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Stripper Poles Or NBA Polls ………… Which Gets Your Direction And Immediate Attention ?

Stripper Poles Or NBA Polls ………… Which Gets Your Direction And Immediate Attention ?

I’ve never been one to really put much store in polls unless it’s pole that’s actually being adorned by an exotic dancer . Needless to say that with the NBA __ season now in full swing and but a quarter of the way through already some fans out there are already putting up their polls as to who they believe are the best in the league given the teams’ records. That may well be all well and good but anything can be read into a poll given the amount of information stated at the time. To my mind we don’t really know much about the teams until we are at least a third of the way through the season. But realistically we can as such say that a number of teams are merely now there only to make up the numbers .


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Unfortunately teams such as the New Jersey Nets (6-17), Washingtion Wizards (6-16), Detroit Pistons (7-17), Los Angeles Clippers (5-18), Sacramento Kings (5-15) and the Minnesota Timberwolves (6-17) are having a torrid time this season within their respective divisions . Needless to say that their fans while being somewhat disheartened are no doubt hoping for better things down the line as the season progresses. That feeling no doubt holds true also for the other teams around the NBA and of their fans also.

Here within the state of Florida where the NBA essentially comes down to the hype surrounding the trio that makes up the Miami Heat and its remaining roster of accouterments merely there to provide some sort of support and applause for Chris Bosh , LeBron James and Dwyane Wade while team President Pat Riley basks in the glory . He’s either the most despised person within the NBA or one of the most respected given the views of some across the league . I’m sure that there are a number of fans in the city of Cleveland who’d place Riley right up there alongside LeBron James at this juncture as amongst the most hated ! The Heat having got off to an ignominious start to their season now seem to be rebounding into the form many had expect. James and Wade seem to be playing up to their expected standards while Bosh just seems to be going through the motions. I’ve seen cardboard cutouts with more life than this guy seems to portray on a basketball court. But then again this was the best that Riley felt possible given the talent allegedly on the market at the time of the acquisition. You don’t say ?

The other team within the state happens to be the Orlando Magic coached by the always animated Stan Van Gundy . Now the expectations have been high for this team over the past few years and they’ve repeatedly come up short for one reason or another . To my mind it comes down to the lack of leadership shown and the very fact that this roster beyond Dwight Howard and Jameer Nelson is like milque- toast , not quite tough enough to get the job done but the effort put forth at times gives you the impression that on a given night they can be world beaters but on other nights they can look extremely bad. And while I’ve no doubt that Van Gundy will find a way to will get the Magic into the playoffs I for one don’t feel that they possess the aptitude or mentality to deal with the team I believe are the favorites in the Eastern Conference the Boston Celtics. Doc Rivers perhaps the most understated coach in the NBA has a roster of veterans as well as young players that have gelled together and seem to be getting the job done and not only that but that bench of theirs might just be about the best and deepest in the league . The same I don’t believe can be said for the Magic or perhaps the perceived favorites , the Miami Heat within the Eastern Conference.

In the Western Conference while some seem to be impressed with the run of the Dallas Mavericks and their play. I’m wondering how the hell a number of people are overlooking the San Antonio Spurs ? OK so no it’s to be expected that the Spurs given their pedigree will be in there at the end and in Gregg Popovich they have the best coach in the league outside of Phil Jackson of the Los Angeles Lakers . However when it’s all said and done whatever the Mavericks are presently doing you can’t get over the fact that come the postseason this is a team that simply melts like butter off a hot knife . And I for one don’t believe that will change at all this season should they make the playoffs. Rick Carlisle I’ve no doubt is a good coach but he’s not a hard-nose coach who’ll get at his players when they’re failing to get the job done. I simply look at his resume’ as a coach in Indiana with the Pacers and it tells me all I need to know ! Now even with the Mavericks not much to my mind has really changed …… they simply are a team that essentially boils down to one thing go out and put up the numbers on the offensive end and then as they do so often struggle on the defensive side of things. And while they have had their plaudits it goes without saying that as their season progresses we will actually get to indeed see what this team is really made of.

The reigning champions the Los Angeles Lakers seem to have their own problems at present having lost four straight games for the first time under Jackson’s reign as a coach with the team. Hard to believe that such a thing has happened now for only the first time under this esteemed coach and the Lakers. And while there are some naive enough to think that this may well show some cracks in the vulnerability of the Los Angeles Lakers . You would be foolhardy to think that Jackson won’t find a way to fix things. Point being Phil Jackson knows how to win and one seriously doubts that Kobe Bryant won’t actually get at his teammates and tell them to pull their fingers out their own ass and get the job done . He’s as determined as anyone to prove those out there that he and not James is the rightful successor to assume the mantel as the face of the NBA since Michael Jordan’s departure. I think that 5 NBA titles, league MVP award and 2 time NBA Finals’ MVP awards gives him sort of credibility don’t you ? The team merely has to stop being complacent and simply play to its strengths rather than down to the level of their opponents . If they can do that then there’s no reason to believe why they cannot play themselves back into contention and make a return to the NBA Finals .



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From my own perspective this season and in particular within the Western Conference we could very well see a number of surprises within the divisions . I’ve no doubt that the likes of the Portland Trailblazers and Oklahoma City Thunder can stake a claim that they ought to be feared and be a major part of the postseason if they play up to their potential. For me , the most exciting duo in the league at present is the tandem of Russell Westbrook and Kevin Durant . There’s something to suggest that given the right set of circumstances these two players could lift this team to unexpected heights this season . But for their inexperience in the playoffs last season they could have pulled off a major upset in their first round loss to the eventual champions the Los Angeles Lakers (4-2 ). Coach Scott Brooks and his coaching staff had to have been encouraged by what they had seen and have no doubt put those lessons learned to good use this season as his team looks to improve on last season’s showing. I for one would like to think that somehow a team like the Thunder can be the future of the NBA . They seem to be going about things in the right way and have the fervent support of their fans and the city of Oklahoma behind them.

As I’ve stated in terms of polls unless the information there is succinct and subject itself is something that is substantive I tend not to put much store by it. Polls can be made to sway or detract from an objective. Strippers adorning a pole on the other hand …… well is there a reason not to look and enjoy ? As to the NBA season so far and how it has progressed what thoughts if any do you have on what you’ve witnessed so far ? Chime on in with a comment .


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They Do Things Big In Dallas Except Win ……… That Is ! Well In The NBA That’s The Case

They Do Things Big In Dallas Except Win ……… That Is ! Well In The NBA That’s The Case

I don’t know that this upcoming NBA __ season I can buy into the fact that the Dallas Mavericks can be a championship contender within the league. They might just be one of the worse kept secrets within the NBA and season in , season out as they repeatedly fail to live up to potential. And much like their NFL counterpart in the Dallas Cowboys they have an opinionated owner who simply believes that he knows more than most without actually knowing anything at all. I know that they do things big in Texas, from the size of their ten gallon hats to the loopy air headed-ness of the blond females who tend up being crowned Miss Texas. But amongst the professional ranks of sports over the last decade there’s been little of worth or note that has actually come out of the state from that specific standpoint. And for Mark Cuban and Jerry Jones it has been their their respective persona that fans tend to notice rather than anything that’s been achieved by their respective teams.


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Each year the Cowboys are anointed as the team to beat within the NFC and as is their way they find a way to continually disappoint . A decade plus and they’ve only recently won their first postseason game in that time but yet the idiotic panelists continually regale us with how good they are and will be . Isn’t that like trying to make an argument that for all of the good that Adolf Hitler tried to do in making Germany a progressive country during WWII some good came out of it ? Clearly Hitler had his moments but his biggest moment was the fact that he led his country to defeat albeit that he wasn’t around to see the final days of the war itself. And that is how I symbolize the travails of the Cowboys within the NFL and their wish to ascend back to upper echelons of the NFL.

In the case of the Dallas Mavericks it’s been about an organization wherein their owner Mark Cuban has lavish all expense to make this team better and it has come to no avail. One NBA Finals appearance and they were subjected to one of the most humiliating Finals series defeat in recent memory. Not only were they schooled by Dwyane Wade and the Miami Heat but this entire team was made to look like a group of aging geriatrics playing against a group of physically gifted athletes. Don Nelson who presided over the team at the time as its coach, he and never instilled any discipline into the team and his coaching mantra seemed to be…. try outscore your opponent without actually playing little if any defense at all. I don’t know what other coach within the professional sporting ranks has ever subscribed to such tendencies but clearly it hasn’t worked for Nelson over his storied coaching career. And this mantra it now appears still exists today with the Mavericks under their current coach Rick Carlisle. And unfortunately for all of the technical prowess he’s shown the Mavericks as a team they still haven’t the wherewithal to play defense in an NBA game. We may see flashes of it from time to time but in essence it has all been too inconsistent.

From a leadership aspect also this Mavericks’ team doesn’t seem to possess someone who can readily stand up and lead by example. An aging Dirk Nowitzki is now not only showing his age but he’s also breaking down with far more regularity than a three legged race horse trailing its opponents as it nears the finish line in an arduous race. And be that as it may , say what you will about Jason Kidd but flashes of brilliance from this point guard can’t hide the fact that this team’s window of opportunity has long gone. The Mavericks’ opponents not only within its division have gotten better but so too have their opponents within the Western Conference. And anyone of the belief that the Mavericks are still a legitimate contender within that conference really needs to survey the rest of the West to see what has really taken place there in the past two years. We’ve seen the rise of the Oklahoma Thunder who in Kevin Durant might just be the fourth best player in the entire NBA after in no discerning order , Kobe Bryant, LeBron James and Dywane Wade. Never mind the fact that in tandem with his teammate Russell Westbrook the two could well be one of the best offensive tandems in the league. Given time and experience I fully expect this young team and the organization to have a great deal of success in the foreseeable future.



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As to the impending future of the Dallas Mavericks I don’t truly see this team in its current guise contending for an NBA title and at best they may well make the playoffs but beyond that I just cannot see them contending alongside the Los Angeles Lakers,Miami Heat , Orlando Magic much less success starved teams as the Portland Trailblazers or Oklahoma City Thunder . I could well be wrong but I doubt it given the evidence of this team’s struggles over the past few years . The Dallas Mavericks are a very good regular season team but come the postseason you just simply know that the wheels on this vehicle are going to fall off and their ambitions become derailed. Like I said they tend to do things big in Dallas ….except win !

Chime on in with a comment as to your thoughts on the Mavericks’ upcoming season and what you expect to see from this NBA season ?

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Dallas Mavericks’ front office

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Is It Really That Much Of A Formality ……… ?




¬†Is¬† It¬† Really¬† That¬† Much¬† Of¬†¬† A¬† Formality¬†¬† ….¬† ?




It’d  appear that  the  common thinking   when  it’s  all   said  and   done .  It  will   be  the  Los  Angeles  Lakers   facing  the  Cleveland   Cavaliers   in  the  NBA   Finals   for  the   2009   season.  And  that’s  as  it   should   be   based  upon  their   regular  season  records.       




But  here’s the  caveat    there’s  such  a  thing  as  the  playoffs    and that’s  where  the    fortunes  and   tide  of   fate   can  be  determined   for  the teams .     If  it’s  to  be   believed   then   the   Cavaliers   shouldn’t   have    much   trouble  at   all  marching  through  the  Eastern   Conference  playoffs.   



James  addresses members of the  convened  press  in the  postgame  interview.
James addresses members of the convened press after his team's victory over the Detroit Pistons in game one in the first round of the seven game series playoffs. picture appears courtesy of nbae/getty images/ Matt Sullivan ...............



As   good  as   LeBron  James  and  his   supporting   cast   have   performed   during  the  season   attaining   a  66-16   record.    The   Los   Angeles  Lakers (65-17) have   been   equally  effective   in  marching  to  supremacy  within  the  Western  Conference.  And  led  by  last   season’s   MVP   Kobe  Bryant  the  team   has   played   well .  But   at  the  most  inopportuned  of   moments   they’ve   shown  their   frailties  as  a  team.  But   this   came   from the  inconsistency  of  their   bench  and   unwillingness  to  step   up  to  the  plate  and  be   counted when  it  mattered  most.    Now  there  are  those   amongst  us  who   feel  that  this  is  nothing   more   than   a  passing   phase   for  the  team.   However  a  passing   phase   shouldn’t  be   repeated   as often  as  we’ve  seen  from the  Lakers  as  of  late.






The  loss  against  the  Portland  Trailblazers   as  inexplicable  as it  was .   It   shouldn’t go   unnoticed   by  those  more   astute   in the   nuances  of  the  game  that  the  Trailblazers  have   had  the  Lakers’   number.  And they’ve  proven  to  be   the   Lakers’  nemesis   and   achilles’  heel.


James  of  the  Cavaliers   and   the  Pistons'  Antonio  McDyess  and   Tayshaun  Prince ..................
James seen here tries to evade the defensive presence of the Pistons' Antonio McDyess in game one of today's playoff game at the Quicken Loans Arena , Cleveland , OH. Also pictured is McDyess' teammate Tayshaun Prince. picture appears courtesy of nbae/getty images/ Matt Sullivan ..............




While  we  can  all   agree  that  the  events  of  the   regular  season   shouldn’t  as  such  be  an  indicator  or  precursor   of  things  to  come.    With  a  Bryant  led  team  and   all  the  marbles  to  play  for   it’s  the  Lakers  that   everyone   appears to  be   favoring  at  this   juncture.   Cavaliers’  fans   obviously   feel    differently  as  to  the   unwavering  support   as  to   the  concensus  seems  to  be  growing  for  the  likelihood  of  a  Lakers triumph  in  the  NBA  Finals.   





Those   within the  city  of  Cleveland  and   LeBron  James’  fans  across the  state   are  no  doubt    hoping  that    should  the  two   teams   meet   in the  Finals.  Then   all  of the  questions  put   forth   will  be    finally  answered   once  and  for  all.  



James  takes   the  jump  shot   during  the   game   against the  Pistons.
James attempts the jump shot in the game played against the Detroit Pistons . picture appears courtesy of nbae/getty images/ Matt Sullivan ............



We’ve all  witnessed  the   capabilities  of   both   players this   season   with the  exploits   of   both  Bryant  and  James.   If  nothing   else  we  can   agree  on  one  thing   ,  these  two   players  have   brought   a  great  deal  of   excitement  to  the  NBA.     And  though    we’ve  seen  some   stellar   displays   by  the  Miami  Heat’s  Dwyane  Wade.    The  game’s  regular  season    MVP  award   will  come  down to  a  choice  that   will  have  to  be  made   between  Bryant  and   James.    The concensus  is   that    James  is    the pre-determined   favorite.  Rightfully  so  perhaps  at  this   juncture.

But   I’d   dare  say   that  if    it comes   down  to    a  choice   then  both  players   would  willingly  accept   not   winning  the    regular season   MVP  award  and  pursue   their   goal  of   winning  an  NBA  championship   and   ring.  



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Is It Safe …………?


Is  It  Safe    ?  



Those¬† are the¬† words¬†¬† uttered¬†¬† in¬†¬†¬† thriller¬†¬† suspense¬† movie¬† ‚ÄúMarathon Man‚ÄĚ starring¬† Laurence Olivier¬† and¬†¬† Dustin¬† Hoffman. ‚ÄúIs It Safe ?‚ÄĚ:¬† And¬† if one¬†¬† can¬† remember¬† the¬† scene¬†¬†¬† whereby¬† the¬† villain¬† of¬†¬† the¬† piece¬†¬† Olivier¬† an¬† on¬† the¬† run¬† Nazi¬† war¬† criminal¬†¬† subjects his¬†¬† prisoner¬† Hoffman¬† to¬† some¬† undue¬† torture¬† by way¬† of¬† drilling¬† into¬† his¬†¬† tooth¬†¬†¬† with¬† a¬† drill.¬†



Olivier (left) in  his  role  as  a   war  criminal   subdues his  captive  Hoffman  to  some  unspeakable  torture.   picture is a  scene  from the  movie  'Marathon Man'   (1974)  Columbia Tri Star Pictures  ..........
Olivier (left) subdues his captive Hoffman and then proceeds to torture his captive with some unspeakable torture. Scene from the movie "Marathon Man" released by Columbia Tri Star Pictures circa @ 1974 ...........




What  then   follows   is  an   unseemingly  tortuous   scene   that  one   can  only   lament.    As  too  was   last   night’s   abysmal   showing   by  the  Los  Angeles  Lakers   in  their   loss  to the  Portland  Trailblazers.  No matter  which   way  you  slice  and   dice  it  ,  analyze  it  or  whatever.  This  may  well  have  been  the  Lakers’   worst   regular    season  display.  And   one  might  question the  fact that  there’d  been   a  skirmish   during  the  game  between  the  two  teams.  But   it  oughtn’t  to  excuse   the  fact    that  they  were  handed  their   heads  on  a  silver  platter.  And  if  nothing  else   it  proves  the   point  that  the  assumption  being   made  that  they  possess  the  deepest   bench  in  the  league  can  no  longer   be   justified.     Based  on  last  night’s  performance    they   were   anemic  to  say  the  very  least.



Brandon  Roy  of  the  Portland  Trailblazers   dunks  over the Lakers' Jordan Farmar  during  the  game  played  at the  Rose Garden  Arena   in Portland,Or.
Brandon Roy of the Blazers dunks on the Lakers' Jordan Farmar during the game played in the Rose Garden Arena in Portland ,Oregon. The Blazers would go on to rout the Lakers 111-94. picture appears courtesy of nbae/getty images/ Sam Forencich ............





As   for  the  Trailblazers   they’re   proving  to  be  a  very   young ,  hungry  and   tough  team.   Whatever   they’re   lacking  in     inexperience  they’re  more  than  making   up  for  with  their   very   determined  displays. To  my  mind  they  are   indeed   the   surprise   team   within  the  NBA  this  season  and   the   fact  that  they’re   now   locked   in  a  two way   tie   within  their division  alongside  the  Utah  Jazz (40-23).  It  shows  the  progress  that   they’re   now  making  under coach  Nate McMillan.  He’s  providing  the   stability  needed  and  the  players   themselves  are   buying  into  the  thought  process  and   teachings. If  nothing  else  it  has  proved  that  this   team   though  not   yet   tried  and   tested   they’re   now  proving  that  they’re   capable   of   contending   with  the  best.   Whether  or  not  they   can  convert  that  into  anything  sustentative  remains  to  be  seen.  At this   juncture   they’re   trying  to   play  themselves   into  the  playoffs  and   garner  a  postseason  berth.  



Bryant  goes  up   for  the  offensive  play  against  the   Trailblazers  during  the  game.
Bryant goes up for the offensive play against the Trailblazers . picture appears courtesy of getty images/ Sam Forencich .............










In  Brandon  Roy  the   Portland Trailblazers    possess   one  of  the   better   young   players  within  the  NBA.  And   this  season  he  proved  that   point   by  him  being  named to  the  All   Star   roster  of  the  Western  Conference   for  the  NBA  midseason  showcase  event.  But  it’s  not   just   Roy alone  that   one   has  to  be  impressed  with   on  this  team. The  roster   has  a  nucleus   that   should   they   remain  together   over  the   next    five   or   six   years   can   contend   for   numerous   championships.  But   that’d  be   predicated   upon  the  desires  of  the   hierarchy  within  the  organization  and  the   financial   constraints   that  they  would  be   under.  If  nothing  else   this   team   has   become  a  pleasure  to  watch  as  they  set  about   doing  things   the   right  way.    They  play  with a  zest  and  zeal   not  often  seen   in  such  a  young   and  inexperienced   team. 




A subdued  Kobe Bryant (right) and  teammate Pau Gasol seated on  the bench  look  on  in  the  waning  moments of  the  game.  The  Lakers  would  go on  to  lose the  game  decisively  against  their  Western Conference rivals the Portland Trailblazers 111-94.   picture appears courtesy of   nbae/getty  images/ Sam Forencich .........
A subdued Kobe Bryant (right) along with teammate Pau Gasol left seated on the bench look on during the waning moments of the game. The Lakers would go on to lose the game decisively to the Portland Trailblazers decisively 111-94 . picture appears courtesy of nbae/getty images/ Sam Forencich ............




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Gunfight At The OK Corral ………….

Well last  night  the  Los Angeles  Lakers and  the Cleveland  Cavaliers met  up for  what  was  meant  to  be  one  of  the  more  entertaining  NBA  games  taking place   on MLK Day.   The  two   teams  have  been  playing   so well  and  their  superstars  in the  guises  of   Kobe  Bryant and   LeBron  James   have  basically  been  dueling  as  to  their   supremacy  and  who  really  is   the  King  of  the  NBA.





LeBron James drives  for the basket  under the  defensive presence  of  Pau  Gasol of  the  Los Angeles  Lakers ............
LeBron James of the Cleveland Cavaliers drives for the basket under the defensive presence of the Los Angeles Lakers' Pau Gasol ............



LeBron James¬†of¬† the¬† Cleveland Cavaliers drives¬† for the¬† basket¬† under the¬† defensive¬† presence¬†of¬† the¬† Los Angeles¬† Lakers’ Pau Gasol. picture¬† appears¬† courtesy¬†of nbae/getty¬† images/ Noah¬† Graham¬† ……………….¬†





Absolutely  no  one  doubt  either players’ talents  as  they’re  both  supremely  gifted.   And  in  light  of that  there  now  seems  to  be  a  controversy  building  up  amongst  the  fans  as  to  who  really  is  the  better player.  We  all  saw to  great  effect  what  each  was  capable  of whilst  they   both   represented  the  country   during  the  Olympics  in Beijing.  Team  USA  triumphed and  both  were  pleased to  come  back  wearing their  gold  medal.  That  being   said   gold  medals  are   not  what  they  are  judged  by when  it’s  all  said  and  done.  It’s about winning  titles  and  the  indelible  legacy that  they  leave  on the  game.    That’s  what  legends are  made  of  and  usually   how  they’re  remembered .





Well  last  night  at the  Staples  Center   we  saw   the   good  and  the  bad in  both  players.  But  then again that’s  to  be  expected  when  a  game   is  hyped  into  something  in  reality  is  completely  meaningless.   There  was  nothing   really  on the  line  other  than  a  perceived bragging  right.  And  that’s about   it.  But the  way  many  of  the  fans  in question  would   describe  the  matchup. One   would’ve believed  that  the  Earps and  Clantons  were  meeting   in  Dodge City  to  sort out their  differences.



Bryant  and  Gasol  acknowledge  each other  after a well  executed  play against  the  Cavaliers  .................
Bryant and Gasol acknowledge each other after a well executed play against the Cleveland Cavaliers ...........



Bryant¬† and Gasol¬† acknowledge¬† each¬† other after a¬† well¬† executed¬† play¬† against¬† the¬†¬†Cleveland¬†¬† Cavaliers.¬† picture¬†appears courtesy of¬† nbae/getty¬† images/ Noah Graham ………………






The game  itself  was  bedeviled  by  some   poor  shooting  by  both  teams.  And   Bryant and  James  were  a  part  of  that  equation  also.   So make  of  that  what   you  will.  I   know that  some  excuses   will be  made   for   their   poor    output  as  far  as  their   shooting   goes.  But  then   again we’re  all  entitled  to  a  bad  night  at the  office  aren’t  we  ?   It  was  somewhat  reflective  of the  night as  a whole  as  the game stats bear this  out.  But  some  would   have  still   have  you  believe  that  was   a  thoroughly   entertaining  game  and  that   both  stars   played  exceptionally  well.  In  reality  they   were   good   but  most  definitely  not  exceptional.




James' jump shot over  the  outstretched  arms  of  the Lakers' Kobe  Bryant  ..............
James' jump shot over the outstretched arms of the Lakers' Kobe Bryant ..............



James’¬† jump shot over¬† the¬† outstretched¬† arms¬†¬†of the Lakers’ Kobe¬†Bryant¬†¬† during¬† the¬† game¬† played¬† in¬† which¬† their¬† Eastern¬† Conference nemesis¬† 105-88. picture appears¬† courtesy of¬† nbae/getty¬† images/¬† Noah¬† Graham¬† ……………..





The   game itself  resulted  in  a  105-88   win  for  the  Los Angeles  Lakers  and  with  none  other  than  Pau  Gasol  in a  starring role  for  the  men  in purple  and  gold.  The  player  chipped  in  with  22  points  and  played   well  on  both  ends  of  the  floor.  That being   said  for the  Lakers’   fans  this   was the  chance  to  seek    revenge against  a  team  that  has  had the    better  of  them  as  of  late.  But  I’d  dare  that  a  matchup  of  this might   would  be  more  meaningful  were  it   in the  postseason, with  everything  on the  line to  play  for  ?  But as   with  all  regular  season  games  as  such  this  merely  may  have been  a  joust  more  than  anything  else.    It may  not  have  amounted   to much   in  some   eyes.    But  to  some  it  amounts  to  a  great  deal.   As   to what  that   might be   is  open  to  pure speculation  and  conjecture . 



Bryant drives the lane against the Cavaliers' Mo  Williams .............
Bryant drives the lane against the Cleveland Cavaliers' Mo Williams .............


Bryant drives¬† the lane against the¬†¬†Cleveland Cavaliers’ Mo¬† Williams¬†¬†during¬† the game.¬† picture¬† appears¬† courtesy of¬†¬† nbae/getty images/ Noah Graham …….¬†




Last  night  instead  of  being   served  up   a  feast   it  was  merely   nothing   more  than appetizer  of  the  most   unusual  of  kinds.  Those who  sought to prepare  the  meal   clearly  forgot  to make  sure  that  the  utensils  in  question   had  to  be meticulously   polished.   As  for  the  main   course   of  the  rivalry   between   Bryan  and  James  it was  much  ado  about  nothing  at  this   juncture.  In  the end  it   pointed  to   nothing  more than  two  players    trying  to   outdo  each  other   and   coming up badly   not  necessarily  when  it  mattered  most.  It  did  little   to prove  who   really  was the  better  player  on  the  night.  And if  anything  it  merely   proves  to  us  that   we’re   creating   something   out  of  nothing.    Afterall  were this  a  real   gunfight    they’d  have both   come  out  guns a blazing  instead  of  merely  shooting  blanks.