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Running On Empty …………..

Running On Empty

I’m finally beginning to calm down given the situation concerning the NFL lockout as it pans out and the fact that over a prolonged period we have the team owners now saying that they are closer to a compromise. The season starts on the 3rd September and I fully believe that it will not start as the NFL believes as planned . The situation now stands where the players are having to plan their own workouts as there have been no preseason OTA’s and the new draftees aren’t able to be meet with the coaches and their respective trainers . To further emphasize the situation those very same draftees have yet to sign their contracts with their respective teams .


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With the owners , NFL hierarchy now meeting with their union counterparts led by NFLPA Executive Director DeMaurice Smith , union President Kevin Mawae the grandstanding by both sides continues unabated and at the same time this only further exacerbates the whole situation . Now as many of you are aware I reside in the central Florida area where the three NFL teams within the state are the Jacksonville Jaguars , Miami Dolphins and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers . This past season all three teams in their own determinable way had what one might deem a modicum amount of success . The Tampa Bay Buccaneers missed the postseason having missed the playoffs having fell by the wayside in posting a 10-6 record within the NFC South and failing to dislodge the New Orleans Saints who finished ahead of them within the division. For coach Raheem Morris this was a splendid sophomore season as he and GM Mark Dominik were able to make great strides as this team made the type of improvements one wouldn’t associate with such a young team.

The foundations were laid in Buccaneers’ bright season because of the exhilirating play of quarterback Josh Freeman who simply showed that he’s now becoming one of the more dependable and young reliable players at the position within the league. And one only has to look at the strides made by Sam Bradford , Joe Flacco and Matt Ryan . Morris and his assistant coaches have simply gotten the players to buy into a simple system and that’s to play hard , enjoy the game but above all be held accountable for executing the play. Freeman for his part is seen as the leader on this team where he’s also ably abetted by a veterans such as Kellen Winslow Jr and Ronde Barber . On offense the play of running back LeGarrette Blount and wide receiver Mike Williams have made this Buccaneers so much more of a talented team to watch for their fans. If nothing else this upcoming season for the Tampa Bay Buccaners should be something special . And it bodes well for the organization as a whole as they look to become a contender within the conference and for the Superbowl . From a defensive standpoint the traits instilled into the Buccaneers still remain but simply with more aggression and finesse not seen before . Granted , there have been those inconsistent displays but the players have learned from that and it bodes well for their immediate future.

If anything I was somewhat surprised that Jaguars’ coach Jack del Rio simply was allowed to keep his job ! Given the mediocre season had by the team and the mere fact the coach and his staff simply did a lousy job . And simply put , I not so sure that the upcoming season we’re liable to see any type of improvement the team compared to last season .

In the AFC South where the Jacksonville Jaguars reside they have to contend with the Indianapolis Colts as well as the Houston Texans and Tennessee Titans . I now firmly believe that if Del Rio cannot leaf this team into the playoffs this season then team owner Wayne Weaver in conjunction GM Gene Smith will have no other course but relieve the coach of his duties . Some may well feel that it is all too little , too late , and they would obviously be right but because of the NFL hierarchy enforced lockout I believe that a number of teams around the league seeking to make a managerial change sought not to because of the financial ramifications involved . Having to pay a coach that you have just fired when he still has a year or more left on his existing contract and then having hire and formulate a new multi year deal for a new coach can end up costing an organization countless millions. Simply ask the front office of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers about that ? They are still paying former coach Jon Gruden two years after his abrupt firing and Gruden is now being handsomely paid by ABC/ESPN to provide both networks with on air college , NFL analysis and commentary . Not bad eh ?

If there’s one thing I learned from last season within the NFL it is that there’s a tremendous falloff from the top tier of quarterbacks and those at bottom tier of the ladder ! And anyone who witnessed the play of the quarterbacks on the Dolphins’ roster will know exactly what I am talking about . Chad Henne and Tyler Thigpen at best are moderate backups within this league but somehow coach Tony Sparano believed that one if not both were reliable enough to lead this beleaguered team .Given the frailties of this team on both sides of the ball the Miami Dolphins simply did their utmost to disappoint their fans as well as their celebrity investors who are led by principal owner managing partner Stephen M. Ross . The owner in conjunction with GM Jeff Ireland have seen the promise first shown when Bill Parcells was brought in as a consultant , simply disappear as the team has struggled to find an identity . Parcells is no longer involved with the organization at all , having chosen to retire to a much calmer environment, where the rigors of the NFL would be the last thing on his mind. Now it is left to Sparano and his assistants to guide this team back into some semblance of competitiveness .

With the ongoing lockout showing no signs of dissipating a shortened season now may well become a reality . And in many respects it may well benefit a number of teams around the league . For the Miami Dolphins this may well prove to be fruitful but on the other hand given the fact that players aren’t allowed on team facilities for any sort of organized training activities because of the work stoppage , there’s no doubt in my mind that all of the NFL teams will be impeded and we may well have to endure some really bad football during what might be league induced shortened season. And for the Miami Dolphins their opening schedule for the 2011-12 season starts off with an divisional rival game against their AFC opponent the New England Patriots at Sun Life Stadium in Miami , Florida , on the 12th September 2011 .

Tony Sparano may well be in for a season where he and the coaching staff will come under a great deal of scrutiny. The Dolphins have essentially become a “one trick pony” with little to show other than their ” shot gun offense” . And even then, once they were found out by the opposing teams they were found wanting in showing any form of creativity on either side of the ball . That if anything out to be enough of an indicator as what one might expect from this team over the course of the season. There’s a great deal of expected of the team throughout this season and their task won’t be made any easier given the fact that within the division apart of from New England Patriots you also have a hungry New York Jets’ organization wanting to prove that they ought to viewed as perennial contenders within the NFL . The Buffalo Bills will simply want to hang tough while Chan Gailey and his staff will assess the strengths and weaknesses on the roster as he looks to make them a resurgent force within the division and league as a whole .



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Though the reverberations of this lockout has yet to be felt but we already know that a number of teams around the league are having some form of hardship though it hasn’t been well publicized . In a number of cases it has been noted that a number of teams have taken to actually cutting the salaries of their coaching staffs which has led to throng of opposition by the NFL Coaches Association as the coaches as such are caught in the midst of this saga. The idiocy of this lockout hasn’t been lost on the fans and the vast majority feel that that both owners , league hierarchy and the players are equally to blame . And now while NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell and his opposite number DeMaurice Smith seek some common ground and accord you simply get the feeling that this pissing contest is actually far from over . Both sides are actually out of gas , running on empty and simply looking for the other as such to cave in first .

What thoughts if any do you have on the points raised within this piece ? Simply chime in with a comment as you deem fit .

Alan aka tophatal ……………………………

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(1) New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning, right, throws a football as teammates watch during an unofficial workout at Bergen Catholic High School, Friday, June 10, 2011 in Oradell, N.J. The workout gives the players an opportunity to practice together during the NFL labor lockout. AP Photo/Julio Cortez ……

(2) NEW YORK, NY – APRIL 28: NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell (L) greets Adrian Clayborn, 20 th overall pick by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, on stage during the 2011 NFL Draft at Radio City Music Hall on April 28, 2011 in New York City. Photo by Chris Trotman/Getty Images …..

(3) Buccaneers’ number one draft pick Adam Clayborn (center) is seen here alongside Bucs’ team coach Raheem Morris (left) and GM Mark Dominik (right) at the team’s headquarters at One Buc Place. Dominik and the coach have made sure to fill the Bucs’ roster with players they deem that will be able to add quality and productivity to the team . Courtesy of St Petersburg Times .

(4) NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell (L) poses for a photo with Blaine Gabbert ,, 11th overall pick by the Jacksonville Jaguars, holds up a jersey during the 2011 NFL Draft at Radio City Music Hall on April 28, 2011 in New York City. Photo by Chris Trotman/Getty Images ….

(5) Head coach Jack Del Rio of the Jacksonville Jaguars watches his team play against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers during a preseason game at Raymond James Stadium on August 28, 2010 in Tampa, Florida. J Meric / Getty Images North America …

(6) NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell poses for a photo with Mike Pouncey, 15th overall pick by the Miami Dolphins, on stage during the 2011 NFL Draft at Radio City Music Hall on April 28, 2011 in New York City. Photo by Chris Trotman/Getty Images …….

(7) Miami Dolphins’ coach Tony Sparano (left) is seen here with the team’s owner billionaire real estate mogul Stephen M Ross at the team’s headquarters at Sun Life Stadium , Miami , Florida. Sparano will have a great deal to prove this season if he’s to retain his position with the Miami Dolphins . Miami Herald / Walter Michot ….


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Let Me Tell You A Story ……………..

Let Me Tell You A Story ?

Now don’t get me wrong while I admire much of the responsible journalism that ESPN at time does. It does grate on me when they sugary coat the subject matter and try to make them into something they are clearly not. In many ways it’s like trying to reinvent the wheel . It can’t really be done at all !


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Jon & Kate Plus 8 …… TO And An NFL Franchise ….. Spare Me The Drama Please …………….!

Well the NFL season has started and last night the reigning Superbowl champions, the Pittsburgh Steelers started things off – by defeating the Tennessee Titans in overtime 13-10. Now that our appetites have been wetted. What else can we expect not just from the weekend’s plethora of games but also the season itself , as it begins to unfold ?

Now in all honesty as an avid New England Patriots’ fan . I for one am looking forward to seeing the resumption of Tom Brady’s career within the NFL. Far more so than the stop start, will he or won’t and now that he’s finally here…..the return of Brett Favre. And as much as it has been regaled upon by those irreverent idiots within ESPN. Their wanderlust and reverential man crush for Favre has bordered on being odious to say the very least. But when that’s allegedly only horse in town that they’re prepared to ride. You can well understand the incessant round the clock coverage that the Favre saga has been given. Journalistic values went straight out the window the ESPN network to begin with.

Now comes one of the more interesting stories that may well be played out this upcoming season. And stop me if you’ve either seen or heard this all before. A self absorbed scene stealing , press chasing NFL star , in the guise of Terrell Owens, seeks to resurrect his career with the Buffalo Bills. Having been cast aside by the Dallas Cowboys. Owens chafed and chomped at the fact, that he felt, he’d been mistreated and lied to by the Cowboys’ organization. His relationships with his former teammates cooled mightily. Albeit, that there was actually no childish name calling. But Owens felt it necessary to berate his former teammate and at onetime closest pal, Tony Romo.

Buffalo   Bills'  wide  receiver   Terrell  Owens   makes a  catch  during  practice  at  the  Ralph  Wilson   Stadium  in Orchard  Park,  N.Y.   The  team has  a  had  something  of a  turbulent   week  having   fired  offensive  coordinator  Turk  Schonert  .      picture  appears courtesy  of  ap/photo/David  Duprey   ..........................
Buffalo Bills' wide receiver Terrell Owens makes a catch during practice at the Ralph Wilson Stadium in Orchard Park, N.Y. The team has a had something of a turbulent week having fired offensive coordinator Turk Schonert . picture appears courtesy of ap/photo/David Duprey ..........................

Now with the tide settled , or at least one would hope so. It’s now time for Owens to step up to the plate and prove that he’s still one of the elite players within the NFL. But even more so that of a teammate and not seemingly interested in continuing his narcissistic behavior. He’s probably seen his mantel as the league’s best wide receiver now be assumed by the Arizona Cardinals’ Larry Fitzgerald. Though few around the league would feel that the title bestowed upon Fitzgerald isn’t justified. Hell , you’d be hard pressed to find a knowledgeable NFL fan say otherwise.

For Owens and the Bills this is the season where if nothing else, they’ve got to improve on last year’s debacle. In the AFC East the team finished with a unenviable 7-9 record seated afoot of the AFC East. All the while looking up at the Miami Dolphins, New England Patriots and the New York Jets.

Bills'  quarterback  Trent  Edwards   in  full  stride  as  he  scrambles  out  of  the   pocket  ast the  Cleveland  Browns  in  a   game  played  at   Ralp  Wilson  Stadium  ,  Orchard  Park,  N.Y.    The  Browns   would   go  on  to  defeat   Buffalo   29-27  on the  day.    picture  appears  courtesy  of  ap/photo  /  Don  Heupel  ...............................
Bills' quarterback Trent Edwards in full stride as he scrambles out of the pocket ast the Cleveland Browns in a game played at Ralp Wilson Stadium , Orchard Park, N.Y. The Browns would go on to defeat Buffalo 29-27 on the day. picture appears courtesy of ap/photo / Don Heupel ...............................

And though much of the team’s troubles lay in the fact that its defense as well as its offense left a great deal to be desired. It most certainly hurt that the team’s quarterback, Trent Edwards couldn’t get through an entire regular NFL season. Edwards is to tissue paper , what ice is very much like when placed in the midst of heat. They both tend to just break down within a specific environment. If you sneeze on tissue paper it’s liable to tear. You place ice in the midst of heat , it no doubt melts. Place Trent Edwards on an NFL football field and you’re unlikely to see him last the whole season. To put it succinctly , he’s as soft as they come physically. Immensely talented he’s not able to withstand the rigors of a sixteen game regular season schedule.

Courtesy of The Buffalo News and AP:

Bills overshadowing T.O. in disruption department.

By John Wawrow

So much for everyone assuming Terrell Owens would be the one causing all the disruptions after the prolific and headline-grabbing receiver signed with the Buffalo Bills this offseason.

It turns out this once-proud franchise didn’t need any help. In the week leading up to their season-opener at New England on Monday, the Bills have proven capable of creating distractions all on their own.

The turbulent stretch came this past week when the Bills fired offensive coordinator Turk Schonert and released starting left tackle, Langston Walker: two stunning moves that – as unfathomable as it sounds – managed to push T.O. out of the spotlight.

“It’s crazy,” receiver Lee Evans said.

Happy 50th anniversary, Bills. So much for the plaudits Buffalo earned a mere month ago when Bruce Smith and team owner Ralph Wilson were inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame. And long forgotten is the buzz Owens generated among a hopeful fan-base at the start of training camp in late July.

“You can say the T.O. buzz has worn off,” Evans said, noting that Owens did miss the final four weeks of the preseason nursing a sprained toe that’s now healed. “It has overshadowed him. But it’s bigger than 81. He’ll certainly do some things throughout the season to get it back. And hopefully it ends with a ‘W,’ because that’s all that really matters.”

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Owens for his part believes that he’s finally found his calling. And that’s to lead the Bills into the postseason and beyond. No doubt he’ll use this environment as a tool to brand himself as a marketable product. That being said , don’t waste your time in trying to buy anything that TO is trying to sell you. It’s bad enough that a cable outlet has seen fit to give him his very own self titled reality show. If anything he’s setting bar so low in terms of the show’s perceived intelligence . That even ‘Flavor Flav’ comes off looking like a Harvard graduate, not only terms of intelligence but also in terms of his persona. And that doesn’t necessarily mean that the bar was set all that high to begin with , with Flav’s own shot at reality stardom. Be a clown and the whole world may well end up liking you for one reason or another. And the same can be said of both individuals. Though in the case of Owens , he has a tendency of rubbing people up the wrong way. And then he looks to apportion the blame elsewhere.

And though much of the Bills’ success will be predicated upon the relationship and communicative skills between Owens and Edwards. One can’t help but feel the franchise is but seconds away from imploding , if things don’t prove to be successful between the two. Owens just wasn’t brought in to be the centerpiece of the Bills’ offense. But he was also brought in to be the fulcrum for it as well. And looking at the team’s roster . Other than Owens , Kawika Mitchell, Lee Evans , Josh Reed and Roscoe Parrish. You’d be hard pressed to suggest that this team is actually littered with players that can make a real difference as to this team’s aspirations this upcoming season.

Owens may well be coach Dick Jauron’s reclamation project. And one can surmise that Bills’ owner Ralph Wilson gave this all his blessing. But at this juncture I’m of the belief that should things head south . As no doubt , it always seems to do, when Terrell Owens is in the midst of it all. I’m inclined to believe that it won’t only be Owens who’ll be canceled-but also too , Dick Jauron. Starting afresh would be nothing new for either party. But I’d like to think that as of now we’ve all had enough of the drama and tantrums that tends to surround Terrell Owens and his traveling circus. What say you on the matter ?

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There Are Things That One Tends To Question ………………


There   Are   Things  That  One   Tends  To   Question  ………….




When  informed  that   Terrell  Owens   was  now  a  free   agent  one   has  to  wonder   what   was   going  on  within  the  minds  of  Buffalo  Bills’ owner  Ralph  Wilson  and   the  team’s   coach  Dick  Jauron.      Whatever  the   conversation   that  took   place   I’m   inclined  to  believe  that  there   can’t   have   been  much   sense   made  of  it  .  Especially   as  far  as  Wilson  is   concerned.  The   octogenarian    either   thought   that   he  may   have   been   told   that   there   was   a   prized   piece   of   art  coming  on  the  market   or   infact   that    there   was  a    erectile   dysfunctional   product   that  was better  than   anything  else   out   there. 


Terrell  Owens   makes  the  announcement  to  the  convened  press  that  he's  now  Buffalo  Bills'  player.  Owens  signed  a  one  year  $6.5m contract  with the  team .    picture  appears  courtesy  of James  P  McCoy ........................
Terrell Owens makes the announcement to the convened press that he's now a Buffalo Bills' player . Owens signed a one year $6.5m contract with incentives. picture appears courtesy of James P McCoy ..................





Now  the  Bills  have   landed  the  erstwhile   player  and  the   baggage  that  he   brings   with   him.    The   question   one   has  to   ask   is    what   are  the  Bills   thinking  ?   It’s   not  as   if  they   hadn’t   witnessed  what’d  taken   place   at  the   player’s    previous   stops.   Much   like   Hurricane    Katrina    the   devastation   left   by  Owens     at  his  previous   professional   domiciles   were  about  as  welcoming   as    a  case   of  the  bubonic  plague.   That   being   said   if   a  pandemic     were   to  set   foot   within  the  Bills’  organization.  It’s   hard  to    see  how   they  can   recover    from   something  as   acute   as   what   can   all  envisage  may  well  happen.    Owens   is   most  definitely   like    a  cancer  that   tends  to  be  malignant  and  then  metastasizes  to  say   the   very   least.  






Far   be  it   for  me   to  wish   anyone   the   worst   but   at  this   juncture  I  can  offer   no   sympathy    to  the  Bills .   This   is  very   much  an  ill   conceived   idea.   And   if  it   should  all   implode   within  their   midst    then  they’ll  only   have   themselves   to    blame.    The  offer   to   Owens  is  believed  to  be  a  one  year   contract    that’s   said  to  be  in  the  region  of   $6.5m   with   incentives.    It’s   indeed  to   now   believe   Drew  Rosenhaus,  Owens’   agent  when  he  stated  that  there   were   a   number  of   teams  that  were   said  to  be  interested  in   his  client.   I   think  that  it  had  to  have   been  more   chutzpah  than   anything  else.  Rosenhaus  much  like   counterpart  Scott  Boras  within  Major  League  Baseball  certainly    knows  the  art  of  the   deal.    He’s  able  to   lure   a   potential   bidder   in   much    like  a  snake   charmer   or   black   widow   spider  that   tends  to   lure  its  mate  and  then   devours  it.      However  the  only  thing  here  that’ll  be   devoured   will   be  that  of   Ralph  Wilson’s   money  at  the   end  of the   day.  



Bills'  quarterback  Trent  Edwards  attempts  a  pass   during  an  NFL   game .    picture  appears  courtesy  of   ap/photo/  Todd  Shaughnessy ..................
Bills' quarterback Trent Edwards attempts a pass during an NFL game . picture appears courtesy of ap/photo/ Todd Shaugnessy ..............




The  Bills (7-9)  as  dwellers  within  the  AFC  East   started   out   last   season   well.   But their   season   fell  about   their   feet    once    quarterback   Trent  Edwards   was   lost  to   injury    for  an  indeterminable  period.   That  being   said   they’ve   a  young   nucleus  in  place.  And   in  coach   Dick   Jauron   they’ve  a  person   who  though    not     always   open   to  discipline   will   now  have    to  change    that   structure   wholeheartedly  with  a  player    like  Owens   within  his  midst.  He’ll   have   to   rein  in  the   antics   of  the  player   who   basically  marches  to  beat  of  his  own   drum  and   no  one   else’s .  So   anyone   who’s  of  the   opinion  that   this   is   basically  a  can’t   lose   situation   for  the  Bills .  They’ll   have    to  seriously    reconsider  that    thought   process   altogether.   The   upside to   this   while   on  paper   looks.   The  downside  to   it  all   far   outweighs   the   positives.    The  carnage   that  could   be  caused    could   set  the  franchise   back    at   least    two   years   if  not  more.  It’s   not  as   if  the   Bills   has     a  lot   going   for  it   at   present.    They’re    having  to   play   catch   up  with  the  likes  of   the  Miami  Dolphins  (11-5), New York  Jets (9-7), and  New  England  Patriots (11-5)  within  their    division.   And  in   light  of  the  progress  made   by   both.  It   could   well  be   the  distance   between  the    Dolphins  , Pats  and Bills has   become   even    greater.


Owens  pictured  left  and  Lee  Evans wide  receiver  of  the  Buffalo Bills.   It's hoped  that  the  tandem  will  prove  to  be  potent   for  the   team.   picture  appears   courtesy  of  uspresswire/getty images ..................
Owens pictured left and Lee Evans wide receiver of the Buffalo Bills. It's hoped that the two will make a potent and formidable receiving tandem for the franchise. picture appears courtesy of uspresswire/getty images ........................










As  for  the   intangibles  that  Owens   brings  to  this   team while   immense.  With   him  also   comes  the    soap   opera  drama  and   the  player’s  own   desire  to  be   front  and   center    in  the  midst  of  it all .    Much   like  the   narcissist   one     believes   him  to  be.  Hell  if  it  weren’t   for  the   fact  that he’s   derided  his   teammates  wherever  he’s  been.   I’d   be  of  the   opinion  that   he’s   looking   at   this   stop   in  Buffalo  as  a  way  of   refining   his   technique.   I  can   only   hope  that   Edwards   and   others   on  the  Bills’   roster   can   stomach  it  all.  Because  if  not   then   it   could  all  make   for  a   real  harrowing   experience   for  the  players   who’ll   now  be   Owens’   new  teammates.   So   at   this   juncture   let    the   festivities  begin.   It’ll  all   be   well   worth  watching  to  say  the  very  least.


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From Worse To First That’s The Miami Way …………….

Well the Miami Dolphins having come off a 1-15 record from last season have played themselves into the playoffs as divisional champions of  AFC East.  Much to the surprise of those within and outside of the game.  Falling by the wayside in all of this are  the  New England Patriots .




Pennington hands  the ball off  to teammate  running back  Ronnie Brown during a game played  against  the New York Jets  in  East Rutherford  New Jersey ,............
Quarterback Chad Pennington hands the ball off to teammate running back Ronnie Brown.............

Quarterback Chad Pennington hands the ball off  to teammate  Ronnie Brown during a league game against the New York Jets game played in East Rutherford, New Jersey. picture appears courtesy of ap/photo/  Matthew Bostick …………….




And while much of this has  gone on  the  New  York Jets  now find  themselves  in the  midst  of  another  meltdown  having  their coach Eric  Mangini fired  and the internal rift  now  building between Hall of  Fame  bound  quarterback Brett  Favre  and a number of  his  teammates.  If  ever  a season  was steeped  and  doomed  for  failure  then  the season  undergone  by  the  Jets  was it. With  much of  went  on  within the  division being  entertaining  to say the least it  was  felt that  the  division  was  wide  open.  The expectations  that Favre would be  asked  to meet  were  far too  great  for  a player on  the downside  of  an  all illustrious  career.  


Coach Tony Sparano of the Dolphins  is seen here  on the sidelines  during a game played  against  the Arizona  Cardinals  in Glendale , Az , .................
Coach Tony Sparano of the Miami Dolphins seen here on the sidelines during a game played against the Arizona Cardinals in Glendale , Az , .....................

Dolphins’ coach Tony Sparano seen here on the  sidelines of a game played  against  the  Arizona  Cardinals  in  Glendale , Arizona.  picture  appears courtesy of ap/photo/ Ross D Brown ………………….



Buffalo  got  off  to a  fast  start  but  that  would  soon peter  out  as  they   fell  by  the  wayside  all too quickly.  With Tom  Brady  of  the New England  Patriots  suffering  a  season ending  injury  in the first  game of  the season against  the  Kansas City Chiefs. Many  felt that  the  Patriots’ season would too  fall  off  as  well.  With  rookie  quarterback  Matt  Cassel  being  asked  to  take over the  reins  from  Brady.  No one was quite  sure  what  to  expect  from  a  player  who  hadn’t  played  the  position  since  his  days  in high school  and whose  college  career  was  basically  playing  second fiddle  to  Heisman  Trophy winners  Carson  Palmer  and  Matt  Leinart  while  at the University of  Southern California. 




Dolphins' offensive lines coach  Mike Maser works with  his  players  at their  practice facility in Davie, Fl ......................
Offensive lines' coach Mike Maser works with his players at the team's practice facility in Davie, Fl ..........

Dolphins’ offensive line coach works with his  players at their practice facility  in  Davie , Florida.  picture appears  courtesy of ap/photo/ Matthew Glassman  ………








Cassel  would  excel  in the  position  and guide  the team  to  an 11-5 season  narrowly  missing  the  playoffs by  finishing second in the  division behind  the  Miami  Dolphins. That  being  said  this  season was all about  the  Miami  Dolphins  and  their  triumphant  return  to  respectability  under  the  coaching  of  Tony  Sparano  under the  ever  watchful  eye  of   Bill  Parcells   the  behind  the scenes  architect of  the  franchise’s  resurgence. With their  wildcat offense  simply  catching  a number  of  teams by surprise  it can be  said  was  a  season  of  firsts  for  this  team  and  their  quarterback Chad Pennington  who was  cast  aside by  the  New  York  Jets.  That bitter  taste  now  on the  palates  of  the  Jets  and  their  fans  has  got  to be  now all the  more  unbearable for  the  franchise  as  a whole. 




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