adding to the vibrancy of the economy . Pity that they chose to ignore the mere fact that tax loopholes will remain in place and also that the numerous committees within both legislative chambers have simply let lobbyists write and rewrite many of the regulations that have placed the economy in the shit-hole that it is now in ! I’ve no real faith in either party given the ongoing stupidity being shown by Democrats and Republicans ! China as the country’s greatest creditor holds in excess 17% of nation’s government bonds and considerable debt . But the herein lies the caveat a great deal of these bonds also held and other governmental financial instruments are in the hands of some of the nation’s largest financial institutions and insurance companies . Think New York Life , Bank of America , Morgan Stanley , Prudential Insurance , JP Morgan Chase and GE Capital .

Even amongst the Democrat cabal of idiots led by Sen Harry Reid (D-Nv) whose own knowledge of the economy can be best described as man whose idea of being firmly abreast of a situation, is try and persuade you that his aides have advised him thoroughly on the issues . Well that’s like saying I’ve just been told a bedtime story by my teacher because Reid like any of his peers within both legislative chambers were never that bright to begin with , especially where it concerns the US economy and its underlying problems !

Any maneuver now either way be it the raising of the debt level and austerity measures in cutting a number of programs will simply be like throwing shit up against a wall to see what will actually stick ! For far too long each successive Presidential administration has chosen to ignore to this acute problem simply thinking that its creditors would continue to buy its treasury bonds because of the added security that the US was a safe haven . Well that’s no longer the case, in spite of what Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner or Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke continues to say merely to calm the financial markets because the country is now completely bereft of ideas as to how to deal this problem . It’s simply using a Band Aid to cover a hemorrhaging stomach wound and as the exsanguination of the country is now in place , who’ll be left to mop up the blood ?

Should the debt ceiling be raised even with the proposed spending cuts sought by Republicans and a number of conservative Democrats certainly won’t stave off any great fears of a tailspin of US the economy. Speculation asides , all that needs to be done are for the top credit ratings agencies ( Moodys , Standard & Poors ) to downgrade the US government’s credit rating from AAA to AA + or AA- (minus ) and this would send precipitous seismic waves in the financial markets around the globe , as there would be a great deal of uncertainty about the government’s ability to pay down its debts much less make principal or even the interest payments due .

The ensuing mess we’ve seen created here with regard to the NFL , NFLPA , NBA , NBPA , the present US administration and both legislative chambers of Congress simply shows us that common sense no longer prevails within sports but also within the dizzying heights of politics . And no doubt there are those amongst us who are prepared to ask the question why should I care ? Well you ought to care one way or another as many decision about to be made will certainly affect us one way or another in our every day lives .



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In light of the ensuing negotiations said to be taking place between the NFL , NFLPA , NBA hierarchy and its union counterpart the NBPA how do you view each situation ? And what of the government’s own handling of the debt crisis where do you see things ending up there ? Do you really care at all or have you simply chosen to ignore it all ? Simply chime in with a comment as you deem fit and as always thanks for the continued support as it’s greatly appreciated !

Alan aka tophatal …………….


(1) David Stern (right) and Billy Hunter seen here in June 2005 having just reached an accord on the NBA’s then existing CBA (collective bargaining ) agreement which is due to expire midnight June 30th 2011. AP Photo / Gene Kershaw ….

(2) NBA Commissioner David Stern (right) is seen alongside NBA Deputy Commissioner Adam Silver speaking to the convened press . AP Photo / Mark Richmond ….

(3) NFL commissioner Roger Goodell, left, and National Football League Players Association executive director DeMaurice Smith, right, speak to the media outside of the Ritz-Carlton hotel after addressing players during the NFLPA rookie symposium on Wednesday, June 29, 2011 in Sarasota, Fla. AP Photo/Brian Blanco ……

(4) NBPA President Derek Fisher in line with his Executive Committee and player representatives have steadfastly stood by in their determination not to make any concessions to the league hierarchy and owners unless they are prepared to reciprocate in kind . AFP/ Photo / Marcus Pruett …….

(5) Michael Jordan , left, majority owner of the Charlotte Bobcats and general manager Rod Higgins watch an NBA summer league basketball game between the Bobcats and the Orlando Magic in Orlando, Fla., Friday, July 9, 2010. AP Photo/John Raoux ….

(6) Los Angeles Lakers NBA basketball team’s new head coach Mike Brown (2nd L) poses with team owner Jerry Buss (2nd R), Vice President of Basketball Operations Jim Buss (L) and general manager Mitch Kupchak after a news conference in Los Angeles, California, May 31, 2011. REUTERS/Lucy Nicholson ….

(7) Sen Mitch McConnell seen here alongside fellow Republican members including Sen Jon Kyl (R-Az) [right] addressing the convened press on the nation’s debt ceiling issue as well as that of the President’s healthcare reform plan of which GOP is totally opposed to . AFP/Photo/ Richard Curtis ….

(8) Rep Paul Ryan (R-Wisc) is seen here addressing members of American Conservative Union Foundation a Conservative political Think Tank and lobbyist’s group. AP/Photo ……..

(9) Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke (foreground) listens briefly as Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner (right) speaks quietly in his ear . Courtesy of Financial Times of London / Keith Parsons …..

(10) Director of the National Economic Council Lawrence Summers (L), Chairman of the Council of Economic Advisers Dr. Christina Romer (2L), Secretary of the Treasury Timothy F. Geithner (C) and Federal Reserve Chairman Ben S. Bernanke (R) listen as President Barack Obama (2R) speaks after a daily economic briefing in the Roosevelt Room of the White House March 23, 2009 in Washington, DC. Obama said the administration’s plan to purchase toxic assets from banks is a move in the “right direction” to unlock credit markets. Romer and Summers are no longer a part of the President’s Council of Economic Advisers having stepped down to pursue other outside interests . Getty Images /Pool Archives …….


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Speak When You’re Spoken To ……………

Speak When You’re Spoken To ……………

I find it somewhat amusing that NBA Commissioner David Stern continues to treat the NBA as if it’s his own personal fiefdom ! He seems to forget it’s the players who make the game what it is albeit that he assisted in making the brand such a global phenomenon. Stern and the hierarchy along with the team owners have seen the brand grow exponentially into a multi billion enterprise and to where the players are handsomely compensated alongside the coaches within the league .


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Now as the postseason beckons and the 16 teams left to participate in the NBA’s postseason competitive play we now find the game’s most respected coach Phil Jackson amidst some controversy as he openly speaks his mind . The Los Angeles Lakers’ coach in a recent postgame interview which was the finale to the team’s season was asked by the convened press about his team’s chances in the postseason as well as his impending future as it regards the organization. It has long been believed that this may well be Jackson’s last season with the team that he’s coached to five NBA titles . Jackson in his response was forthcoming, saying that he felt good about the team’s prospects and that a final decision hadn’t yet been made as to his immediate future . But he coyly suggested that he may well return to the quiet life while spending more time with his family. That in of-itself would have been enough to satisfy the media there at the time but the coach went on to suggest that it is his belief that the league is now heading towards an imposed lockout because of the impasse that there now is between the NBA and NBPA (Players Union). Now this was merely Jackson’s view and as such it may not have been shared by any of his peers , so in effect it was a personal response and should not be seen as an attack on the integrity of the league as a whole.

In the aftermath of Phil Jackson’s public statement to the press on his feelings about a possible NBA sanctioned lockout David Stern saw fit to impose a $75,000 fine on the coach for his statement . Unless I’m mistaken , Jackson hadn’t contravened any of the league’s rules in making his feelings known nor was it a matter whereby he had spoken on the record as to any discussions that might be taking place between Stern and his union counterpart NBPA Executive Director Billy Hunter . So herein lies my question , what was it that was said by Jackson that angered David Stern to the extent where he felt that he had to impose a fine on the Lakers’ coach ? Had he spoken derogatory about an official , player , owner or even an executive of another team ? No , that simply wasn’t the case in any of the premises mentioned . But somehow the narcissistic Stern has taken umbrage to the fact that the league’s most recognized figure in terms of a coach spoke his mind. Not in the case, where he’s being derogatory about anyone but merely from a point of offering his view as to what he believes is liable to happen between the two sides should there not be an agreement reached as it relates to the existing collective bargaining agreement.

I’ve long felt that the power that Stern has as the commissioner of the NBA makes him so autocratic and likened to dictator ! He may well be to my mind certainly the most powerful executive in any of the four major sports . He certainly has to be more powerful than NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman , most definitely more powerful than Bud Selig and in baseball and I simply know that he’s way more intelligent than his NFL counterpart Roger Goodell !

If David Stern is to have any real credibility in the league amongst the owners , team executives , players and even the referees themselves then he’ll have to know when to rein in that leash of his rather than coming across as a tyrant . His run ins with Dallas Mavericks’ team owner Mark Cuban have been well chronicled . Such has been the case to where Cuban has paid in excess of a $1 million in fines imposed upon him by the commissioner for many of his pubic utterances be they about the inconsistencies of the officiating during the regular season and postseason as well as Stern’s own inconsistencies when it comes to meting out punishment to the players as it relates to their professional conduct both on and off the basketball court . But such are the vagaries of the game and its perceived image. And that if anything has always been the premise behind Stern’s intransigence I believe and his wish to be viewed as omnipotent when it comes to the power he wields ! David Stern has always been about the image of the league but what he seems to forget is that image isn’t always everything , there also has to be substance and integrity to the game as well. And that has been in part his downfall and own making , wherein he’s created a monster that he no longer has power over. I mean how else can you simply explain the situation where the players or should I say state the ‘ marquee names’ we’ve all come to know can in essence act in such a way wherein their persona becomes larger than the game itself and to the extent that the fans can no longer identify with their teams but merely with the star on that team ?

Courtesy of

NBA Projecting $300 Million in Losses This Season, Commissioner Stern Says

By Mason Levinson

The National Basketball Association is projecting $300 million in losses this season as it approaches the end of the collective bargaining agreement with its players union, league Commissioner David Stern said.

The NBA owners’ labor committee, headed by San Antonio Spurs owner Peter Holt, has been given permission by the full ownership to make a new proposal to the National Basketball Players Association in the next week or so, Stern said today at a news conference that followed a two-day meeting in New York of the league’s Board of Governors.

The figure Stern cited for the 2010-11 season was lower than loss estimates he made earlier today on ESPN Radio for previous years. He said in that earlier interview that the NBA lost $370 million two seasons ago and $340 million last season.

NBA Deputy Commissioner Adam Silver added that about 22 of the league’s 30 franchises are expected to lose money this season.

“Business has improved, nothing to be proud of, but we’ve reduced losses,” Silver said at the news conference. “We don’t believe, within this current system, we have the ability to move dramatically much more.”

While the NBA has had discussions with the union since the February All-Star Game, there have been no formal bargaining sessions in that time, and neither Stern nor Silver would discuss the specifics of what a new proposal might contain.

The league previously cited the need for a more favorable revenue-sharing agreement, a hard salary cap, the end of guaranteed contracts and shortening of contracts as the top negotiating points for the owners.


Click on the above link to read this article in its entirety .


When stars such as LeBron James and Carmelo Anthony can literally hold a team to ransom in order to get what they want it does to an extent send the wrong message about the game and what it represents. I know for the players money matters as well as well as success and long term financial security . But it’s now gotten to the stage where the marquee players around the league can earn way more off the court than they can on the court merely through endorsement deals and corporate sponsorship. OK so we have Stern , Michael Jordan and Nike Inc to be thankful for that , for without the that trio I’d dare say the game and in particular the NBA wouldn’t be what it is today ! That being said many teams are now struggling from a financial standpoint merely to remain financially viable and to an extent competitive . Something that Stern hasn’t really publicly addressed and that is even in the aftermath of the now impending move of the Sacramento Kings to now the greater Los Angeles Area . Ah well , it is what it is ! Somehow Los Angeles can suddenly find itself now with potentially a third NBA franchise almost at the drop of a hat but yet they can’t somehow entice an NFL franchise to make that city its home . Perplexing isn’ t it , wouldn’t you agree ?

As to any ongoing negotiations between the NBA and NBPA there has little that has been made public by Stern , by any of his subordinates such as Stu Jackson EVP , Basketball Operations , Adam Silver , NBA Deputy Commissoner & COO or for that matter from Richard Buchanan , NBA EVP & Chief Legal Counsel . On the opposite end of that spectrum we’ve heard rumblings of the NBPA quite possibly decertifying as a union and becoming a trade association just as in the same way the NFLPA has done in their stance , to the point where both sides are now in Federal Court trying to use the justice system to sort out their ongoing problems . The presiding judge , Judge Susan Nelson may well force the two sides to mediation but bear in mind that when they sought recourse through the FMCS that situation went about as well as the peace negotiations that have taken place between the Israelis and Palestinians !

Billy Hunter and NBPA President Derek Fisher along with the union’s Executive Committee and Players’ Representatives may well not be looking to be confrontational but the situation should it go on as is being perceived could very well be as contentious a fight as we’ve seen between two sides in a long time in the professional sport’s landscape. That being said the comedic value as to what can now be gleaned between the NFL and NFLPA couldn’t have been scripted any better had it been commissioned and produced in Hollywood . Where else can you find the two main characters such as Roger Goodell and NFLPA Executive Director DeMaurice Smith come up smelling even worse than a piece of elephant dung deposited on the ground by a pachyderm ?

At this juncture should there be a lockout imposed by the hierarchy of the NBA I for one won’t be in slightest have any empathy for either side ! The way I look at it much like the NFL if you simply can’t find a way of dividing the spoils of war , which in this case happens to be billions of dollars , then the impending fate should it be a long term labor disruption is one of your own making . No one else can be blamed but the parties involved !



Picture gallery for your perusal .

What thoughts if any do you have on the statement made by Phil Jackson and his belief that there could very well be an NBA lockout ? Do you feel also that David Stern overstepped his mark in imposing the fine upon the coach ? And should the union decertify itself and then challenge the league’s antitrust status within the Federal Court System should they be able to avoid mediation how do you see things playing out within the courtroom ? Simply proffer up any thoughts that you might have on this topic and anything else as it relates the NBA . Once again thanks as always for the continued support as it is greatly appreciated !

Alan aka tophatal …………………

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Picture and slide show details below .

(1) Kobe Bryant (24) of the Los Angeles Lakers and the Western Conference shakes hands with NBA Commissioner David Stern after Bryant was named MVP for the fourth time in the 2011 NBA All-Star Game at Staples Center on February 20, 2011 in Los Angeles, California. Getty Images/ Kevork Djansezian …….

(2) Head coach Phil Jackson (L) of the Los Angeles Lakers receives his championship ring from NBA Commissioner David Stern before the season opening game against the Los Angeles Clippers at Staples Center on October 27, 2009 in Los Angeles, California. Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images North America …….

(3) NBPA Executive Director Billy Hunter seen here with the convened press . Hunter and his union are trying to avert a labor stoppage this off-season . But all signs appear to be that the deliberations between the two sides could become contentious . AP Photo / Richard Musgrave …….

(4) In this picture from May 2009 the big four of American sports commissioners discussed the economics of their respective sports in New York City on Wednesday. They are, left to right, the NBA’s David Stern, baseball’s Bud Selig, the NFL’s Roger Goodell and the NHL’s Gary Bettman. AP Photo / Richard Drew ……..

(5) MINNEAPOLIS, MN – APRIL 14: Former NFL Players Association executive director DeMaurice Smith (L) and linebacker Ben Leber of the Minnesota Vikings leave a court ordered mediation at the U.S. Courthouse on April 14, 2011 in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Mediation was ordered after a hearing on an antitrust lawsuit filed by NFL players against the NFL owners when labor talks between the two broke down last month. Photo by Hannah Foslien /Getty Images …………


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Ain’t No Turning Back ……………… Not Now !

Ain’t No Turning Back ……………… Not Now !

Oh what a tangled web we weave when one sets out to try and deceive . Well the berths are now set for the Final Four in the NCAA Men’s National Basketball Tournament and low and behold perhaps the biggest upset of the tournament took place when the lowly Virgina Commonwealth University (Rams ) took down the high and mighty Kansas Jayhawks . As of now about the only people smiling from all of this are those who had the Rams making the Final Four within their brackets and the odds-makers in Las Vegas.


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Now some might be asking how could this have all gone so wrong for the Jayhawks given their esteemed and well respected program ? But I look at it this way , when you play down or treat an opponent with a certain amount of contempt by not taking them seriously that’s when you tend to be at your most vulnerable and susceptible to a major upset. And most I do believe that was the case here on Sunday with this shocking turn of events and major upset. In all reality who would have viewed that an underdog such as Virginia Commonwealth would be even with a remote chance of taking down Bill Self’s team in what would appear to be with some relative ease. The Jayhawks simply struggled against a team that was stifling on defense and who pressured and harried this Kansas team in to several mistakes turning over the ball in the most inopportuned of moments. But if anything kudos has to be given to the Rams for their resolute defense and the stunning way with which they executed their offense throughout the game (71-61).

As it now stands we have no number one seeds left in the Final Four and with the teams getting ready to lay it all on the line I can’t think of a much better tournament that I’ve witnessed over the last decade as it relates to the NCAA Tournament ! An avid fan of the game at this juncture I for one would like to say that the teams now left vying for the national championship are most definitely deserving of their places amongst the quartet of teams . It has all come down to applying one’s self to the task rather than merely believing in the hype and print media and analysts’ statements being made as to who indeed was the best team in the country. We can all boast or lay claim as to whom we might believe that to be but at the end of the day if your team wasn’t even a part of the Final Four then you have absolutely nothing to be shouting about.

Now with the Final Four and championship title game to be played this upcoming weekend it has to be said that the fans of the game around the country will be riding high looking to see what unfolds next from collegiate basketball’s own answer to a suspenseful movie thriller . What we’ve evidenced since the tournament began couldn’t have been scripted better than any Hollywood script writer giving us a premise and I’d dare say so far as sequels go, one could say that what’s now on offer might just be the NCAA’s answer to that all. I for one certainly didn’t think that a mid major program such as VCU would even have a remote chance in the game but having seen the Butler Bulldogs pull of their own upset in knocking off the Florida Gators I shouldn’t have been at all surprised by this latest result. Major big power conference teams have simply fallen by the wayside in taking their opponents far too lightly , given the level of play in the earlier rounds by their opponents. And much like the idiocy we’ve all witnessed with regard to those teams’ demise , I can’t help but wonder what the NCAA’s Competition Committee might now be making of this all ?

For the broadcast outlets that brought us the game it’s now left to CBS Sports to take us down that final stretch run of college basketball’s biggest spectacle as we finally reach the culmination of the event by crowing a national champion. Sixty five teams originally set out on this noble quest and we’re now down to the Final Four and I can hope that the quartet of teams now left will be able to provide us with the type of suspense and drama that I think we have all witnessed in the earlier rounds of the competition. .

What might be even more surprising is how VCU’s young coach Shaka Smart has his team playing with so much confidence throughout much of this tournament . Kansas for their part just didn’t seem to be able to deal with the defensive resolve of the Spiders as they were harassed each time they were in possession of the ball. If anything you’d be hard pressed to consider which of the two teams in question was from a tier one conference and which was a from a mid level conference as we now seem intent describing many of the mid majors (conferences) nowadays. The divide between the two now seems to be more minute than it has ever been and most certainly the results witnessed in the tournament and over the last few years seems to validate that fact.

The hero for VCU in this game was Jamie Skeen leading all scorers with 26 points and in doing so he led with a great deal of authority with his teammates following en-suite . Eagerly supporting Skeen was Brandon Rozzell the team’s next highest scorer with 12 points but if anything this was more an all-round collective effort by the VCU Rams.

The Jayhawks for their part must be terribly disappointed with the outcome of the game but you can’t but feel how and why did it all go so badly wrong ? Clearly they misjudged the tenacity of VCU prior and during the game , so much so that when it came to the realization that they were in for the fight of their lives , it was all too little , too late as they were never seriously in with a chance of actually overcoming the deficit much less winning this game ! Not even with the contributions of the Morris brothers , Marcus and Markieff Morris did the Kansas Jayhawks seem to put up much of a threat as the duo combined for 33 of the Jayhawks ‘ 61 points’ total . The only other scorer on the team into double figures was Tyshawn Taylor with 14 points . Somewhat of a meager output all round considering the fact that this was team was built upon its offensive prowess , defensive capabilities and being able to switch gears as and when needed . But as I alluded to earlier, for much of the game the Jayhawks simply couldn’t find a consistent rhythm where they could actually get anything going with any semblance of regularity.

Now with the draw known as to who the final quartet of teams will be , it’ll be intriguing to see what awaits the fans of what I for one believe has been an exciting tournament in more ways than one. I certainly do believe that the NCAA Tournament is unlike any other as it provides suspense and thrills right throughout the longevity of the competition ! Not something that can actually be said of the somewhat idiotic BCS Bowl System that’s prescribed to the college football fans out there that this is the best way to decide on a national champion within the collegiate ranks of FBS (D1 Football). Anyone who’s of the belief that’s the best way of deciding on a national champion within the game of football obviously doesn’t see the overall big picture and that this is merely a facade and fraud that’s being perpetrated by the NCAA and BCS in conjunction with one another merely because of the billions of dolllars that comes their way by of a corporate sponsorships and the broadcast rights’ fees that are charged to the networks that cover the game.



Picture gallery for your perusal .

As of now I for one am looking to see what unfolds over the final chapter of the tournament and to see after history being made with not one number ranked team being left within the Final Four . It’s going to be very interesting to see who will end up being crowned national champion this upcoming weekend between the quartet of U Conn , Kentucky , Butler and VCU . What thoughts if any do have you had on this year’s tournament and do you feel that the competitiveness of the games have been well worth watching ? Simply chime in with your thoughts on this any other topic you see fit as it relates to NCAA Tournament . Thanks always for the continued support as it’s greatly appreciated !

Alan aka tophatal ………………………………………………..


Picture and slide show details below .

(1) In this photo provided by Virginia Commonwealth, VCU head coach Shaka Smart celebrates with his team after winning the Southwest regional final game against Kansas in the NCAA college basketball tournament Sunday, March 27, 2011, in San Antonio. VCU won 71-61 . AP Photo/Virginia Commonwealth, Scott K. Brown …….

(2) Virginia Commonwealth’s Bradford Burgess , bottom, shoots as Brady Morningstar , left, and Markieff Morris , top, during the second half at the Southwest regional final game in the NCAA college basketball tournament on Sunday, March 27, 2011, in San Antonio. VCU won 71-61. AP Photo/Eric Gay ……….

(3) Kansas’ Mario Little reacts in the locker room after his team lost 71-61 to Virginia Commonwealth at the Southwest regional final game in the NCAA college basketball tournament on Sunday, March 27, 2011, in San Antonio. AP Photo/Eric Gay ……

(4) Kansas head coach Bill Self reacts during a news conference after his team lost 71-61 to Virginia Commonwealth at the Southwest regional final game in the NCAA college basketball tournament on Sunday, March 27, 2011, in San Antonio. AP Photo/Tony Gutierrez …………….

(5) Ed Nixon (50) of the Virginia Commonwealth Rams goes to the basket against the Kansas Jayhawks during the southwest regional final of the 2011 NCAA men’s basketball tournament at the Alamodome on March 27, 2011 in San Antonio, Texas. Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images ……….

(6) (L-R) Marcus Morris (22) and Markieff Morris (21) of the Kansas Jayhawks look on during the southwest regional final of the 2011 NCAA men’s basketball tournament against the Virginia Commonwealth Rams at the Alamodome on March 27, 2011 in San Antonio, Texas. Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images ……..

(7) Virginia Commonwealth’s Jamie Skeen, left, drives the ball as Kansas’ Markieff Morris defends during the second half at the Southwest regional final game in the NCAA college basketball tournament on Sunday, March 27, 2011, in San Antonio. AP Photo/Tony Gutierrez …..

(8) Jamie Skeen (21) of the Virginia Commonwealth Rams goes to the basket against Marcus Morris (22) of the Kansas Jayhawks during the southwest regional final of the 2011 NCAA men’s basketball tournament at the Alamodome on March 27, 2011 in San Antonio, Texas. Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images …………

(9) Markieff Morris (21) of the Kansas Jayhawks talks to Jamie Skeen (21) of the Virginia Commonwealth Rams during the southwest regional final of the 2011 NCAA men’s basketball tournament at the Alamodome on March 27, 2011 in San Antonio, Texas. Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images ………


NCAA Results from Sunday’s game .

Kentucky vs North Carolina —- 76-69

Kansas Jayhawks — vs — VCU (Rams) —– 71-61


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Take Me At My Word …… !

Take Me At My Word ………….

Well the idiocy of the NFL labor talks continue unabated and much like the stupidity of the Congress and Senate in trying to reach a compromise , here the two sides are so far apart that you could drive a Mack Truck through the chasm of their division. The NFLPA led by Executive Director DeMaurice Smith has asked that the NFL open up its books for public scrutiny of which I for one don’t believe that the NFL hierarchy ( team owners ) would be willing to do because then the public would find out the lies that have been told by them as it concerns their overall finances . Certainly NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell hasn’t issued a public statement on the matter . But you’re continuing hear from various sources in and outside the NFL that the two sides are getting closer to a compromise . If only that were so because it seems that neither side at this juncture is truly willing to given an inch in order to elicit any type of real compromise !


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FMCS Director George Cohen the federally appointed mediator to oversee the mediation process can’t be pleased with either side at this juncture and with the intransigence being shown by both sides. And should he have to render a decision here you can be sure that it will be one that will be beneficial to one side while being a total detriment to the other even if on appearance it seems to be fair.

With the original collective bargaining agreement having passed as of 3rd March and then summarily extended by 24 hours momentarily before the two sides opted in taking this past weekend off and then extending that deadline by a further seven days . Well with that deadline now expiring at midnight tonight it remains to see whether or not the idiocy will still continue . This much I’m definitely sure of , if these two sides can’t agree how best to split a $ 9 billion ( $9,000,000,000 ) industry in terms of its revenues whereby both sides can feel happy , then the fallout from this debacle will rest squarely upon the shoulders of the NFL , NFLPA and the owners evenly. Any sympathy that either side may well have been looking for from the fans and general public alike will have completely disappeared .

It certainly never ceases to amaze me with the naivete shown by the fans and the college coaches within collegiate athletics . Within the ranks especially of college basketball and football where these coaches are well compensated not only by the salaries paid to them by their respective institutions but also by way of commercial endorsements that are to be had by when their programs become successful. Is anyone now really surprised by the allegations that have been leveled against Ohio State football coach Jim Tressel ? Long thought of as being above reproach who runs an exemplary program we now find out that Tressel much like many of his peers within collegiate basketball and football is nothing more than a conniving cheat and a complete imbecile ! What might make matters worse concerning the allegations against the coach is the very fact that he knew and kept them hidden from the athletics department and faculty of the school. His initial stance was that he hadn’t thought anything improper had gone on concerning the fact a number of players on the team had been receipt of gift monetary and otherwise from independent parties . However , what might be even more disturbing about these allegations is the very fact the coach had been receipt of an e-mail from an attorney , Christopher Cicero who’d also been a player for the Buckeyes when Tressel was then an assistant coach with the program. In that communique it informs Tressel that a number of players on the team had actually been selling memorabilia for financial gain. That is in of-itself is a major transgression of NCAA rules and for the coach to even keep that fact hidden from the AD and school is tantamount to condoning the acts of the players rather than instigating an internal investigation.

Courtesy of USA Today

Ohio State punishment of Jim Tressel called ‘a little light’

By Erick Smith of USA Today

The head of a law firm that helps schools deal with the NCAA said the Ohio State punishment of Jim Tressel appears lenient.

Michael Buckner spoke with The Columbus Dispatch and offered his analysis of the two-game suspension and $250,000 fine given to Tressel by the school for failing to reveal information about possible violation by two of his players.

“Just looking at it, it may seem a little light, especially in light of the fact Tressel didn’t report it to the university within a reasonable period of time,” Buckner said.

The Dispatch noted the NCAA has sanctioned 27 schools since 2006 for violating bylaw 10.1, which requires coaches and others to be truthful and forthcoming about possible NCAA violations. Of the 12 coaches involved, only one kept his job. The others either resigned or were fired by their schools.

“In those periods when he had an opportunity and a duty to disclose, he failed to do so,” Buckner said. “I think the NCAA could also come back and add failure to monitor or failure to promote an atmosphere of compliance. Those are program violations.

“With those three (including the bylaw 10.1 violation), you could look at the two-game suspension and the fine to be the minimum.”


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Clearly here these transgressions by the players of which it now seems the coach had been fully are of at the time were serious enough to warrant an investigation. But with the coach apparently thinking that it was beneath him to actually take this finding to the athletics department beneath him and furthermore being somewhat complicit in trying to hide it all makes one now wonder what else has Jim Tressel suborned to in the past with regard to the football team’s program which may well have broken NCAA rules ? If this were a simple mistake on his part then perhaps one might understand but the act the coach itself was calculated and premeditated and that in spite of his formal public statement on the matter .

With the university having suspended the coach for the first two games of the program’s upcoming 2011 season and a fine of $250,000 being imposed on Jim Tressel they feel that the punishment befits the crime . But I’m not so sure that the NCAA themselves will feel it at all adequate given the fact that coaches have actually been fired or suspended for even longer terms , having violated such rules . But therein lies the actions of the NCAA , as they seemingly pick and choose whom they wish to punish with impunity in order to make an example of a program. Is it any wonder that the governing body of collegiate athletics can’t be taken seriously in terms of its standing and the actions they at times deem fit concerning not only the coaches but the athletes themselves when they’ve broken the rules ? There’s never any consistency as the punishment meted out and not once ever has a coach been financially penalized for any wrong doing on their part by the collegiate body that governs college athletics. If the rules are meant to cover those involved in collegiate athletics then surely the coaches and their staffs fall under those rules apart from the athletes themselves !

NCAA President Mark Emmert who only assumed the position full time in November of last year having served as the interim president whilst his predecessor the late Dr Myles Brand underwent chemotherapy has got his hands full dealing with many of the issues now facing that body. Not only has he got to prove to the public that the NCAA actually stands for something but also that they can be trusted to act impartially and when necessary do what is morally right instead of appearing certain programs over others. Moreover if there was a environment of transparency as it relates to the NCAA’s business dealings rather than a great deal of it being so secretive and done behind closed doors then perhaps the public and college sport’s fan in general may well feel that they can be trusted . Instead they might just be as disliked as the present administration , the Congress and Senate jointly . At this moment the jury is still out with a verdict so it’s anybody’s guess as to what their thought might be on the NCAA .

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Money Troubles ………….. And You Thought It Simply The Congress And The Government Who Fu_ked Up ?

Money Troubles ………….. And You Thought It Simply The Congress And The Government Who Fu_ked Up ?

Well it seems that NBA Commissioner David Stern will leave no stone unturned as he seeks to push the NBA Players Association into a corner. Not content in trying to renegotiate the collective bargaining agreement which is due to expire at the end of the current upcoming NBA season. Stern and his union counterpart Billy Hunter the NBPA Executive Director are so far apart with regard to the ongoing negotiations that this is just a mere tip of the iceberg that the chasm seems to be getting wider with each passing week.


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In order to seek out public empathy and as something of a PR stunt Stern issued a proclamation that the league hierarchy will seek concessions totaling $850 million from the players in order to stave off financial disaster. That sum equates approximately to just over $28 million per NBA franchise . And when one considers that the NBA is on target to lose in excess of $450 million this year alone one can understand the reason why David Stern is adamant that there’s no room to maneuver from this dire situation. Remarkably while all of this takes place I can’t help but wonder if the league is pleading poverty then how is it that the Miami Heat in one fail swoop can land such big money free agent targets as LeBron James and Chris Bosh ? And bear this in mind the Miami Heat as a business concern lost $45 million in 2009 , much of that derived from lower gate attendance for their home games and even less from concession sales.

As we’ve come to expect from many of the franchise owners across the four major sports now seem to be pleading poverty under the financial strain where they’re now said to be under. What I find so outrageous and actually ridiculous is the idiocy of the fans out there who’d rather state that the economy is one of the main reasons why many of the sports franchises are having so many inherent problems concerning their revenue streams . Many of these franchises rather than tightening would rather spend far more than they’re said to be earning and st the same make the fans and the public their scapegoat. Stern for his part seems somewhat oblivious over the last two years as to what has been going on within his sport from an economic standpoint. And if you thought that the NBA was awry with the miscues made then simply look at the problems now arising within the NFL and MLB ? I found it somewhat asinine and extraordinary when I heard noted New York Daily News journalist Mike Lupica make the claim that baseball and its situation is perhaps the healthiest of the four major sports given the fact that the game itself doesn’t have an ongoing labor dispute . Either Lupica is completely unaware as to the financial limitations that the game is undergoing and the mere fact that less 35 % of all teams are actually making an operational profit without the benefit of some sort of assistance from league’s hierarchy from their tax sharing revenue scheme. And also bear in mind the fact that during the ALCS and NLCS games we were able to witness the fact that several of those games were not sold out. We were also made aware that the television ratings for many of these games were minute and less than had been hoped for by MLB Commissioner Bud Selig .

The NFL and its problems are now so acute that NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell , his union counterpart NFLPA Executive Director DeMaurice Smith and union President Kevin Mawae . Intransigence from both sides could well bring about the first labor stoppage in the NFL in the last eighteen years. Such a situation would do irreparable harm to the NFL’s image and no doubt alienate the fans of the game. Now we might opine as to how both sides can best address this ongoing situation but it’s becoming abundantly clear that however this pans out for the league and on their ongoing efforts to find some common ground with the union . The fact of the matter common sense isn’t being shown by either side as they simply choose to berate each other without really listening to what either side really has to say.

Now while I use this scenario to show symbolic and how completely out of touch the public really are with what is actually going on around them . The idiocy I continue to hear is that we’re told Republicans know how to run a business . The truth is Republicans much like their political opposites the Democrats rarely know how to run a business successively without some political connivance and assistance from the government. Big government or little government corruption remains the same and comes in many guises so don’t believe the idiotic rants of the pundits out there merely making statements without having any knowledge as to what they’re actually talking about . Consider this, at the taxpayers’ expense arenas and stadiums are being built with at times very little if any monetary contributions coming directly out of the pockets of the owners but somehow when big public corporations are allowed to act so egregiously there’s no public outcry. Also consider the actions of Fannie Mae , Freddie Mac , Bank of America , Wells Fargo and Ally Bank and their actions concerning the foreclosures happening across the country ?. Although there are hundreds of billions of dollars at stake and the near inaction on the part of the Federal government one has to ask where’s the public outcry here and with that of the major professional sports franchises and the actions of their respective governing bodies when they choose not to limit their exorbitant spending ?

Now one might ask what really needs to be done for the governing bodies to actually get their house in order ? And the same argument can be made for the Federal government itself as they tend to merely fill the air with nothing more than platitudes and false promises. We’re now hearing of elected officials and those aspiring to be elected to municipal, state and federal government is that in making promises…… they seemingly know that they cannot keep. Fiscally conservative and being political expedient are oxymorons from this and a bygone age and it becomes an acronym for the bullshit that they want the electorate to subscribe to. If the federal deficit and national debt can’t be even addressed by the government despite their assurances that they will deal with this then what else ought we to expect from them ?These midterm elections will bring us more of the same without anything ever really changing other than perhaps a new group of blithering idiots entering political office and going about their merry way still screwing things up at the expense of the taxpayer.

Now while I’m not against free enterprise and capitalism what I am against is the complete gullibility shown by those who are of the belief that there’s no reason for the government to intercede when there’s been a clear misuse of the public’s trust and taxpayers’ funds . But then again having the government intercede and then act with the appropriate authority and show some semblance of common sense is akin to having a blind man guide you to safety by walking through a mine field . Clearly at this juncture any common sense being shown by anyone through clear clarity just isn’t going to happen.



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Given David Stern’s request to the NBPA (players union) do you feel that he will be successful in the union acquiescing to his wish of making those concessions ? Or do you foresee the situation where the NBA could also be going down the road where you could envisage there being an ongoing and prolonged labor dispute ? And what thoughts if any do you have with taxpayers being repeatedly asked to fund the building of stadiums across the country when there are far more far urgent needs within the economy at large ?


Alan aka tophatal ………………………. 🙂


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This Little Piggy Went To Market This Little Piggy Stayed At Home …. This Little Piggy Named Jacksonville Is Soon Liable To Be Ran Right Out Of Town

Well it appears that the hapless Jacksonville Jaguars are in for a long and arduous season. Not only that but the now winless Jaguars at 0-2 within the AFC South , are seemingly facing an uphill battle in order to gain some semblance of respectability within the NFL .

Jags' wide receiver  Nate  Hughes  (16) misses  a  pass in  the  second  half  of  a  game played   against the  Arizona  Cardinals .    The   Cardinals   would  go  on  to  defeat the  Jaguars   31-17  in  with  an  emphatic   victory.   picture appears  courtesy of  ap/photo/  John  Raoux ..................
Jags' wide receiver Nate Hughes (16) misses a pass in the second half of a game played against the Arizona Cardinals . The Cardinals would go on to defeat the Jaguars 31-17 in with an emphatic victory. picture appears courtesy of ap/photo/ John Raoux ..................

And Sunday’s 31-17 debilitating loss , sustained at the hands of the Arizona Cardinals did nothing to dispel the growing disquiet amongst the Jaguars’ fans and around the city of Jacksonville. Clearly this isn’t just a growing concern amongst the fans but also the franchise’s hierarchy. They have to be now placing the club’s coach , Jack Del Rio under close scrutiny. In all probability Del Rio could very well become the first managerial casualty of this, still young , NFL season.

Jags'  quarterback   David  Garrard   buries his  heads  in his  hands  and  his  face  in the  turf   as   time  runs  out  in the  game   against the   Arizona  Cardinals   in a  game  played  Jacksonville  Municipal  Stadium,  Jacksonville,  Florida.    picture  appears  courtesy of   ap/photo/ Phil   Coale  ........................
Jags' quarterback David Garrard buries his heads in his hands and his face in the turf as time runs out in the game against the Arizona Cardinals in a game played Jacksonville Municipal Stadium, Jacksonville, Florida. picture appears courtesy of ap/photo/ Phil Coale ........................

If the fact that the team hasn’t at all performed well during their first two games of the season. Well also consider this , there is a guaranteed certainty that the franchise will not sell out all of its eight scheduled home game this season. That is indeed a terrifying obstacle for the franchise to face. With the dire economic climate across the nation and the high unemployment(9.7%) across the state. The present fate of the franchise not only rests in the hands of its players but also , the fortunes of the state and in particular within the city of Jacksonville, itself. And for Del Rio and his coaching staff . Now isn’t the time to be making any excuses whatsoever ,as to how his team is underachieving. They’ve got to batten down the hatches and get this team back on the right track.

Jags'  running back  Maurice  Jones-Drew (32)  blocks   for  quarterback  David   Garrard  as  Cardinals'  defensive  end   Calais  Campell  tries  to  negate  the  play  during  the fourth   quarter  of  the  game  .        picture  appears   courtesy  of  ap/photo/  Phil  Coale  ......................
Jags' running back Maurice Jones-Drew (32) blocks for quarterback David Garrard as Cardinals' defensive end Calais Campell tries to negate the play during the fourth quarter of the game . picture appears courtesy of ap/photo/ Phil Coale ......................

Courtesy of Yahoo Sports :

NFL has no business being in Jacksonville

By Dan Wetzel Yahoo Sports

It was a fine afternoon for football Sunday in Jacksonville and 46,520 fans (actually, probably less) showed up to rattle around the city’s Municipal Stadium for the Jaguars’ home opener. The stadium, which hasn’t had a name-rights deal in two years, can seat over 76,000. The Jags long ago gave up on that number, and in an effort to avoid television blackouts they covered up sections to cut capacity to 66,066.

They still didn’t come close to selling out.

They’ve publicly stated there is no hope for filling the joint for a single game the entire season. They aren’t even blaming the fact they’re coming off a 5-11 campaign.

“Even if we made the playoffs last year, we’d still be in this situation,” Bill Prescott, the team’s CFO, told the Florida Times-Union. He went on to claim that based on playoff appearances in two of the last four years, the postseason is worth only a 5 percent bump in sales.

This is all the economy’s fault, Prescott maintained.

If that’s true, then the NFL’s grand small-market experiment hatched in 1995 is all but over. Jacksonville as a viable professional sports market isn’t going to end well. Eventually everyone will have to admit it.

No one is blaming fans for staying home. Even with discounted tickets and generous package rates, attending a pro sports event is an expensive and time-consuming proposition. You can be the most loyal fan in the world and never go to a game. Jaguar fans shouldn’t apologize for saving money for something more important than football.

Still, a market that can truly support professional sports has enough people who either can afford it or simply won’t live without it. Every town will support a new team or a big winner. The truth comes not in good times but, like now, bad.

Jacksonville is struggling. The unemployment rate is 10.5 percent, according to the U.S. Department of Labor, and like much of Florida foreclosures are high.

In order to read Dan Wetzel’s article in its entirety just click on the text link shown.

Cardinals'  wide   receiver  Larry  Fitzgerald   gets  into the  endzone  as   Jags'  safety    Sean  Considine  is   unable   to  derail   Fitzgerald  in  his   effort  .        picture  appears  courtesy  of ap/ photo/ Phil  Coale  .................
Cardinals' wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald gets into the endzone as Jags' safety Sean Considine is unable to derail Fitzgerald in his effort . picture appears courtesy of ap/ photo/ Phil Coale .................

Certainly there seems to be something askew with regard to franchise’s thinking as to their present problems. Chief Financial Officer of the franchise, Bill Prescott thinks that the franchise’s inherent problems lies in the fact .’…. the country is in the midst of a bad economy and that is in large part to blame’ for the the franchise’s woes. Either Prescott isn’t prepared to acknowledge the fact that the Jaguars can also be apportioned much of the blame for its own self inflicted malaise. Wherein, it hasn’t performed up to standard by way of being a competitive NFL franchise on the field of play. At best, the franchise’s form over the past few year can be described as being lackluster . One has to wonder if Prescott’s sentiments are shared by team owner , Wayne Weaver ?

Wayne  Weaver   (left)  ,owner  of the  Jacksonville  Jaguars  is   seen  here   with  Atlanta  Falcons'  owner   Arthur  Blank    at  Jacksonville  Municipal  Stadium  prior   to  an   NFL  game   between  their  respective  teams  .       picture appears  courtesy of  getty  images  / Paul  Hughes  ................
Wayne Weaver (left) ,owner of the Jacksonville Jaguars is seen here with Atlanta Falcons' owner Arthur Blank at Jacksonville Municipal Stadium prior to an NFL game between their respective teams . picture appears courtesy of getty images / Paul Hughes ................

Coming off a 5-11 season in 2008 . It was felt that there was room for improvement for the Jaguars. Within the AFC South, they were always considered to be a better than average team. And within that division they may well have been viewed as the second or third best team behind the Indianapolis Colts . With the Tennessee Titans, Houston Texans , as well as the Jags at one time or not being closely bunched together. The difference between the trio was a matter, as to their levels of consistency. Make of it what you will.

Del Rio for his part saw fit to rid the team of players, whom he felt could no longer contribute to the Jaguars. And though on the face of it – it might well have been done in order for the franchise to be financially prudent. Those players seem to now be making somewhat solid contributions for their new found teams. Draft wise, Del Rio sought young talent but at the same he brought in veteran wide receiver, Torry Holt, to add to the team’s receiving corps and provide some much needed veteran leadership. As to whether or not Holt can provide that theme, remains to be seen. And no doubt the jury is still out on that ? And the team’s roster doesn’t make you sit up and take note as to its presence. You’d be hard pressed to state that there’s someone on the roster that would seriously pose a threat on either side of the ball.

Jags'  wide  receiver  Torry   Holt  signals   a  completion   against the  Arizona   Cardinals    in  an   NFL  game   played   at  Jacksonville Municipal  Stadium .    The   Cardinals    would  defeat   the  Jaguars  31-17   in  a  game  played  on  Sunday  20th September  2009 .   picture appears   courtesy  of  getty  images/ Al   Messerschmidt   ...................
Jags' wide receiver Torry Holt signals a completion against the Arizona Cardinals in an NFL game played at Jacksonville Municipal Stadium . The Cardinals would defeat the Jaguars 31-17 in a game played on Sunday 20th September 2009 . picture appears courtesy of getty images/ Al Messerschmidt ...................

We can regale that one of the problems also facing the Jaguars is that of the NFL’s blackout policy with regard to televised broadcast games. NFL Commissioner , Roger Goodell has taken note as to the inherent problems that this no doubt brings for many of the NFL’s franchises. In particular for those within the small markets. But he’s done little to address the issue, merely pointing out that the NFL has taken note. It’s plain to see that for Goodell and the hierarchy of the game ……the gravy train has to continue flowing without there being seemingly any disruptions in whatever form it might well take.

Courtesy of The New York Times :

TV Blackouts Possible for N.F.L

By Richard Sandomir

Reduced season-ticket sales for some N.F.L. teams could result in a greater than usual number of local television blackouts.

“It’s all part of the challenges that we’re seeing in the economy and what our clubs are going through,” Roger Goodell told reporters Tuesday at the Washington Redskins’ training camp in Ashburn, Va. “Our clubs have been working hard in the off-season to create other ways to try to get people in the stadiums and to have policies that are a little more flexible, and hopefully, they’re going to pay dividends for us.”

He said that the Jacksonville Jaguars, whose season tickets have fallen to 25,000 this season from 42,000 last season, were one of the teams whose games could be blacked out if their home games are not sold out.

N.F.L. rules require that games be blacked out in local markets if they are not sold out 72 hours before kickoff.

A USA Today survey found that the fans of a dozen teams might face some blackouts this season.

CBS and Fox said they did not expect the blackouts to significantly affect ratings or cause them to provide givebacks to advertisers.

In order to read Richard Sandomir’s article in its entirety just click on the text link shown . Article first published 09/01/09


The scene now facing the Jacksonville Jaguars now takes on an acute scenario. They have to turn things around with an immediacy not often associated with the team. And with the franchise’s fixtures now getting into full swing. Attaining wins will be of the utmost urgency for the franchise. Jack Del Rio , no doubt understands that he’s now on the clock. With that , each moment of indecision may well play a part as to his immediate future. The chances are he may well not see out the remainder of the season , should there not be signs of a significant turnaround. Meanwhile, Wayne Weaver and GM Gene Smith will be watching Del Rio with an intense scrutiny, for the first time since he took the helm of the franchise in January of 2003. Six years and but two playoff appearances under Del Rio’s tenure. It’s a meager dividend by most NFL standards . Certainly not something befitting Weaver’s lofty standards.

Jacksonville  Jaguars' coach   Jack  Del  Rio  (center)  contests    a call  by officials   Greg  Gautreaux (80),  Bob Waggoner  (25)  and   Gene Steratore (14)  in  the  first   half   of  the   game  played   between the   Jaguars and  Arizona  Cardinals  .    picture    appears  courtesy  of  ap/photo/  Phil   Coale   .........................
Jacksonville Jaguars' coach Jack Del Rio (center) contests a call by officials Greg Gautreaux (80), Bob Waggoner (25) and Gene Steratore (14) in the first half of the game played between the Jaguars and Arizona Cardinals . picture appears courtesy of ap/photo/ Phil Coale .........................

Though much has been made of the fact that there has been dwindling attendance at Jacksonville Municipal Stadium. And the rumblings that the ownership might well choose to relocate the franchise. Certainly for the fans of the Jaguars they may well feel that they’re being betrayed by not only the ownership but also the NFL . It could very well be that this present situation could be cause for the Jaguars to take leave of the city of Jacksonville , altogether. Because the fan-base there, seems to be dwindling in ever growing proportions. The dwindling loyal band of supporters appear to be no longer interested Jaguars’ football. And it’s not just because of the present economic climate. But seemingly , from a competitive standpoint as well with regard to lack its lack of success on the field of play. And you can’t but blame the economy for one’s own self inflicted woes. Bill Prescott, his fellow executives and the Jags’ management seem to be forgetting that at this juncture.

Jacksonville Jaguars’ upcoming fixtures :

Week 3 Sep 27 JAC @ Hou Reliant Stadium
Week 4 Oct 4 TEN @ JAC Jacksonville Mun Stad
Week 5 Oct 11 JAC @ SEA QWest Field
Week 6 Oct 18 STL @ JAC Jacksonville Mun Stad
Week 7 Bye —————————————-
Week 8 Nov 1 JAC @ TENN LP Field
Week 9 Nov 8 KC @ JAC Jacksonville Mun Stad
Week 10 Nov 15 JAC @ NYJ Giants Stadium
Week 11 Nov 22 BUF @ JAC Jacksonville Mun Stad
Week 12 Nov 29 JAC @ SF Candlestick Park
Week 13 Dec 06 HOU @ JAC Jacksonville Mun Stad
Week 14 Dec 13 MIA @ JAC Jacksonville Mun Stad
Week 15 Dec 17 IND @ JAC Jacksonville Mun Stad
Week 16 Dec 27 JAC @ NE Gillette Stadium
Week 17 Jan 03 JAC @ CLE Cleveland Browns Stadium

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Being There Live Or Watching From The Confines Of Your Home ?

There’s no denying that investing one’s money in a sports franchise by way of purchasing a ticket for an event or in the stock market at this moment in time. Well, it’s about as wise , as allowing Britney Spears or Lindsay Lohan to indeed drive an automobile with a child in tow. You know for a fact that no actual good can come of it. And at this moment in time the same could very well be said for any investment made in a professional sports franchise.

NASCAR event  at  Richmond  Int'l   Raceway ..........    picture appears  courtesy of   ap/photo/  Richard  Matthews  ..............
NASCAR event at Richmond Int'l Raceway .......... picture appears courtesy of ap/photo/ Richard Matthews ..............

And that would most definitely count for any one of the major sports governing bodies and their franchises. Be it NASCAR , NHL, NFL, NBA , MLB . And dare I say the MLS ? We can attest to the fact that the country is in an economic downturn. From which not even the many experts are sure of when the tide will no doubt turn. Meanwhile, we’ve seen each of the governing bodies mentioned shed jobs and and in some cases raise general admission prices as well as season ticket prices. And if you should happen to be an erstwhile follower of any of the major sports in question and should happen to be all too willing to put down an extravagant amount for a PSL non-refundable deposit. Then I can only assume that you’re prepared to pay for the privilege of supporting your team live.

Superbowl XLIII MVP  Santonio  Holmes  makes  the  game  winning  TD  reception  denying    Arizona  Cardinals'  safety  Aaron  Francisco  of making  the  defensive  play.   The  Pittsburgh  Steelers   would  go on  to  their   sixth   triumph  in the  Superbowl   played   at   Raymond  James  Stadium ,   Tampa ,  Florida.     picture appesrs courtesy of  ap/photo/ Matt  Slocum  ................
Superbowl XLIII MVP Santonio Holmes makes the game winning TD reception denying Arizona Cardinals' safety Aaron Francisco of making the defensive play. The Pittsburgh Steelers would go on to their sixth triumph in the Superbowl played at Raymond James Stadium , Tampa , Florida. picture appesrs courtesy of ap/photo/ Matt Slocum ................

I’ve got to admit that I’m an avid sport’s fan and my allegiances are to the following teams. In no discerning order they are the San Antonio Spurs , New England Patriots , Florida Marlins and with regard to NASCAR and the NHL . Well , let’s just say you’d be more inclined to see me watching paint dry before taking a complete interest in either of those two sports and that’s despite their popularity.

Erik Aybar  of   the  Los  Angeles   Angels   hits  the  game  winning   rbi  in a  game  played  against  the  Seattle  Mariners  at  Anaheim Stadium  ,  Anaheim  , Ca.,   The  Angels   would   defeat  the  Mariners  3-2 .     picture appears  courtesy  of  getty images/  Jacon  de  Golish  ....................
Erik Aybar of the Los Angeles Angels hits the game winning rbi in a game played against the Seattle Mariners at Anaheim Stadium , Anaheim , Ca., The Angels would defeat the Mariners 3-2 . picture appears courtesy of getty images/ Jacon de Golish ....................

It’s been often said that “…..sports is a way for one to get away from it all and enjoy a recreational pursuit with family or friends as the case may be.” And whilst there’s indeed nothing at all wrong with that. We’re now having to become ever more discerning as to our disposable income and where we’re indeed getting value for our money. Long gone are the days where a family of four could attend a major sporting event and spend less than $250-00 , even with the price of admission, parking and concessions. Which I might add that unless you’re a fervent follower of all of the major sports and are prepared to follow your team to the ends of the earth. The cost that one or even a family might spend on traveling several sporting events throughout the year has to be quite substantial.

DC  United  goalkeeper  Josh Wicks  (right) looks  to  secure  the  ball  as  FC  Dallas  striker   David  Ferreira  is  unable to  make  the  attempt  on  goal   in  an  MLS  game  played  in  Frisco ,  Texas  .,      picture  appears  courtesy  of ap/photo/ Mike   Stone  .........
DC United goalkeeper Josh Wicks (right) looks to secure the ball as FC Dallas striker David Ferreira is unable to make the attempt on goal in an MLS game played in Frisco , Texas ., picture appears courtesy of ap/photo/ Mike Stone .........

For myself , being a lone bachelor , albeit , that at times the girlfriend is there in tow. I try and attend as many games as is possible when my team is in town. I reside within the state of Florida, in the central region of the state. So, when it comes to top flight sport’s franchises. The area isn’t necessarily inundated with franchises that meet that particular criteria in terms of premiere sporting entertainment. OK, some of you may well state that there’s the Orlando Magic, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the Tampa Bay Lightning , as well as the Tampa Bay Rays. Entertainment and true value for money in terms of the on-field product is a stark difference in a number of cases. But I might hazard a guess that there some who may well feel that I’m lucky in that respect. Given the number of professional sports franchises that there are across the country. Value is value , no matter where one might be. But then again so is beauty and isn’t that meant to be in the eye of the beholder ? So accordingly whatever your tastes are you’re supposedly plead your allegiance to a team.

Floyd Mayweather vs Ricky Hatton . A PPV event that garnered 1.25m buys. Mayweather defeated Hatton with a TKO.

Attending perhaps no more than 20 sporting events a year . The rest of my time I am quite prepared to either sit within the confines of my home to watch an event. Or in some cases , a number of my buddies and I will find the local sports bar and watch an event. This has now become a ritual for us , primarily on a Saturday night in terms of a PPV (*) event, when it comes to boxing. And then, it has to be a marquee card with premiere talent on display . And the same can be said when it comes the UFC and their MMA bouts.

Now for many of us, I know that in the present economic climate attending a sports event has to be measured against other familial priorities and urgent needs. So much so , that it now becomes not so much of a want but more of a luxury in attending a sports event. At the same time we also have measure the benefits one is said to obtain from that. Whether or not it’s something that can be measured tangibly. As it now stands I’d be hard pressed to say that going to a game would still be of a real benefit. And it’s not just from the standpoint of the economic climate. But I know that in the confines of my own home , alongside friends or family as the case maybe . I can enjoy an event to my heart’s content and judged upon the content , I can switch to another channel if the event in question isn’t to my liking. However , if you’re there at an event live and it isn’t to your liking . The only two choices you’ve invariably got ,are whether or not to stay or to leave ? . And in doing so you’ve then got to question your wisdom in making such an expenditure to begin with.

* NB : Rust ? What Rust ? Click here on the text shown to see my own views on this upcoming event. Should you wish to comment on it , then by all means do so.

On the 19th September Floyd Mayweather and Juan Manuel-Marquez will meet in a welterweight bout at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. Which will act a precursor for the privilege of meeting Filipino boxer , Manny Pacquiao in a blockbuster bout , possibly later on this year or early, 2010 .