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As The World Turns ……… Soap Opera In Sports

As The World Turns ……… Soap Opera In Sports

Is it me but it appears that the none sensical fans in the Tampa Bay area try to act as knowledgeable when it comes to sports as their the politicians not only in the state legislature but also the ones now said to be pursuing high office at present ? Over the weekend the Tampa Bay Rays came within a hair’s breath of being “no hit” for the third time within the space of a year. Never mind the fact that Rays’ manager Joe Maddon seems to have taken on the mindset of a whining child who’s lost its pacifier. But what might be even more preposterous was the insinuation by Rays’ pitcher James Shields that having been given an additional rest day before pitching in the team’s loss to the Toronto Blue Jays he wasn’t prepared. What the fu_ck is that all about ? And what the hell is Maddon and his coaching staff doing with these guys ? Are they professionals or are they not ?

Having swept in a three game series by the Blue Jays the Rays now finds themselves 2 1/2 games adrift of the New York Yankees in the AL East. Now I’m not about to suggest that the Rays are about to fold but this half assed belief that the division and the pennant was theirs for the taking was simply that …… half assed ! They’ve achieved nothing as of yet and have recently just learned how to win on a consistent basis . But the fans here within the locale have them as world beaters . Based on their play against the Blue Jays where they comprehensively outplayed . Any hopes that they might’ve had about sweeping through the postseason would be as meaningful as witnessing Sarah Palin assume the position of either Secretary of State or any political office within the federal government . Pretense is a wionderful thing but having the experience counts for something and at this juncture all that the Rays are giving their fans flashes of brilliance one moment and complete ineptness the next. Blue Jays’ pitcher Brandon Morrow was made to look like the second coming of Nolan Ryan as he struck out seventeen Rays’ batters in his team’s 1-0 victory . As he struck out the Rays’ batter it made you see how acute the frailties are on this Rays’ team. If the likes of Carlos Pena , B J Upton , Ben Zobrist and Evan Longoria aren’t hitting and scoring runs then this team will find itself in a great deal of trouble against teams where offense is their forte’ and not a problem. And that’s inspite of the team’s strengths as a defensive presence.


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If the temperament and and psyche of the Rays can’t be put back in place where they’re playing to their strengths then Maddon and the Rays’ fans could very well see their season go up in flames .

OK so Tiger Woods does happen to be human aftter all ? His inept showing at the PGA Tour event the WGC Bridgestone Invitational from Firestone Country Club , Akron , Ohio. Woods belied his status as the world’s number one golfer by putting up such a poor display . That upon looking at the final leaderboard you’d have found it hard to believe that the player having finished in 78th place did in fact lose the tournament by thirty shots. Yes that’s not a misprint Woods finished in 78th place with an accumulative score of 298 __ 18 over par. It’d be remiss to say that Woods had a bad day at the office but part from his fourth place finishes at The Masters and US Open Woods’ presence and play on the Tour has been somewhat mediocre. And it’s pretty safe to say that should he not fare well in the final major of the season this week’s PGA Championship from Whistling Straits , Kohler Wisconsin then we may see Woods participate as part of the US team in the Ryder Cup . It mightn’t be out the realms of possibility to assume that Woods refuse an invitation were to have a poor performance at the PGA tournament . So erratic has been his play that you’d be hard pressed to believe that he’s the world number one and not some Sunday morning hacker had you witnessed his inept play at Firestone.

Off the course issues asides Woods’ mindset isn’t on his game despite his contention that it was’nt one of his better days . Were this a motor race he’d have been lapped by tournament winner Hunter Mahan at least twice , if not more . Mahan’s -12 under par 268 was enough to earn his second victory on the PGA Tour this season land him the $1,400,000 winner’s check . And any thought that one might have that Phil Mickelson was ready to take up the challenge of assuming the mantel of wrestling away the top spot from Woods atop of the Sony world rankings can be laid to rest. Mickelson’s appetite for that role is like that of an anorexic looking a for a morsel of food. They simply don’t want it nor do they have the desire or persistence to make it their wish. Mickelson merely lulls us all into the belief he wants the role but nothing could be further from the truth. And the world’s number two ranked player hardly made a dent in the lead that Woods has over him in those rankings. Needing to finish fourth or better in the tournament he tied with six other players for forty sixth place in this rarther lavish invitational field.

Those of you who know me from my days blooging within Fox’s blogging domain will know that I’m an avid martial art’s fan and boxing fan. Having served in the military I also taught self defense or in this case unarmed combat to members of the miliary whilst in the service. That being said with boxing now on the wane and some major marquee fighters unwilling face each other I’ve now become totally immersed in & MMA and the UFC . Over the weekend UFC held their showcase event UFC 117 at the Oracle Arena in Oakland , California . Topping the bill was the middleweight title fight between Chael Sonnen and the champion Anderson Silva . To my mind the Brazilian , Silva, along with welterweight titlist Georges St Pierre are by by far the two most well respected and well rounded fighters in the genre at present . And they might just be two of the most popular fighters that UFC President Dana White has within the organization .

I’ve always maintained that if it’s ever your intention to talk bad about an opponent in a contest of athletic skills then you’d better have the sh*t to back it up when it counts most. In teams sports at times you can get away with it. But when it comes to an individualistic endeavor then there’s no one there to hold your hand or wipe your nose when the going gets rough. So for the idiot NFL and NBA players who think of themselves as warriors and call out an opponents , just simply shut the hell up ! You’re no more a warrior than Clay Aiken would be considered a candidate for the US Marine Corps . Have the time far too many of you talk so much sh*t that you don’t posess the pedigree to back it up !

In what turned out to be rather arduous battle in the octagon wherein Sonnen came to do battle and relieve Silva of his title . The challenger fall of his spirited and at times somewhat asinine remark about his opponent was left to eat his words. Though gamely outmaneuvering Sliva for much of the bout with his wrestling prowess. The one thing that Sonnen and all of Silva’s previous opponents have failed to understand is that no fight is ever over until that last bell is sounded . Sonnen got far too confident for his own good and Silva much like an anaconda stalks its prey simply waited for the challenger to make a mistake. And Sonnen would gladly oblige by allowing Silva take get him in triangle choke hold that would force the challenger to tap out in submission during their title bout. Sonnen to his credit after the bout was magnanimous in defeat but it paled into comparison with all of his pre-fight hype and contention that he’d take the champion down with ease.

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Lucy Pearl ………….. “Dance Tonight”

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I Am Therefore I Know ……………

Well once again we have to thank the UFC for putting on such an exemplary show. At UFC 103, which was held at the American Airlines Arena , in Dallas , Texas. Home to the NBA’s Dallas Mavericks. Coincidentally , the Mavericks who are owned by multi-billionaire entrepreneur Mark Cuban . His HDNet – a wholly owned cable broadcast outlet has been staging their own Mixed Martial Art’s promotions and events with a modicum of success.

UFC  103   .   The  promotional   print  model   for  the  event  on   Saturday  19th  September   2009  held  at the American  Airlines   Arena  ,  Dallas  ,  Texas,.   copyrighted  material    @  all rights  reserved   .............
UFC 103 . The promotional print model for the event on Saturday 19th September 2009 held at the American Airlines Arena , Dallas , Texas,. copyrighted material @ all rights reserved .............

Saturday’s staging of UFC 103 , was yet another in the long line of now ever more successful promotions that the UFC has undertaken to bring its brand to an er widening and most knowledgeable audience. And to see where the first event staged to what we are now seeing today. Dana White as President & CEO of UFC has taken this product and branded it in such a way . That you dare not say you aren’t aware as to what the sport is all about. It’s simplistic in its logic and the events are staged with such precision that one can well understand why there’s now such a growing following amongst its loyal and devoted fans.

The UFC promotional visual footage for the main event at UFC 103.

And as things now stand the sport is essentially on the cusp of surpassing boxing in terms of it being viewed as a spectator sport. It shouldn’t come as a surprise whose seen the gradual decline of boxing to begin with. It has become a complete farce and devoid of integrity and respectability. So much so , that you’re now having boxing promoter , Bob Arum , decrying MMA and UFC in particular – as a sport that’s filled with loud mouth tattooed Neo Nazi’s. Clearly Arum, is completely devoid of all knowledge when it comes to the sport and he’s showing his ignorance as far as the sport is concerned. It also smacks of jealousy on his part as he’s seen declining revenues come in with regard to the PPV events staged by boxing promoters in North America . Whereas, for UFC , it has steadily increased over the years. And in 2007, the revenues for events staged by UFC surpassed that of the entire events staged for boxing. It’s clear to see that Arum and many of his counterparts feel threatened by the rise of the sport of mixed martial arts. And what it may well mean for the sport of boxing.

UFC 103 Main event fight card …………..

Rich Franklin vs Vitor Belfort

Mirko ‘Cro Cop’ Filipovic vs Junior Dos Santos

Paul Daly vs Martin Kampann

Frank Trigg vs John Koscheck

Tyson Griffin vs. Hermes Franca

……… Click here to view for further details

And at this moment in time the sport of boxing is in dire need of a great deal of excitement. Whether or not the return of Floyd Mayweather Jr to the ring. And the continued rise in popularity of Filipino fighter , Manny Pacquiao can abate the stem of the sport’s decline remains to be seen. The highly anticipated match-up between the two may well go a long way in answering that question. But the real point is once that bout takes place . What’s next ?

Vitor Belfort (left)  on  his  way  to  victory by  knocking  out  Rich  Franklin (right) in their  light  heavyweight   bout  at   UFC 103   held at  the  American  Airlines  Arena  ,  Dallas  ,  Texas .   picture  appears  courtesy of  getty images  @   copyrighted material  ......All  rights reserved
Vitor Belfort (left) on his way to victory by knocking out Rich Franklin (right) in their light heavyweight bout at UFC 103 held at the American Airlines Arena , Dallas , Texas . picture appears courtesy of getty images @ copyrighted material ......All rights reserved

And while the main event card for UFC 103 was filled with a litany of top flight protagonists. The under-card itself, wasn’t anything to be overlooked. Albeit , that the headline event between Rich Franklin and the Brazilian, Vitor Belfort , was the bout that almost everyone was looking forward to. These two light heavyweights are amongst the very best that the division and sport has to offer.

The bout itself couldn’t have ended in a more shocking way. But it ought not have come as a surprise to begin with. Anyone who knows the abilities of both , knew full well that this bout wasn’t liable to go the full three rounds as anticipated. The right to contest for the UFC light heavyweight title will now belong to Belfort – after his timely display in knocking out Franklin in 3:02 minutes into the first round. The surprise and viciousness of the the display sent a message across the whole division that Vitor Belfort ‘is back’ and ready to take on all-comers. And it is to be seen if current light heavyweight champion will be willing to defend his title against his fellow Brazilian, Lyoto Machida . Another bout that’s bound to be highly anticipated.

Unfortunately for Franklin, the bout didn’t go as anticipated. It certainly didn’t pay however, for him to be making bold predictions as to what his intentions were from the outset. He failed to back those claims up of a knockout of his Brazilian opponent. In the end it was he , who was knocked out in devastating fashion .

As I’ve alluded to earlier , what makes the sport so rewarding for their fans. It is that the UFC is prepared to listen and make the matches they feel to be ones necessitated by the demands of the fans. Granted the fighters have to be in form , ready , willing and above all able to fight. Unlike the drivel that’s now derived within the sport of boxing. It is somewhat rare that an event promoted by UFC ends up being a disaster. What they tend to do is to make sure that not only is the main card an attractive one. But also too , the under-card for each of their events. Be it PPV or not. That is why the sport now has a distinct advantage over boxing , as a whole ! The stars within the sport of MMA now welcome the recognition they are gaining . And the loyalty shown to them by the fans is greatly appreciated. And the fighters , themselves go out of their way to reciprocate that. You’d be hard pressed to find that today in the sport of boxing . Wherein, many of their stars have become too self absorbed and rarely do they show their appreciation of the fans.

UFC 103 results ……… click here to view

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A Sad State of Affairs

It says a lot about a sport when the powers that be will try and lure you in with any gimmick that they deem appropriate. Much like GM and their now 60 day money back guarantee with regard to a purchase of one of their vehicles. If GM couldn't get it right the first time around then what makes them think that this maneuver will indeed turn the tide as to their fortunes ? It's bad enough that in excess of $50 billion of taxpayers’ monies has been spent to bail them out. And there’s still no actual sign that they’re on the way to turning things around.

And please don’t for one minute think that the Ford Motor Company is safe by any means. Its creditors may well have loaned it in excess of $30 billion as part of their cash infusion. But that venerable company is leveraged to unprecedented proportions. It’s now clinging by the seat of its pants as to its very financial health. The fact of the matter is the US automotive industry is all but dead. And though no one yet is prepared to admit it. Much of their problems stems from the intransigence shown by unions as well as the respective hierarchies of ‘The Big Three’ domestic automotive companies.

The problem that now faces the automotive industry in essence is the same thing that now faces the sport of boxing. And unfortunately for the erstwhile fans of the sport , they’re now being neglected by the various governing bodies.
They’ve lacked intuitiveness and innovation. And the product that they’re trying to get the public to consume or even find somewhat appealing. Well , in all honesty it’s about as welcoming as having a contagious disease. No wants it ,nor would they be willing to even feign interest, as to what’s going on.

A video tribute to Rocky Marciano.

The sport of boxing is invariably ran by four international governing bodies. Each has an affiliation with various national entities around the world at that runs the sport in those countries domestically. However, in light of that it has done little to stem the tide of corruption that has ran rampant throughout the sport. And in essence it still remains today. The fact is , however , whereas you and I would conduct our business with open transparency . The same cannot be said for the sport of boxing.

Courtesy of AP Sports :

Boxing trying to reach out to new consumers

By Dave Skretta , AP Sports Writer

NEW YORK (AP)‚ÄĒWhen a young Evander Holyfield fought an aged George Foreman nearly 20 years ago, there wasn‚Äôt much publicity necessary. A few press tours, some television ads, and some carefully crafted newspaper stories generated plenty of interest.

To the tune of 1.4 million pay-per-view buys.

Even today, when big fights are synonymous with the buy-for-battle format, Holyfield-Foreman remains one of the top 10 boxing events in terms of viewership. The reasons it has rarely been trumped are many and varied, from waning interest in the sport to stagnant promotions, to the sheer number of alternatives for the casual sports fan.

These days, traditional means of promoting a big fight are not enough.

‚ÄúBoxing has to reach a younger audience, a new audience,‚ÄĚ HBO Sports vice president Mark Taffett said Wednesday. ‚ÄúWe need to connect them to the athletes to move the sport forward.‚ÄĚ

Golden Boy Promotions and HBO understand this, and are embarking on a marketing blitz unlike anything the sport has seen in recent years, focused on raising awareness for Floyd Mayweather Jr.’s fight against Juan Manuel Marquez on Sept. 19 at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas.

The fight figures to be one of the year’s most entertaining, carried by the erstwhile pound-for-pound champion’s return from a brief retirement. Mayweather (39-0, 25 KOs) has been involved in some of the biggest promotions in boxing history, including his record-setting fight against Oscar De La Hoya, while Marquez (50-4-1, 37 KOs) is backed by a feverish Hispanic fanbase.

The difficulty comes in getting their message out to a broad prospective audience, something that boxing has struggled with for decades. The interests of the 40-something sect are far different from the tech-savvy teen; blue-collar workers and urban youth have little in common.

The trick is to attach the fight, and the sport itself, to something that interests them.


In order to read this article just click on the text shown.

NB : Should you wish to read my piece on the upcoming bout this coming Saturday, between Juan Manuel-Marquez and Floyd Mayweather Jr. Then just click on the text link provided below. An excerpt of which have also been placed below.

Rust ? What Rust ?

Be ready,be very ready to see the return of the ‚ÄėMoney Man‚Äô on the 19th September. Floyd Mayweather (39-0, 25 KO‚Äôs),makes his long awaited and anticipated return to the ring. Mayweather has chosen his hand picked opponent,in Juan Manuel Marquez(50-4-1,37 KO‚Äôs). And Marquez is as tough as they come. A three time world titlist,the young Mexican comes from a long line if heralded Hispanic boxers. And he‚Äôs out to fulfill that obligation, of living up to that line of great Latin pugilists.

The bout itself will be at the welterweight division and though it won’t be for a title fight. It’s being viewed as an eliminator, with the winner having the privilege of meeting Manny Pacquiao. In what’ll be viewed as the title for the linear champion within the welterweight division. Buyer beware, as the caveat here, is that any fight fan willing to make the outlay of $49-95, had better be prepared to do so.

Bob Arum castigates UFC and Floyd Mayweather. Somewhat ironic from a promoter who has been known to ask a fighter to take a dive. Arum is so oblivious as to the demographics of the sport and in particular the waning popularity of boxing.

As I’d alluded to earlier, the sport is ran internationally by four independent self governing bodies. Each with affiliations around the world to various domestic bodies , that govern the sport within those countries’ various borders. The bodies in question are :International Boxing Federation (IBF) , World Boxing Association(WBA),World Boxing Council (WBC) and the World Boxing Organization(WBO).Commonly known to most, as the ‘alphabet organization’ of world boxing. They’re predisposed in many people’s eyes of primarily furthering their own self interests-rather than that of the sport, for the pleasure of its fans.

Joe Louis in action. The legendary fighter was the longest reigning heavyweight champion in history. And his twenty five successful defenses of the title remains a record to this day, within the sport.

And while a great deal of power does lie in the hands of those bodies. It has been the promoters who’ve coddled, cajoled and misappropriated the integrity of the sport over the last four decades. Alright, we can agree that the sport of boxing has always had a seedier side to it. And what sport hasn’t over the years ? That may well be one of the many reasons why we were all so enthralled with it to begin with. OK , so we had our heroes in Muhammad Ali, Rocky Marciano, Joe Louis, Sonny Liston, Mike Tyson and others-far too numerous to mention. But the sport now has become so lackluster and is almost devoid of real talent . Nowhere, is this more glaring than within the once most prestigious division of them all. The heavyweight division has become the laughing stock of the sport. And if anything, they have little talent , even less personality, charm and charisma. .

Ali vs. Sonny Liston II, in 1965 . Liston was challenging Ali for the title in Lewiston, Maine. As we know the fight ended in an uproar -with charges being made that Liston took a dive. Nothing was ever proven but the conspiracy remains to this day.

And for these two promoters in particular Bob Arum of Top Rank Inc., and Don King of Don King Promotions Incorporated. They’ve brought the sport to the edge of the precipice, where it now sits. The majority of boxing fans, now feign interest in the sport. As they’ve grown to accustomed to the rise of the genre of MMA (mixed martial arts) . Which now far exceeds the popularity of boxing as a sport. Furthermore,, MMA under the auspices of UFC isn’t as fragmented, mismanaged or mishandled as the sport of boxing has become. And with the sport of boxing now having every reason to feel threatened with the revenues now being attained via MMA’s own PPV promoted events. The sport has become a multi-billion dollar industry and its revenues alone from PPV events far outstrips that of boxing. Not only that but UFC takes time to promote the fights that their fans want and expect to see. Not so, in the case of boxing !

It’s ironic that boxing now has to follow in the footsteps of MMA as to how it ought to lure fans and have some resonance with them to begin with. And to listen to someone such as Bob Arum berate the sport with his homophobic and racial slurs. It shows the ignorance of a man whose time has come and gone ! The sooner he departs from the sport . Perhaps the better of it will become ? But that would be predicated upon someone entering into the fray who had some integrity to begin with . Quite frankly, Arum had none to begin with.

Spike Lee’s feature on Mike Tyson and Don King. Can anyone tell me what the f-ck , King is alluding to ? Dumb is as dumb is and no one epitomizes that nowadays more than Don King !

And what of his promotional rival and counterpart you might ask ? Well let’s just say that Don King has excelled as a master showman and entrepreneur. With that however, has come the lies , the fraudulent acts and misrepresentation. Waxing lyrically about the sport but in reality saying nothing of merit. Above all the ruination of a sport has come with King and Arum in tow, that’s but a moment away from seeking resuscitation via CPR . But alas, no one is actually all that interested in seeing the sport rise like a phoenix from the ashes. It sold its soul to ‘The Devil’ and the payment in kind – has been its slow demise.

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Bring It Or Just Shut The Hell Up ………….




If  there  was  any  doubt that  George  St Pierre  has finally  proved  himself   the  better  of   B J Penn. We  now  know  that   Penn  has  been  more  talk  than  anything  else.    So  much   trash  talking   and  at   the  end  of  the  day   he  just   didn’t  have  what  it   takes   to  defeat    his   Canadian  nemesis.  



George  St Pierre  seated at  the  press conference  publicizing  his  bout  with   BJ Penn .  picture appears courtesy of  ap/Brian  Boscoe............
George St Pierre seated at the press conference publicizing his bout with BJ Penn picture appears courtesy of ap/Brian Boscoe ................


George St¬† Pierre¬† seated¬†¬†at the press conference publicizing¬†his¬† bout with¬† BJ Penn .¬† picture appears¬† courtesy¬† of¬†¬† ap/Brian¬† Boscoe ……………



If there  was  disappointment  then  it   had  to  be  amongst   Penn’s   fans. If  nothing  else this  trilogy  of   fights  within   the  UFC  genre  has  made  the  fans  all  the  more  affixed  as  to  the  rivalry  between  the  two.  It’s  these   sort  of  rivalries  that  make   the  sport  the   thriving  and  driving   force  it  is.     




Penn takes  a right  hand  from St  Pierre .  picture  appears  courtesy of Paul  Whifield ...............
Penn takes a right hand from St Pierre . picture appears courtesy of Paul Whitfield ..................



Penn takes¬† a¬† right hand¬† from¬† St Pierre¬†.¬† picture appears¬† courtesy of¬† Paul¬† Whitfield ………………….




No  longer  viewed  as  the  back  street  bullies  of  brawling   as   the  sport  has  been  portrayed  by  certain  legislators and   law   enforcement   officials.  The  genre  that  is  known  as mixed  martial  arts   has  now  become  a  multi million   dollar  business.   And  the  king  of  the  hill  is the  entity  UFC  which  is  a  wholly  owned  entity  of  Zuffa LLC.  





That  being  said   the   fight  card   put  together   UFC  94  by  UFC  had  St  Pierre  and  Penn  as  the   headliners.  The   undercard  itself  wasn’t   too  shabby   either.

The  fighters   were  very  much a  who’s  who  of  the  MMA  world  in  other weight categories.  Lyoto  Machida   versus Thiago  Silva,   Stephan Bonnar  versus Jon Jones  , Karo Parisyan  versus  Dong Hyun Kim and  Nate  Diaz  versus  Clay  Guida. The  gate  itself  was  one  of  the   highest   gated  revenues   for  an  MMA  event.  The  box  office   revenues  were   in  excess   of  $4.35m   and   had  over   13,000  people   in  attendance.



St Pierre  the  victor  after  his   victory  over   BJ Penn ..............
St Pierre the victor after his bout against BJ Penn . picture appears courtesy of ap/Brian Boscoe .................


St Pierre¬†the¬† victor¬† after¬† his¬† bout¬† against¬† B J Penn¬†.¬†¬†picture appears¬† courtesy¬† of¬†¬† ap/¬†Brian Boscoe ………….






If  Penn  had  anything  to  prove   to  his  fans  and  to   St  Pierre  in  particular .  It   was  he  was  the  better    of   the   two   practitioners  in  the  genre.  It has  been   greatly   debated  by    many   as  to   who  really   is   better  of   the  two   fighters.  And   if  nothing  else  all  the  sniping   between  the   two  has  added   nothing   but  disdain  for  each  other  between  the  two.    And   this  is   the  thing  if  any   that  UFC  CEO  loves  to  see   amongst  his  stable  of   fighters.   Create  the   atmosphere  of  animosity  that  the   fans  will  love.  And  then   you’ve   got  them  hook  line  and   sinker   in   terms  of   fans  for  the  bouts  or   attendees  for  an  event.  Be  it  there   live   or   via   PPV.     And   PPV  is   the   cash   cow  for   UFC.  In  2007   the  revenues   for    all   UFC   events   combined    were   in   excess  of  $275m .  And  when  you  consider   that   boxing   was  only  marginally   lower   than  that   in  terms  of  its  overall   revenues   via  pay  for  view. 




Penn and  St Pierre  in  the  octagon .   picture  appears  courtesy of  ap/ Brian Boscoe ...............
Penn and St Pierre in the octagon. picture apears courtesy of ap/Brian Boscoe ...............


Penn and¬† St Pierre¬† in the octagon¬†.¬†¬† picture appears¬† courtesy of¬† ap/Brian¬† Boscoe ……………………….





But  now   the  new  kid  on  the  block   is   MMA  with   UFC  as  its  proprietor.  Never  let  it  be  said  that   Dana   White   doesn’t  know   how  sell   his   product.  He’s   the   Don  King    for  the  new  millennia.  Such  has  been  his   acumen   in  making   MMA  what  it  is .  That  he   now  rules  the   roost   like a megalomaniacal   despotic  ruler.  He’s   the  final   arbiter  of  everything  to  do  with   the  sport.  Though   he  states   that  it’s  a  collective   that   actually   is  a  part of  the  decision  making.  But   his  intent   is  now  on  world  domination  when  it  comes  to  the  sport  and   nothing  , absolutely  nothing  will  stand  in  his  way.



St Pierre  and  Penn side by  side  to  publicizing their matchup .   picture  appears  courtesy  of  ap/  Phil  Wainwright ...............
St Pierr and BJ Penn side by side to publicize their upcoming bout at UFC 94 ...............



¬†St Pierre and¬† Penn¬† side¬† by¬† side¬†¬† publicizing¬† their¬†¬† bout¬† at¬†¬†the UFC 94¬†press conference. picture appears¬† courtesy¬† of¬† ap/Phil¬†Wainwright ………….¬†¬†



The  bout   between   Penn and  St  Pierre  would  last   for   five  grueling   rounds.  But  it  was  St  Pierre  who  got  the  better   of   Penn  of  for  much  of  this   bout.  Penn  was  the  offensive  for  much  of the  fight  but   it  was  St  Pierre  who   was   the  better   practitioner.  He   punished   Penn    with   severe  brutality  and   it  was  clear  that  the   referee   had   no  choice   but   to  stop  the  bout  when  he  did.







So  now  we   must   ask   what’s  next    for   St  Pierre  in  the  welterweight  division  ?  For  Penn  he’ll  have   to   rethink   his   future   quite  possibly as  to  whether  it’s  better  for  him  to   fight  as  a  welterweight  or  lightweight.  It  has  to  be  said   that  at  this   juncture   it’ll  be  interesting  to  see  what’ll  materialize   down  the  road  for   both   fighters.

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Well That Screwed Up My Weekend …………


This  weekend  being  the  boxing  fan  that  I  am .  I  felt  it’d  be worthwhile watching  Sugar  Shane  Mosley take  on  Antonio Margarito  for  his WBA world  welterweight  crown.   Now  based   on  what  I’d  previously   witnessed  when Margarito took care  of  Miguel  Cotto  and  relinquishing  him  of  the  title.   I  was  under  the   impression  that  this  time Margarito  would prove  himself  up to the  task of  defending  his title   adequately. 



Margarito  sits  in  his  corner  dazed  and  confused  having  lost  his  WBA welterweight title  to  Shane Mosley  in  ninth round by  a TKO ..................



Margarito dazed and¬† confused¬† aseat¬†¬† on¬† his¬† stool¬† in¬† the corner¬† having just¬† lost his¬† WBA world¬† welterweight¬† title¬† to¬†¬† Shane¬† Mosley¬† in a ninth round¬† with¬†¬†a TKO. picture appears¬† courtesy¬† of¬† afp/ Mark¬† Ralston ……………………






Now  the  two  combatants   are  well  respected  in their   field   and  with  Mosley  considered  to  be  a fighter  who’s considered  to  have reached  the  zenith  of  his  career.  It  was  thought   that  he  was  merely here  as  a  stepping  stone  as  to  further  the  ambitions  of  Margarito.  Of  whom  it  can  be  said  after  his   dethroning  of  Cotto was   seen as  a  hero  in   his   homeland  of  Mexico.  Joining  such  heralded  heroes  as  Marco  Antonio  Barrera  and   Julio  Cesar  Chavez.






Both fighters  were  ready  to   make   put  on a  show   that’d   have   the  fans  wanting  more.   And  they  pleased  the  fans  with  a  very  spirited     display.   The  bout  was held  at  the  Staples   Center   ,  home  to  the  Los Angeles   Lakers  and  the  less   fortunate   Clippers.  Enough  said  on that   score !  The  bout   was  seen  as  a  possible   setup  for  the  winner  to  take  on  the  pound  for  pound  champion  Manny  Pacquiao.   Who  himself   accounted  for   the  complete   obliteration of  an  over  the  hill   Oscar  De  La Hoya.





 Margarito Mosley Boxing


Mosley conncets¬† to¬† the¬† head¬†of¬† Margarito¬† during¬† the¬† eighth¬† round¬† of¬† their WBA world welterweight title¬† bout¬† held¬† at¬† the¬† Staples¬†Center in Los Angeles,Ca. a¬†¬†¬† .picture appears courtesy of¬† afp /Mark¬† Ralston¬† …………………..





From  the  outset   Margarito  had  problems  dealing  with  his  older  opponent  and   Mosley   put  on  a  classic   display  of  boxing  with  skills.  Punching  and   counterpunching   effectively,   Mosley   had  Margarito  constantly  backpedaling.  And  if  that  were  not  enough  the  fans  in  attendance   were  ecstatic  with  what  they  were  seeing.   The  Pomona  born  and  based   fighter   in  front  of  his   home  crowd  had  many  of  the  fans  on  his   side.   But  we’d  be  remiss  in   stating  that  Margarito  didn’t   have  his  own  legion  of   fans.   As   there  was  also a  large   Hispanic   crowd  in  attendance   primarily  made  up   for   Mexicans.



Referee Raul  Caiz Sr stops  the fight in the  ninth round with  Mosley making  his way  to  a  neutral  corner ........................................



Mosley makes his¬†¬† way¬† to¬† a¬† neutral¬† corner¬†¬† as¬† referee¬† Raul¬† Caiz¬† Sr¬† stops¬† the¬† fight¬† in¬† the¬† ninth¬† round of¬† their¬† WBA world welterweigh title bout. picture appears courtesy¬† of¬† afp/¬† Mark¬† Ralston ………………






Now  as  the  fight  proceeded  it  was  becoming  clear   for  all  to  see  that  we  were   going  to  be  in  for  what  many  might  deem  a  stunning  upset.  The  more  Mosley  dictated  the  pace  of  the  bout  the  more  problems   could  be   foreseen  ahead   for  Margarito.   He  would  succumb  to   a  ninth  round  TKO  at  the  hands  of  the  37 year  old   ageless  wonder.  With  this  win   Mosley    cements   his   own  legacy  as  one  of  the  premiere  fighters   in   the   sport.   And  over  the  last   decade   one   can   decidedly   say  that  his   name   can  be  placed  alongside  that  of  De La  Hoya  ,  Hopkins ,  Pacquiao  and   Barrera  as  some  the  elite  fighters  of  the decade.










Boxing  as  we  know  comes  in  cycles   and   the  great   fighters  are the  one  who   have  a  lasting  legacy  on the  sport.  Mosley  for  his  part  has  shown us  all  now  that  he   ought  to  be  really  considered   one  of the  great  fighters  of  this  era.  And  even  if   there’s   been  some   controversy  and   allegations  of  steroid   use.  The fighter  himself  having   paid   the  price   has   shown  us  that   when  asked  to  step  up  to  the  plate  he’s  done   so  with  great   aplomb.





Now it  shouldn’t  come  to  you  all  that  I’m  also  a   big   MMA  fan.  And  with  that  being  said  the  idiocy of  what  we  see   going  on   within  UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship)  only  leads  me   to  believe  that   CEO Dana  White  clearly thinks  of   himself  as  some  sort  of modern day PT Barnum.   His   brazen  attempt  to  sell  the  fact  that  in  Brock  Lesnar  as  the  world heavyweight  champion  is  the  best that  the  sport  has  to  offer.   In  many  ways  it’s    suggesting  that  the  acting   pedigree  of  Lindsay  Lohan  is   equal  to   that  of  Meryl  Streep.    Whilst   Lesnar   beat  an  aging  and   over  the  hill  Randy   Couture  to  win the  crown.    There  is  the  belief   that   the  best   fighter  within   the  genre   is   Fedor  Ermialanenko.






Fedor  is  not  a member of  the  UFC  stable.   And  any  envisaged  wish   to  see  him   take  on  Lesnar   won’t  be  forthcoming.  Especially  if   White  has  any  say  in the matter.  He’s  derided  the  fact  that   Ermialanenko   fights  for  an  opposing   organization  in  Affliction. And  being  the  consummate  showman  that  he  is ,  we know   that  White’ll  do  anything  that  will  make UFC  a viable  commodity  and  product.   




Ermialanenko  walks  away as referee  John  McCarthy calls the fight  over  with  Fedor  having  defeated  Andrei  Orlovski  ...........................




¬†Fedor¬† Ermialanenko¬† walks¬† away¬† as referee¬† referee¬† John McCarthy¬† declares¬†¬† the¬† bout¬†¬† over¬† between¬† Fedor¬† and¬†¬† Andrei Orlovski.¬†¬† The¬† bout¬† was¬† over¬† in¬† 1:46 (minute/seconds)¬† in¬† a devastating¬† show of¬† power.¬† picture appears¬† courtesy of¬† Maggie¬† Thomas ………………..






Fedor  tonight   fought  Andrei  Orlovski  in  what  was   deemed    Day  of  Reckoning  on  one  of their  major   fight  cards  of the  season  thus   far.     Such  was  the  prowess  of   the  Russian   that it  took him  all  but  1:46  of  the  first   round  of  the   bout  to  dispatch  the  fighter.   One  can   assume   that   were   Lesnar  the  opponent   in  that   bout   the  outcome   would   be   the  same  ?   Lesnar   for  all  of his  experience  within  the  WWE   and  now  the  UFC can’t  be   taken  seriously  as  a  viable   titlist   and  competitor  within  the  genre.  But  such  is  the  inflated  ego  of   White   that   he  may well  be  using   the  fighter  merely   as  a  promotional  tool  , if   nothing  else.  Once  Lesnar   has   outlived  his   usefulness  in   terms   of  publicizing   the  sport   he  may  well  fall  by  the  wayside.




As  to  the  aspirations  of  White  it’s  completely   obvious  that   he’s   out  for   global  domination  as  to  the  supremacy  of   the  sport  under  his   leadership   of  UFC.  Affliction   for  what’s   deemed  its  flaws  of  being   the  new  kid  on  the  block   can’t   seem  to  get  any   respect.   But  in  my    mind  as  long  as  they   possess  the  best   fighter  within  genre.   That’s   all  the   publicity  that   they’ll  need   in  order  to  gain   the  legitimacy  that  they    require.   For   White    I   feel  that  he  ought  to  be   building   bridges   rather    than  choosing   to  deride  and  ignore  an   opponent.   Who   knows  when  he  might  be   in  need   of  some    assistance   from  the  likes  of  Affliction   ?