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Money Troubles ………….. And You Thought It Simply The Congress And The Government Who Fu_ked Up ?

Money Troubles ………….. And You Thought It Simply The Congress And The Government Who Fu_ked Up ?

Well it seems that NBA Commissioner David Stern will leave no stone unturned as he seeks to push the NBA Players Association into a corner. Not content in trying to renegotiate the collective bargaining agreement which is due to expire at the end of the current upcoming NBA season. Stern and his union counterpart Billy Hunter the NBPA Executive Director are so far apart with regard to the ongoing negotiations that this is just a mere tip of the iceberg that the chasm seems to be getting wider with each passing week.


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In order to seek out public empathy and as something of a PR stunt Stern issued a proclamation that the league hierarchy will seek concessions totaling $850 million from the players in order to stave off financial disaster. That sum equates approximately to just over $28 million per NBA franchise . And when one considers that the NBA is on target to lose in excess of $450 million this year alone one can understand the reason why David Stern is adamant that there’s no room to maneuver from this dire situation. Remarkably while all of this takes place I can’t help but wonder if the league is pleading poverty then how is it that the Miami Heat in one fail swoop can land such big money free agent targets as LeBron James and Chris Bosh ? And bear this in mind the Miami Heat as a business concern lost $45 million in 2009 , much of that derived from lower gate attendance for their home games and even less from concession sales.

As we’ve come to expect from many of the franchise owners across the four major sports now seem to be pleading poverty under the financial strain where they’re now said to be under. What I find so outrageous and actually ridiculous is the idiocy of the fans out there who’d rather state that the economy is one of the main reasons why many of the sports franchises are having so many inherent problems concerning their revenue streams . Many of these franchises rather than tightening would rather spend far more than they’re said to be earning and st the same make the fans and the public their scapegoat. Stern for his part seems somewhat oblivious over the last two years as to what has been going on within his sport from an economic standpoint. And if you thought that the NBA was awry with the miscues made then simply look at the problems now arising within the NFL and MLB ? I found it somewhat asinine and extraordinary when I heard noted New York Daily News journalist Mike Lupica make the claim that baseball and its situation is perhaps the healthiest of the four major sports given the fact that the game itself doesn’t have an ongoing labor dispute . Either Lupica is completely unaware as to the financial limitations that the game is undergoing and the mere fact that less 35 % of all teams are actually making an operational profit without the benefit of some sort of assistance from league’s hierarchy from their tax sharing revenue scheme. And also bear in mind the fact that during the ALCS and NLCS games we were able to witness the fact that several of those games were not sold out. We were also made aware that the television ratings for many of these games were minute and less than had been hoped for by MLB Commissioner Bud Selig .

The NFL and its problems are now so acute that NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell , his union counterpart NFLPA Executive Director DeMaurice Smith and union President Kevin Mawae . Intransigence from both sides could well bring about the first labor stoppage in the NFL in the last eighteen years. Such a situation would do irreparable harm to the NFL’s image and no doubt alienate the fans of the game. Now we might opine as to how both sides can best address this ongoing situation but it’s becoming abundantly clear that however this pans out for the league and on their ongoing efforts to find some common ground with the union . The fact of the matter common sense isn’t being shown by either side as they simply choose to berate each other without really listening to what either side really has to say.

Now while I use this scenario to show symbolic and how completely out of touch the public really are with what is actually going on around them . The idiocy I continue to hear is that we’re told Republicans know how to run a business . The truth is Republicans much like their political opposites the Democrats rarely know how to run a business successively without some political connivance and assistance from the government. Big government or little government corruption remains the same and comes in many guises so don’t believe the idiotic rants of the pundits out there merely making statements without having any knowledge as to what they’re actually talking about . Consider this, at the taxpayers’ expense arenas and stadiums are being built with at times very little if any monetary contributions coming directly out of the pockets of the owners but somehow when big public corporations are allowed to act so egregiously there’s no public outcry. Also consider the actions of Fannie Mae , Freddie Mac , Bank of America , Wells Fargo and Ally Bank and their actions concerning the foreclosures happening across the country ?. Although there are hundreds of billions of dollars at stake and the near inaction on the part of the Federal government one has to ask where’s the public outcry here and with that of the major professional sports franchises and the actions of their respective governing bodies when they choose not to limit their exorbitant spending ?

Now one might ask what really needs to be done for the governing bodies to actually get their house in order ? And the same argument can be made for the Federal government itself as they tend to merely fill the air with nothing more than platitudes and false promises. We’re now hearing of elected officials and those aspiring to be elected to municipal, state and federal government is that in making promises…… they seemingly know that they cannot keep. Fiscally conservative and being political expedient are oxymorons from this and a bygone age and it becomes an acronym for the bullshit that they want the electorate to subscribe to. If the federal deficit and national debt can’t be even addressed by the government despite their assurances that they will deal with this then what else ought we to expect from them ?These midterm elections will bring us more of the same without anything ever really changing other than perhaps a new group of blithering idiots entering political office and going about their merry way still screwing things up at the expense of the taxpayer.

Now while I’m not against free enterprise and capitalism what I am against is the complete gullibility shown by those who are of the belief that there’s no reason for the government to intercede when there’s been a clear misuse of the public’s trust and taxpayers’ funds . But then again having the government intercede and then act with the appropriate authority and show some semblance of common sense is akin to having a blind man guide you to safety by walking through a mine field . Clearly at this juncture any common sense being shown by anyone through clear clarity just isn’t going to happen.



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Given David Stern’s request to the NBPA (players union) do you feel that he will be successful in the union acquiescing to his wish of making those concessions ? Or do you foresee the situation where the NBA could also be going down the road where you could envisage there being an ongoing and prolonged labor dispute ? And what thoughts if any do you have with taxpayers being repeatedly asked to fund the building of stadiums across the country when there are far more far urgent needs within the economy at large ?


Alan aka tophatal ………………………. 🙂


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Sorry I Can Smell What Selig Is Cookin’ And I Prefer To Stand Neither Upwind or Downwind From His Flatulence !

Sorry I Can Smell What Selig Is Cookin’ And I Prefer To Stand Neither Upwind or Downwind From His Flatulence !

I’ve no doubt in my mind that the commissioners of baseball (MLB) , NFL —- NBA and NHL have always considered themselves to be upstanding men and individuals. But as of now I’ve had enough of all four of the quartet. Much like I’m annoyed by anything being uttered from the mouths of the now apparent “King” and “Queen of Pop” music ! To hear the mind cringeing tones of Justin Bieber and Lady Gaga is akin to having a hot poker shoved up one’s rectum and being told that you’ll find it all too soothing. And it’s now the same with Roger Goodell , — David Stern and in particular Allan “Bud” Selig the MLB Commissioner. To hear that triumvirate regale with us anything to do with their respective sports is very much like listening to the inane rants of Bieber and Gaga. Ah well I might as well lambast the oafs within both the US Congress and US Senate as well as we’ve yet to have had any semblance of intelligence from either chamber since Barack Obama was installed in office as President. Not that the President himself has done that much to impress me to begin with ! I guess he’s still waiting on someone’s ass to kick after the BP fiasco ?


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It should come as no surprise to anyone that the Pittsburgh Pirates are still mediocre and considering that it’s almost two decades since they last had a winning season within the league . Then to expect them to turn things around overnight could well be viewed as somewhat astonishing were they to have to right personnel in place within their front office . But alas, that’s not the case given the fact that their ownership group is led by none other than Bob Nutting . As the principal partner in the syndicate partnership that owns the team can we say that Nutting and his group are no better than his predecessors ? Nutting’s idea of success it would seem is to pocket the tens millions that he and his partners have chosen to deem fit that they’ve allegedly earned while doing very little to invest in an impoverished team and organization . The roster itself while on paper one might deem it to be interesting to look at , all of the sound bytes forthcoming from the front office and that of the coaching staff and in particular from Nutting , GM Neal Huntington and team manager John Russell have been the rather asinine sound bytes that they’re building towards the future. Shouldn’t the future for this ballclub be about the here and now ? Especially given the fact of its recent history and the almost two decades of sheer mediocrity that the fans have had to suffer ?

Courtesy of USA Today & Associated Press

Financial records show Pirates win while losing

By Alan Robinson , AP Sports Writer

PITTSBURGH — Don’t feel too sorry for the cellar-dwelling Pittsburgh Pirates . Losing has been profitable.
The Pirates made nearly $29.4 million in 2007 and 2008, according to team financial documents, years that were part of a streak of futility that has now reached 18 straight losing seasons. The team’s ownership also paid its partners $20.4 million in 2008.

The documents offer a rare peek inside a team that made money by getting slightly less than half its income (about $70 million) from MLB sources including revenue sharing, network TV, major league merchandise sales and MLB’s website. The team also held down costs, keeping player salaries near the bottom of the National League, shedding pricier talent and hoping that untested prospects would blossom.

The club’s earnings were included in nearly 40 pages of statements that the Pirates submitted to Major League Baseball and were recently obtained by The Associated Press. Team officials briefed local reporters on portions of the material Sunday. The AP wasn’t invited to the session, which owner Bob Nutting said was “aimed at the recent leak.”

“The numbers indicate why people are suspecting they’re taking money from baseball and keeping it they don’t spend it on the players,” said David Berri, president of the North American Association of Sports Economists and the author of two books detailing the relationship between finances and winning. “Teams have a choice. They can seek to maximize winning, what the Yankees do, or you can be the Pirates and make as much money as you can in your market. The Pirates aren’t trying to win.”
Club executives vehemently disagreed with that assessment. Yet the numbers show Pittsburgh hasn’t spent as much as its opponents and hasn’t won.

By 2010, the Pirates had baseball’s lowest opening-day payroll $34.9 million or just $2 million more than in 1992, the club’s last winning season. The Pirates run of consecutive losing seasons is now the worst in the history of major American pro sports teams. They lost their 83rd game of the year Saturday to the Mets.

Pirates officials say they are trying to field a competitive team, and that there is nothing nefarious in the team’s financial dealings. MLB backs them up, saying Pittsburgh has complied with the rules for revenue sharing, which are supposed to help less well off clubs compete with likes of the New York Yankees and the Boston Red Sox.

Still, Pittsburgh fans have long complained that the club’s various owners have been more interested in profits than performance, and top sports economists who reviewed highlights of the team’s statements wondered if it now makes more money losing than it could by winning.

“If they won and were forced to increase their payroll from $34 million to $75 million or $80 million … how profitable would they be?” Berri said. “There’s a ceiling in terms of gate revenues.”

Economist Roger Noll, a Stanford University economist, said: “Probably the Pirates would be less profitable if they tried to improve the team substantially.”

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The Pirates’ home venue of PNC Park has become an elephant’s graveyard in terms of attendance for home games scheduled at the ballpark . The silence can be utterly deafening when the team has something to cheer about which nowadays it seems to be something of a rarity. The die-hard fans may well just turn out for the sake of it as the ballpark is one of the newer venues with the league. And given the fact that teams such as the Tampa Bay Rays and Oakland A’s are said to be facing an uhill battle politically as well as economically just to get their respective new facilities built . One has to ask what the hierarchy of baseball is doing to assist the teams in their endeavors to make it a reality. Certainly Bud Selig hasn’t been of any help to the ownership groups of Lewis Wolf or Stuart Sternberg of the A’s or Tampa Bay Rays . Instead Selig has essentially established that if those two teams are stage the game’s midseason showcase the All Star Game ___ they essentially would have to have their stadiums built as quickly as possible in order to be considered for the staging of the event. In other words extort the money from the local communities but if you can’t , then to hell with you .

In the case of the Pirates there’s is a situatuion where like all other small market teams within the league they’re considered to be in need of assistance from the game in terms being able to obtain an additional windfall of monies by way of the league’s tax sharing revenue scheme. Since its inception the organization has been in receipt of over $50 million to facilitate the organization investing in its roster. Unfortunately the Pirates and their fans have yet to reap the dividends of those rewards as that either has come through mismanagement or simply from the fact of rather naive personnel decisions and acquisitions. Huntingdon and Nutting would have the Pirates’ fans believe that they’re doing their utmost to stem the tide and turn things around. And though the Pirates have the lowest payroll in all of baseball ($34,943,00) of which ranks at the bottom of the thirty teams in MLB . One now has to ask the question how is it that the front office led by Bob Nutting can afford to pay themselves in excess of $20 million in 2008 while still suggesting that they’re investing in the team structure ? And while much of this has been ongoing Bud Selig and the hierarchy of the game have remained ominously silent while this has gone on. MLB President & COO Bob DuPuy and Selig as the game’s two most senior ranking executives would rather not answer any questions direcrtly relating to the matter. Instead they give us their rather bloviated opinions as to how healthy the financial state of the game is. Well, considering that there’s no transparency from the game of baseball when it comes to their finances and the very fact that at the largess of Congress they can hide behind their anti-trust exemption status it clearly gives credence to the fact that the owners and the game’s hierarchy will be allowed to continue to defraud the fans and ther’s not one thing that the fans can do about it. Especially given the fact that Congress has given MLB such wide latitude to conduct their business as they deem fit .

While I question what it Nutting and his partners are doing I question even further the motives of major league baseball and their larcenous ways of doing business . One would now think that this would be the appropriate time for Attorney General Eric Holder and the Justice Department to subpoaena the financial records of all thirty teams within MLB and that of the financial records of the game’s hierarchy itself ? But that’s unlikely to happen given the presence of a number of Congressmen who benefit financially by way of the political donations from the teams within the league and directly from MLB itself . What with Bud Selig said to have earned in excess of $18 million in 2008 and and exponentially more in 2009. I’d certainly like to think that if state governments , county and municipalities are giving the team’s tax breaks besides those given by the federal government would it not be right to know exactly where much of that money is going to begin with ? Surely after the fallout from steroid fiasco and baseball’s handling of that episode this too ought to be a subject that ought to be addressed once and for all ?



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I can smell what Bud Selig is concocting and cooking and the odor emanating from his kitchen isn’t at all enticing . If anything the smell emanating is that of a dead fish or that of his own self indulgent flatulence and we all tend to know what that means don’t we ? What are your thoughts if any on that of the Pirates , in particular the actions of their front office and also that of Bud Selig and MLB hierarchy ? Chime on in with a comment on your thoughts on this and the state of baseball as a whole as you see it at this juncture .

Alan aka tophatal …………………. 🙂



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The State of Play ……… What Irks You About Sports At Present ?

I don’t know about you but nothing irks me in sports more , than when I see someone who’s supposedly intelligent act like a complete ass ! You just think on the face it, that when things are at their best, that it can’t get any worse. But it can and normally does. And that’s when you think and then ask yourself what’s the state of play ?

Well as no doubt all of you now may now know NBA Commissioner, David Stern has finally ‘had the stones’ to do what he ought to have done immediately of having been notified that a player within the NBA organization had been found to have taken a hand gun into his place of employ. In this case, it was the Washington Wizards’ player, Gilbert Arenas. The fact that the club itself, is still in the midst of conducting its own internal investigation as to the conduct of Arenas and that of his teammate , Javaris Crittenton at the Verizon Center – the home venue of the basketball team. And their altercation that led to each player drawing a hand gun on each other , leads me to believe that either dire warnings of errant gun play just doesn’t seem to mean anything to these two individuals. Never mind the fact that the city of Washington ,D.C has amongst the highest homicide rates in the nation as well as the most virulent crime with regard to the use of guns.

Courtesy of Associated Press and Yahoo Sports

Gilbert Arenas indefinitely suspended by the NBA

By Brian Mahoney , AP Basketball Writer

New York (AP)—Some of his teammates laughed when Gilbert Arenas(notes) pointed his index fingers at them, as if they were guns.

David Stern didn’t.

Stern hasn’t found any of Arenas’ behavior funny lately, so on Wednesday he handed down a punishment he wasn’t expected to deliver until much later.

Arenas was suspended indefinitely without pay by the NBA commissioner, who determined the Washington Wizards guard was “not currently fit to take the court.”

A day after Arenas made the gesture with his fingers toward his teammates who encircled him before a game in Philadelphia, Stern warned the former All-Star that his conduct will “ultimately result in a substantial suspension, and perhaps worse.”

Arenas is under investigation by federal and local authorities after admittedly bringing guns to the Wizards’ locker room. Stern said he intended to wait for that to be completed before taking action, and directed the Wizards to do the same.

He changed his mind a day after the Philadelphia game, when Arenas said he feared Stern more than the authorities because the commissioner was “mean.”

“Although it is clear that the actions of Mr. Arenas will ultimately result in a substantial suspension, and perhaps worse, his ongoing conduct has led me to conclude that he is not currently fit to take the court in an NBA game,” Stern said in a statement. “Accordingly, I am suspending Mr. Arenas indefinitely, without pay, effective immediately pending the completion of the investigation by the NBA.”

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In this Jan. 5, 2010 photo, Washington Wizards' Gilbert Arenas watches a free-throw attempt in the first half of an NBA basketball game against the Philadelphia 76ers  in Philadelphia.  Arenas was suspended without pay Wednesday, Jan. 6, 2010,  by commissioner David Stern, who determined the Washington Wizards guard's behavior made him "not currently fit to take the court." A day after Arenas was photographed before a game in Philadelphia pointing his index fingers at his teammates as if they were guns, Stern also warned that the former All-Star's conduct will "ultimately result in a substantial suspension, and perhaps worse."  picture appears courtesy of ap/photo/ Matt Slocum   .........

In this Jan 5th ,2010 photo, Washington Wizards’ player Gilbert Arenas watches a free throw attempt in the first half of an NBA basketball game against the Philadelphia 76ers in Philadelphia. Arenas was suspended without pay Wednesday, Jan. 6, 2010, by commissioner David Stern, who determined the Washington Wizards guard’s behavior made him ” not currently fit to take the court. ” A day after Arenas was photographed before a game in Philadelphia pointing his index fingers at his teammates as if they were guns, Stern also warned that the former All-Star’s conduct will ” ultimately result in a substantial suspension, and perhaps worse. ” picture appears courtesy of ap/photo/ Matt Slocum ………

Stern has since suspended Arenas indefinitely, without pay but no action as of yet has been taken against Crittenton, as to his own conduct in the affair. The fact that this has taken so long to be dealt with by the league office is bewildering to me. And no matter what excuses are being used by Arenas for his behavior , it clearly shows that the player simply just doesn’t get it. The fact that he’d also had a prior encounter with law enforcement , having been pulled over in a traffic stop, wherein the officer in question conducted a search of the player’s vehicle and found two unlicensed hand guns in Arenas’ possession. And we’re now to think that his actions can’t be seen aren’t as counter productive as to the image of the NBA ? . Well anyone with the mindset to think that it’s OK for someone like Arenas to be towing hand guns around with him at his pleasure , clearly needs to rethink their ‘whole’ thought process through !

At an informal and impromptu get together Bruce Allen , Mike Shanahan and Daniel Snyder are seen at a local eaterie.

Well, well, well, the revolving door policy of coaches coming and going within the Washington Redskins’ organization abounds at a rapid pace. What is it now ? They’re now on their seventh coach since owner, Daniel Snyder bought the franchise in 1999. And considering that the Pittsburgh Steelers is now only on its fourth coach in the past four decades. It either tells us that the Steelers have definitely been doing something right , whereas, the Redskins must simply love the novelty of having all of these faces come and go. With the expected dismissal of Jim Zorn and the ousting of former GM , Vinny Cerrato. Daniel Snyder saw fit to hire Bruce Allen as the new general manager for the team and at the same time former Denver Broncos’ coach , Mike Shanahan was hired to be the coach. Now we know that Snyder’s pockets are deeply laden and money isn’t a major concern for this multi-billionaire entrepreneur. But what I’d like to know is when will Snyder to take it upon himself to apportion some the blame for the malaise of the franchise upon himself ? I’ve heard it said that he just sits back and delegates to others as to the teams wants and needs. But from where I sit this guy is just as meddlesome in the team’s affairs as Jerry Jones and Al Davis are with their respective NFL organizations. Never mind the fact that all three teams haven’t won anything of note, in the past decade or more. Essentially both franchises have been moribund in their very existence when it comes to competitiveness within the NFL .

Ashburn , Va,. Mike Shanahan speaks at a press conference introducing him as the new Executive Vice President and Head Coach of the Washington Redskins as  Bruce Allen, Executive Vice President and general manager watches on January 6, 2010 at Redskins Park in Ashburn, Virginia.  picture appears courtesy of  Getty Images / Mitchell  Layton ........
Ashburn , Va,. Mike Shanahan speaks at a press conference introducing him as the new Executive Vice President and Head Coach of the Washington Redskins as Bruce Allen, Executive Vice President and general manager watches on January 6, 2010 at Redskins Park in Ashburn, Virginia. picture appears courtesy of Getty Images / Mitchell Layton ........

There’s no doubting that Shanahan is a very good coach when he’s surrounded by the right talent on the field of play. But herein , lies the caveat with the Redskins , they’ve no real talent of sorts when it comes to this team. Theirs has been one of missteps with either terrible NFL draftees or essentially overpaying for ‘free agents’ that have never amounted to much. But the real coup-de-gras may well be watching whether or not Bruce Allen and Mike Shanahan can co-exist as equals of sorts ? Shanahan now not only becomes the Redskins’ head coach but also an Executive President , directly responsible for player personnel. Where that leaves Allen and his place in the pecking order of things and his overall input remains to be seen. But somehow , just by looking at this whole scenario you know that sometime down the line things are going to go awry for the organization and in the relationship between Allen and Shanahan. Never mind the fact that when it comes to assessing college football talent , Bruce Allen has about as much experience and intuitiveness in the matter, as Stevie Wonder and Andrea Bocelli combined. His track record jointly with Jon Gruden speaks for itself.

As to what Snyder hopes to get out of this all , one can only hope that the 5 year $ 35 million dollar contract can be justified for the services of Mike Shanhan. Otherwise , we can see the path as to how this could all end up. Over Snyder’s tenure he’s paid out in excess of $100 million for the coaching services of the coaches that he’s hired and fired, as well as their assistants that came in tow. It’s not so much that this irks me as an NFL fan. But what does it suggest to you about the organizational and managerial structure within Washington Redskins ? Their long suffering fans have put up with all of this crap over the past decade. But yet Daniel Stern as the owner has yet to apologize to them for any of the malaprops or prat-falls along the way. Many of which have come about at his own making.

Andre Dawson poses during a news conference after his election to the National Baseball Hall of Fame in New York, January 7, 2010. Dawson will be inducted into the Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, New York on July 25, 2010.
Andre Dawson poses during a news conference after his election to the National Baseball Hall of Fame in New York, January 7, 2010. Dawson will be inducted into the Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, New York on July 25, 2010. Dawson was the only one of the nominees on the ballot to have reached allotted 75 % vote needed to be considered to be an inductee for Baseball's Hall of Fame. picture appears courtesy of Reuters/ Brendan McDermid ......

One of my acquaintances within this forum, chappy 81 of doin’ wrote a very good article as to the enshrinement of Tim Raines into Baseball’s Hall of Fame. Whilst this was all laudable as to Raines being on the ballot. One knew that from the very start that the player would face an uphill battle with regard to his induction. And that’s certainly not because of his lack of credentials. As a matter of fact those credentials are credible enough. What it isn’t credible is the asinine notion that the BBWAA or Baseball Writer’s Association of America has any real credence to be the adjudicators for this prestigious recognition. After all, next to winning a World Series ring it is the highest honor that one can bestow upon a player over the course of their career. League and World Series MVP awards, while recognizable don’t quite have that same ring to it , as that of stating you’re in baseball’s Hall of Fame. The BBWWA has made the whole process now become more objectiveness rather than that of subjectivity . And that’s especially true in the case of a great many nominees over the years.

Admittedly, now the writers are faced with a great of indecision as to who ought to be included and who ought not to be. While we can all conclude that for the greater part of the nineties baseball was at the height of the ‘steroids era’ and with it great many of the game’s watershed records were broken under dubious circumstances. At the same time who can fail to acknowledge that many of the writers who covered the sport knew full well what was going on inside a great of the ball club locker rooms, as to the omnipresent use of steroids and other banned substances. But in effect either they chose to ignore it all or they just thought it needn’t be reported. If anything, by that act alone along with the duplicity of the MLB hierarchy of Bud Selig and the Players’ Union (MLBPA) all of the parties concerned and that includes the BBWAA were all party to the subterfuge played out in front of the fans with regard to the nation’s pass-time. But yet the BBWAA now acts very pious and sanctimonious concerning the hallowed Hall of Fame and who ought to be now inducted ? That’s akin to saying, that as a Jew you’d welcome a member of Hezbollah into your house …’just as long as they don’t eat your food’. The MLB hierarchy, MLBPA and the BBWAA are simply a joke and not worth the time of day ! What merits the Hall of Fame once had is now being sullied by the laughable antics of the writers to begin with. And I’m supposes to believe that it’s still an honor for a player to be enshrined within that supposedly hallowed hall ? Give me break , it’s simply just not worth it any longer ! ‘nough said !

When is the premise of a boxing bout that’s said to be ‘the fight that everyone is waiting to see and absolutely no wants to miss’ , becomes nothing more than a sight gag and a complete bore ? It’s when fight promoter Bob Arum of Top Rank Inc. gets involved and starts to bitch and whine like someone has stolen money from him ! What was meant to be a world welterweight title bout between the ‘two most prolific fighters’ now in the sport, Floyd Mayweather, Jr and Manny Pacquiao. In essence, that event has become nothing more than afterthought, as two sides battle it out with barbs , that with each passing day over the last two weeks has become a trade insults and now a matter of a legal hyperbole. Pacquiao has started a civil suit against the Mayweather family citing ‘defamation of character’ and ‘slander’. As to why Pacquiao should deem fit to take this stance when he’d better off facing his opponent in the ring is beyond me ! Especially when you would consider that he would be guaranteed at a minimum to see the better part of between $25-$35 million just for stepping into the ring for what many believe would have been the biggest PPV event in boxing history. The proposed March 13th event has been called off and there seems to be no signs of a compromise in sight between the two parties.

Now as much as I love the sport of boxing , as my late father nurtured me on the history of the sport. I now can no longer stand the fact that all of the power is now primarily in the hands of all but a few boxing promoters and at the same time the four major international governing bodies simply cow-tow to their every and very whim. It ought to be the other way around. But promoters such Bob Arum , Don King of Don King Promotions Inc and Oscar De La Hoya of Golden Boy Promotions Inc, simply just now write out an unfilled check and leave those bodies to fill in the blank amount. At the end of the day the promoters know that they’ll end up making ‘a killing’ to begin with.

Courtesy of Associated Press and Yahoo Sports

Pacquiao promoter says Mayweather bout is off

By Greg Beacham , AP Sports Writer

Manny Pacquiao’s promoters said his prospective bout with Floyd Mayweather Jr. was dead late Wednesday night after a mediation session failed to resolve the fighters’ differences over drug testing, scrapping what was likely to be the richest fight in boxing history.

The bout was slated for March 13 at the MGM Grand Garden in Las Vegas, but Top Rank said it couldn’t reach an agreement with Golden Boy Promotions, which represented Mayweather in the negotiations, after nine hours of mediation Tuesday and more discussions Wednesday.

Although neither side was allowed to publicly discuss the specifics of their dispute, Mayweather apparently balked at a hard-fought compromise in the testing issues first raised by the former welterweight champion.

“I knew this was going to happen,” said a weary Bob Arum, Pacquiao’s promoter. “You had to play it out.”

Golden Boy CEO Richard Schaefer and Mayweather adviser Leonard Ellerbe didn’t immediately return phone messages.

The promoters went into the lengthy mediation Tuesday to resolve their differences over drug testing for the fight. Both sides claimed every other detail for the fight had been decided, but Mayweather had demanded random blood testing in addition to unlimited urine testing, with Pacquiao balking at the stringent requests.

The fighters’ representatives apparently thought they had a compromise after the mediation. The promoters were widely expected to formally announce the bout Wednesday – but subsequent discussions with Mayweather during the day led Top Rank to declare the fight canceled.

Arum was left fuming by Mayweather, who fought for Top Rank for several years.

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Mayweather  Pacquiao  another  wasted  opportunity  to give the  fans  something that they  want. Instead   we'll   now   continue to  see  the  further  demise of a   sport  that   has  lost all   relevance  for a  great  number  of  fans  and   observers  of the  sport  in  general.       picture  appears  courtesy of   Richard Marshall  ......................
Mayweather Pacquiao another wasted opportunity to give the fans something that they want. Instead we'll now continue to see the further demise of a sport that has lost all relevance for a great number of fans and observers of the sport in general. picture appears courtesy of Richard Marshall ......................

Much of the tumult behind the divisiveness of the Mayweather- Pacquiao situation lies with the intransigence shown by Arum in not wanting his fighter have to undergo mandated blood and urine sample testing prior and after the fight. Something in this day and age, I would’ve thought that Arum both and Pacquiao would have preferred ? But seemingly not , when one considers the last major indiscretion that took place in a ring concerned one of Arum’s fighters. Then it was his welterweight charge, Antonio Margarito in his title bout against Miguel Cotto . Margarito we later found out had an illegal body placed over his wrappings before his fight gloves were put on. Two things spring to mind right away ! Who did the on sight inspection of Margarito ? And how was it that they couldn’t detect that the fighter had a hardened substance (plaster of paris) over his wrappings prior to him being gloved up ? The fighter was later suspended a monetary fine was paid. In spite of all of this Arum stipulated that his fighter’s punishment was deemed far too harsh. Is he f_cking kidding me ? Margarito with that added advantage on the night could have ended up killing his opponent. But that simply didn’t occur Arum that it could have happened. Now as I’ve told my buddy sportschump , Bob Arum can’t be trusted as far he could be thrown from a standing position. The man for all sense and purpose is a lying, bigoted and self centered ass ! Why anyone now is at all surprised that this bout fell through shouldn’t be surprised by the turn of events that have taken place. Simply put you’re dealing with a cheating bastard in Bob Arum !

These are but a couple of things that’ve irked me as of late with regard to the world of sports. Has there been anything that plainly put , has you pis_ed off or just thinking to yourself…..’enough is enough I’m done with them or that’ ? By all means chime on with a comment and perhaps we can debate the issue or issues as the case maybe ?

Alan Parkins aka tophatal 🙂

A Tribe Called Quest feat’g Faith Evans give you ‘Stressed Out’

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Bah Humbug …………..!


Bah  Humbug  ………………….







There’s a  certain amount of  irreverence  meant  to  take  place  when  each  of  the  major  showcase events  take place  with  regard  to each  of  the  All  Star  events  covering  Major League Baseball(MLB), the NHL,   the NFL  and the  NBA.   Which  brings  me  to  the  real  reason  behind  this  article.





To my  mind  these  events  are  about  as  meaningful  now  as  the  voting  is  on determining  who’ll become  a  charge  on that  eponymous  reality  show  American  Idol.  The  voting  for   these  events  are  mind numbingly   boring  and  even though  the  fans  do  have  a  say.  They’re merely  voting   for their  favorite  players  rather than  voting  for the   athletes  on merit.  Much  like  it is  with the  reality  show  itself.  If  that’s  the  case  then we  might  as well  have Simon Cowell  , Paula  Abdul and  Randy  Jackson  adjudicate  who  should   or  shouldn’t  be  playing  in  the  upcoming  NBA  All  Star Game.






The  event  itself   will  be  held  in  the  Valley  of  The  Sun .  For  those  of  you  who are  uncertain  as  to where  that  might  be .  Well  we’re  talking   Phoenix, Arizona for  the uninitiated  out  there . There’s  already  been a  great  deal  controversy  as  to   who  has  been  voted  in  and  to  those who’ve  been  omitted.  But  at  the  end of  the  day   does  anyone  really  care  for  that  matter ?  It’s  not  as  if  the  event  itself  is  all  that meaningful  to  begin  with.   Its only   reason  for  assembling  their  stars is  in order  for  their  corporate  sponsors  to get  a  chance  to see  the  players  up close  and  personal. If it’s  for  the  benefit  of  the  fans  then  it’s  sorely  lost  on a  number  of  them.   I’d  dare  say  that the  wife  a  Fortune 500 company  executive  wouldn’t   know  LeBron  James   from  Rick  James  ?  But  she  might well  know  that  if  she’s into  the  r&b  scene  or  was once  an  NBA groupie ?  Or  quite  possibly they  might  have  children   who   are  fans  of  the  sport  in  general.   




Amare Stoudemire  and  teammate  Grant Hill  of the  Phoenix  Suns try  to  defend the  offensive  play  of  Golden State Warriors'  Kelenna Azubuike ..................
Amare Stoudemire and teammate Grant Hill of the Phoenix try to defend the offensive play of Kelenna Azubuike of the Golden State Warriors ...................



Amare Stoudemire and  teammate  Grant  Hill  of the Phoenix Suns  try  to  defend the  offensive  play  of the Golden  State  Warriors’ Kelenna Azubuike   ……………






But as  this  showcase  approaches  what  are  we   to  expect ? It’s  not  as  if  the  game  itself  has  ever  been  known  to competitive . It’s  merely  an  exhibition to  curry  favor  with the  fans. Albeit  that  the ones  benefiting  from this  all  are  primarily  the NBA and  its  corporate  benefactors.  The  fans  certainly  aren’t.   But then again  Commissioner  David  Stern would  tell  you  otherwise.   For  the  twenty  five  years that  Stern  has  been  the  commissioner    the  business  of  the  NBA has  multiplied   twelve fold.  It’s  now  become  a  multi-billion  enterprise  and  its  tentacles  reaches   right  across  the  globe.    It’s   greatest  presence   is  now  in  the  Far  East.     China  and  its 1.2  billion  population  is  the  market  that   Stern  now  seeks  to  conquer.  And  with  the  Olympics   in  Beijing  having  such  a  presence.  The  triumph  of   Team  USA  was  the  greatest  sales’  pitch  that  the NBA  could’ve   wanted.





The  All  Star  Game  that  it signifies  as  alluded  to  before  is  nothing  more  than  exhibition  for  the   game to  show of  its  wares.    The  players  themselves  are  lauded  by  the  fans .  And  it  raises  awareness  and  allegedly   more accessibility  as  on  appearance  it makes  these  superstars  approachable  and   fan  friendly.  That  may  well  be  the  case   for   many  of  these  athletes  who  are  being   millions  of  dollars    to  show  off  their   athletic   abilities.   But  then  who  amongst  wouldn’t  want to  be  in their  shoes  ?  It’s   not  as  if we  haven’t   envisaged   ourselves  at one  time  or  another  being  a  part  of the winning  team ,  hitting  the  winning   shot,  scoring  the  winning   goal.   Pipe  dream  or  not  it’s  something  that we  can  allude  to.






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