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2010 Was A Great Year In Some Sports And In Some Ways It Was An Unmitigated Disaster ….. Part Two !

2010 Was A Great Year In Some Sports And In Some Ways It Was An Unmitigated Disaster ….. Part Two !

The alphabet brigade still remains and the sport of boxing now is no better of than it was four years ago ! The pre-eminent fighter in the world isn’t a heavyweight nor does he happen to be North American. It is in fact a Filipino, Manny Pacquiao (52-38 KO’s 3-2) who is now a multiple world champion in eight different weight categories and quite rightly considered to be the best pound for pound fighter on the planet . He hasn’t been challenged mentally or physically by an opponent in years and it’s safe to say that without Pacquiao, the sport of boxing would become an elephant’s graveyard. Having made tens of millions financially from an immensely successful boxing career Manny Pacquiao’s skills show no signs of diminishing as evidenced in his ferocious beating of his last opponent Antonio Margarito in a fight that the referee Laurence Cole should have stopped to save the Mexican American fighter from further punishment. Margarito had welts over both eyes and a broken right orbital bone that had swollen to the size of a golf ball in their title fight that ended in a unanimous decision loss to the famed fighter.


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With Pacquiao now perhaps leaning closer towards retirement , that one last big pay day that he’d hoped for in a super fight against arch rival Floyd Mayweather isn’t about to take place anytime soon. Especially not with Mayweather now facing legal troubles and the possibility of serving up to 35 years on a litany of felony charges ____ in prison courtesy of the Federal Court system within the Bureau of Prisons . Through his promoter and matchmaker Bob Arum , Pacquiao is scheduled to fight Shane Mosley in mid 2011 in a bout that will no doubt garner Pacquiao another lucrative payday but in all honesty at the end of the day the padding his fight resume’ against an over the hill Mosley is absolutely meaningless and an insult to boxing fans out there. But that’s now the state of the sport where the fans rarely get the fights they really want to see , instead we’re given that constant drivel of hapless and less than capable fighters and then we’re asked to pay at times in excess of $45-00 for the privilege of seeing such a spectacle even with an undercard of up of these upcoming bouts. Is it any wonder that the sport is now considered to be on its last legs ? So much so, that now mixed martial arts events by promoters such as Bellator , Strikeforce and UFC are now all the rage and capturing a larger slice of that once desired male demographic from within the sport of boxing. The sport itself is now finding a captive and receptive audience amongst female fans as well .

The boxing heavyweight scene has become a de-facto who’s who of rather marginal East European boxers who’ve essentially carved out a niche market for themselves . Atop of the heap are the Klitschko brothers , Wladimir and Vitali Klitschko who between them share four of the five recognized belts ratified out there. The lone none European heavyweight title holder is the Englishman David Haye who’s not really known on the North American continent, albeit that he was at one time the cruiserweight champion of the world . Another weight category created by the international governing bodies of the sport not only to create money but in large part to counteract that great divide from light heavyweight to heavyweight division where the fighters are now extremely larger.

If the sport is to remain prominent with its fans then the various promoters out there who control the dominant North American market will essentially have to be proactive making the most lucrative fights possible , rather than rehashing old fighters and serving them up as one big spectacle with a rather mundane story line as a prelude to what more often than not turns out to be a complete embarrassment. Consider this, an aging Evander Holyfield is still of the belief that he can regain the heavyweight title while slowly approaching his fifth decade. Given that the fighter now is merely fighting to stave off bankruptcy, legal entanglements concerning alimony and child support payments it’s easy to understand the reason behind this charade. In the meantime promoters such as Bob Arum ( Top Rank Inc ) , Don King ( Don King Productions ) and Oscar De La Hoya ( Golden Boy Promotions Inc ) continue to foist upon us fights that in large part don’t really capture the public’s imagination. If this situation continues then the sport will most definitely meet a slow and painful demise.

College Basketball saw the re-ascent of Duke (Blue Devils) to the top of men’s game having won their fourth NCAA National title with coach Mike Krzyzewski at the helm for all four . The program is now the most preeminent there is within the game and that’s with all due respect to the legacy achieved under the late John Wooden with the UCLA Bruins . The Blue Devils’ 61-59 victory over the Butler Bulldogs had the nation perhaps wanting the underdogs to win but that wasn’t to be the case as the team led by Kyle Singler would go on to a heart warming victory in the tournament. For Butler , coached by Brad Stevens , this placed his program firmly on the map and one that’s now admired nationwide. It’s safe to say that Stevens now hope that his team can repeat that feat this upcoming season .

For Mike Krzyzewski and the Blue Devils’ program it’s pretty much safe to say that they’re now the pre-eminent college program in the country in terms Duke’s legacy under their esteemed coach. Krzyzewski to my mind would do the famed Wooden proud . Inasmuch as we can remember his feats over the years the lack of recent UCLA success would suggest that the Bruins while still remaining competitive still have something a mountain to climb to get back to the summit of the game they once ruled with such dominance. Duke now sits atop of the national rankings unbeaten at 11-0 while also leading the ACC .

In the women’s game the U Conn Huskies remain dominant under the tenure of their coach Geno Auriemma and having surpassed the astonishing feat of the UCLA Bruins’ 88 consecutive wins the Huskies are now sitting at 89 wins and counting . The unthinkable may well happen with this team reaching the century mark and perhaps along the way successfully defending their NCAA Women’s Basketball title this season . Stoutly led by standout players Maya Moore and Tiffany Hayes it has to be said that there’s the belief that this team may not be seriously challenged in their quest in attaining both feats. And inasmuch as Auriemma has bemoaned the fact that his team and in particular the women’s game gets very little respect in the eyes of the public and press apart from the loyal Huskies’ fans up and down the country. I do believe that the coach ought to be simply thankful that he and the team are getting some ink in the print media and from the ever watchful eye of cable networks such as ESPN . Womens’ basketball doesn’t really resonate amongst the mainstream in the way that it does with the men’s game either at the collegiate or professional level. The NBA reigns supreme and meanwhile the WNBA struggles to capture a meaningful audience via its programming on either ABC or ESPN. Suffice to say that the Nielsen’s ratings barely garner a blip on the scale when the women’s basketball games are being televised .

It’s safe to say that soccer’s 2010 FIFA World Cup staged in South Africa captured the world’s attention and in particular that of the USA , with the team having qualified for the event. FIFA Joseph ‘Sepp’ Blatter and the Executive Committee having chosen the country to stage the world’s most popular sport and second most watched televised sporting event behind that of the Summer Olympics sought to broaden the appeal of the game globally and within the continent of Africa itself. For the country itself, it meant a sense of pride given its most recent history of apartheid under successive white Afrikaan’s regimes until the the successful election of Nelson Mandela as President and then his thoughtful process of peaceful reconciliation amongst the masses.

With the country now being led by incumbent President Jacob Zuma there was much indeed to feel proud about but given the fact that Blatter and a number of his hierarchy remained naive , somewhat intolerably silent concerning the sexual assaults , and murders of several female soccer players in the years leading up to the staging of the event , I found it somewhat insidious in the fact Blatter chose to remain silent on this very issue while speaking out about racial bigotry and violence being espoused by fans in the direction of the male players who happen to be of ethnic minority. How is that any different and less heinous than a female being raped, attacked or murdered by males within their country merely because of their alleged sexuality if they happen to be a lesbian ? As unthinkable as this might have appeared to be it was an occurrence that happened with increasing regularity in South Africa albeit that during the staging of the event nothing was reported to any such event having taken place.

Long admired as the masters of the glorious game Brazil was viewed as one of the prohibitive favorites for the tournament alongside Spain , France , Italy and Argentina . The United States coached by Bob Bradley were seen as one the outsiders that very well have been in a position to pull off a major upset. Though not endowed with a world class outfielder they did however possess one of the best goalkeepers in the world in Tim Howard . The player himself makes his home in the rough and tumble world of the ultra competitive English Premier League (EPL) in England. Other than Howard the face of US soccer over the last decade has been their multi faceted and well respected striker Landon Donovan who played alongside former English international David Beckham for the Los Angeles Galaxy of the MLS here in the United States.

Both England and the US were drawn in the grouping for the divisional round (Group C) of the tournament and I was of the opinion that while both countries qualified on merit I could see neither going beyond the quarter finals of the competition. Neither team was really endowed with a great deal of talent and that’s in spite of the jingoistic fervor being shown by the domiciled US fans whose broad base and knowledge of the game of soccer ranks up there alongside Sarah Palin’s geopolitical knowledge when it comes to world affairs. It’s safe to say that when a US fan is trying to tell you that the US’s offensive capabilities are vast based on the fact that other than Clint Dempsey and Landon Donovan’s international experience , then I’ve truly got to ask the question why the interest ? It’s not as if the game itself has found a long term foothold amongst the masses. US Soccer President Sunil K Gulati and MLS Commissioner Don Garber are still struggling to get the game to resonate with the fans domestically. Broad based coverage of the MLS domestic league are as such scheduled around the wishes of ABC/ESPN to televise the games as and when they see fit and the appeal of the teams playing in the chosen fixtures. The talent is still developing and one would be naive to think that the US is now a major powerhouse on the international soccer stage. Gaining respect, albeit in small steps , nonetheless their showing in the tournament was filled with some success but it all ended too briefly merely from the fact that as a team they were lacking creativity on offense and in the midfield where much of the work needs to be done in order to be effective. they showed little signs of real creativity. Think of it as Brady marshaling his teammates as they seek a third or fourth down in the red zone .

The plight of the English team was certainly no better and the complacency showed in the true lack of effort by not only the players but also on the part team coach Fabio Capello and his coaching staff. To add insult to injury Capello left off his final squad the talented young striker and midfield player Theo Walcott who the coach described as ill equipped to deal with the rigors of international play. Bearing in mind that Walcott had been performing well for his club side (Arsenal) in the Premiership (EPL) I found the coach’s statement completely asinine and without merit ! But somehow he found time to include a veteran such as Peter Crouch whose best years were far behind him. It’s no wonder that once the wheels on the bus started to deflate no amount of excuse could be made for the poor showing of the team in the World Cup. Thankfully the woes of both England and the US team weren’t as embarrassing as that of the heavily favored French squad that argued vehemently with and against their coach leading to dissent after their lackluster effort in a game (2-1 loss) against South Africa . The internal turmoil would not end there with one player being sent home after his profanity laced attack against the coach. Overnight this became a PR disaster of seismic proportions for the French Soccer Federation as well as the French government whose Health and Sports Minister Roselyne Bachelot offered her sincere apologies to the South African government and to FIFA after the televised events that took placed involving coach Raymond Domeneche and several French players. The French squad would soon exit the tournament with their tails between their legs after their unmitigated disaster in failing to qualify for the latter rounds of the Word Cup.

Teams who were excelling as the tournament progressed , did so by sticking to a game plan and playing with a great deal of dexterity. The raucous crowds attending the games came from all corners of the globe and with many of them having found a new to toy for their accompaniment in creating a cacophony of noise …………..the vuvuzelas became the instrument that would create some uproar amongst the purists of the game. South African natives themselves are use to the noise created by the instrument and it has become a way of life with the regards to their use at sporting events be they small or large.

Holland , Germany , Spain and Brazil would excel over the course of the tournament but once it became clear that the Brazilian team wasn’t what many had come to expect, their fate was soon to be sealed. In large part that was due to complacency in taking lightly the challenge of opponents who they thought were beneath them. The World Cup Final itself pitted Spain , the number two ranked team in the world at the time against their European counterparts Holland . And after ninety excruciating painful minutes of regular play the game went into overtime. Rarely were there any really scintillating moments throughout the game and the thirty minutes of overtime proved to be fateful as Spain’s Andres Iniesta would prove to be his country’s hero in scoring the only goal ( 1-0 result) that would lead his side to winning their first World Cup title. A billion followers of the sport of soccer can’t be wrong but I do feel that this event while proving to be a success in terms of its staging on the African continent for the very first time , it somehow left little to suggest that the game itself can take a real foothold here in the United States. The final game itself while creating some suspense it was on the whole something of a boring event in of-itself. While no doubt Dutch and Spanish fans may well wholeheartedly disagree with my statement , I can’t help but wonder if they had it do all over again would they willingly sit and watch that events unfold in front of them given that they knew what the end result would be ?

It’d be safe to say that the events surrounding Tiger Woods’ fall from grace would play a significant part to his season on the PGA Tour in `2010. Woods for all of his sexual dalliances , inappropriate behavior and his then less than contrite apology simply dug himself a whole that not even Harry Houdini could’ve escaped from. Far be it for me to say but Tiger Woods’ performances on the PGA Tour circuit lacked all the drama we’d come to expect from the world’s top golfer. If anything there was more excitement to be had in listening to the ingenues who came forward to state that they had sex with the player. From escorts to , hostesses and porn stars , females came out of the woodwork like termites from a piece of rotting wood. And along the way many of them parlayed their notoriety to gain some financial well being . Rachel Uchitel and Jamie Jungers were but a few who made their stories public and if you just happen to curious enough and something of a voyeur then in due course there will be sexually explicit movie detailing Woods’ exploits that will be marketed by one of his paramours through the distributor and purveyor of adult entertainment _____ Vivid Entertainment . Curious to see whether not the actor portraying Woods will be using as much wood as he laid to those noted conquests ? ‘Four …….. nine iron being used ‘.

Fourteen Majors and some seventy plus wins worldwide and it’s easy to see why Woods has been the most dominant golfer over the last decade plus and of his generation. A career Grand Slam and all the acclaim in the world made him the marketer’s dream , and the titans of Madison Ave in conjunction with international sports management agency IMG made Woods the most marketable athlete on the planet , the first to earn $1 billion ($1,000,000,000) in endorsements and career earnings. And when you’ve made that sort of ‘bank’ you probably do feel impervious and would like to think that you can do anything possible. What Woods seemed to forget is that there’s a cause and effect , for every action there is a reaction. It was only a matter of time before the veil came down on the charade that has been Tiger Woods’ persona. And it’s asinine to think that Woods tried to apportion much of the blame on the media after the sordid allegations became public knowledge ! What the hell did he actually think was going to happen , he’d be given a free pass ? Nigga’ please ?

Winless on the Tour in 2010, Woods’ play veered from at times being brilliant to downright horrendous over the course of the year, in which we saw him withdraw from The Players’ Championship and could only garner two top ten finishes in any of the four Majors (The Masters , The PGA Championship , US Open and The British Open ), with that occurring in The Masters and U S Open where in both cases he finished joint tied four fourth place. Uncharacteristically also Woods would withdraw The Players Championship held at the TPC Sawgrass , Ponte Vedre Beach, Florida.

Tiger Woods would also lose his world number one ranking as he would be passed by Englishman , Lee Westwood atop of the World Rankings . Westwood has yet to win a Major but he’s been very consistent worldwide on the PGA and European Tour events.Woods’ goals no doubt for 2011 will be regain the form that saw him with regularity on the Tour and at the same time refocus his efforts on being a better human being and a parent. As to whether or not he can surpass his idol Jack Nicklaus , garner the four Majors needs to equal Jack’s feat and then add another to make it nineteen, remains to be seen. He’s still young enough to do it but it now all comes down to his will and composure as to whether or not he can achieve that feat.

The Ryder Cup notwithstanding Tiger Woods’ contributions on the PGA Tour in 2010 can be best described as being mediocre . But to others at the lower end of the totem pole on the Tour I bet at times they wouldn’t mind being in Woods’ position without the sexual pecadilos I might add and all of the intrusiveness of the paparazzi that comes along with it !

I’ve never been really much of NASCAR fan , way too many left turns ! And what the hell might I ask is boogity , boogity boogity ? Is that some sort of dumb ass ‘Redneck speak’ for I’ve got a hard on for Lil’ E ? Speaking of which can someone remember the last time that Dale Earnhardt Jr won a Sprint Cup Series race ? I guess not ! He’s way too overpaid for what modicum of talent he does have. For an unprecedented fifth consecutive year Jimmie Johnson has won the Sprint Cup Series Championship and along the way seemingly create an even greater divide between himself and his peers. The only drivers now ahead him with more titles on the sport’s pre-eminent circuit are Richard Petty and the late Dale Earnhardt Sr . Seven to be precise, is the total held by each of these all-time greats within the sport and it remains only a matter of time and the desire shown by Johnson if he chooses to emanate or even surpass those feats.



The unfortunate thing here is that the sport has now reached its maturation point and whereas viewership and attendances are on the decline , the fan appreciation of Johnson’s feat isn’t being appreciated by all. Other than his own following I truly doubt that the vast majority of NASCAR fans like the guy to begin with ! It’s been suggested that Johnson has no character , he’s not really affable or he’s simply not rambunctious enough. Screw that ., the guy simply wins and he’s begun to make a habit with an ever increasing consistency ! As to NASCAR’s own hierarchy led by Brian France and Mike Helton , though they’ve now got a dominant face for their sport they’re still all too reliant Dale Earnhardt Jr to be the face that arguably reigns over their sport. Far be it for me to suggest but when you simply have a guy who of late has shown marginal talent at best in the practice of his craft, then why the hell is there a need to have him as the face of your sport ? You’ve got the most dominant driver of this era now within your midst and he’s garnering about as much respect as Rodney Dangerfield jokingly said he could attain being a comic. What’s up with that ?

This now ends part two of this two part series concerning my own sporting observations concerning some the events that took place across the landscape of sports during 2010 . What events if any caught your attention over this calendar year and what wishes if any would you like see take place in 2011 as an event ? Simply chime in with a comment and thanks as always for the continued support !

NB: Pacaquiao’s scheduled bout against Mosley is due to take place at the MGM Grand Casino & Resort in Las Vegas , Nevada on the 7th May 2011 .

Auriemma’s U Conn Huskies’ team had their winning streak snapped at 89 by the Stanford Cardinals team . The Lady Cardinals were in fact that the last team to beat U Conn in 2008.

NB: Click in the link provided to read Part 1 of this two part series .

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In My Wheelhouse From Where I Sit ….

In My Wheelhouse From Where I Sit ….

It feels like the dead of winter and not much is happening in the world of sports. I don’t want to go on a political rant as that wouldn’t solve anything at present. Isn’t it enough that we’ve got two political parties at present that are bout as much use as a fart in a thunderstorm. ?

Less we forget also that the members of Congress would seemingly make the members of the Colombian and Mexican drug cartels seem like mild mannered businessmen . To say that they’re not devious or corrupt would be to suggest that Paris Hilton would have some credibility if we were to call her talented. Which of course no one would ever suggest that the “celebutante” was indeed talented !

Interesting read ___ “dwindling attendance” for NASCAR events ………who knew ? Shouldn’t really come as a surprise to anyone who’s a keen follower of the sport to begin with. NASCAR President Mike Helton and CEO Brian France over the past five years seem to have forgotten about the fans while they’ve chased after corporate sponsorship dollars the way that a “hooker” chases after her “John “ in order that she’ll always be well rewarded for the services rendered. Never mind the fact that the race events themselves are now becoming about as exciting to watch as seeing two pachyderms mate ! Suffice to say seeing Brad Keselowski and Carl Edwards dog each other out after their little tête-à-têtes on the track makes them appear about as masculine as Richard Simmons would be deemed to be, if he were still dancing and sweating to the oldies.


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Courtesy of Yahoo Sports & Associated Press

Edwards, Keselowski put on probation by NASCAR

By Will Graves , AP Sports Writer

NASCAR docked star Carl Edwards 60 Nationwide Series driver points, fined him $25,000 and placed both Edwards and Brad Keselowski on probation through Dec. 31 following their last-lap antics at Gateway International Raceway.

Jack Roush, owner of Edwards’ No. 60 Ford, was also docked 60 owner points after the latest run-in between the feuding drivers ended with a chain reaction accident that left Keselowski’s No. 22 Dodge in tatters and another nine cars sustaining damage last weekend.

Edwards and Keselowski were battling for the lead on the final lap when Keselowski nudged Edwards out of the way coming out of Turn 2. Edwards returned the favor a few seconds later, sending Keselowski into the outside wall coming out of Turn 4. Keselowski slid toward the inside wall before being struck by several opponents, his car a shattered mess as it crossed the finish line in 14th while Edwards celebrated his second win of the season.

Though NASCAR has publicly encouraged drivers to police themselves by encouraging a “boys, have at it” philosophy, director of competition Robin Pemberton said Keselowski and Edwards took things a little too far even though Edwards maintained afterward he was not at fault. NASCAR disagreed.

“We felt like at that time they had stepped over the line of what we would consider to be good, aggressive, healthy hard racing,” Pemberton said.

That’s nothing new for the two Cup and Nationwide regulars. Keselowski and Edwards have a long-simmering rivalry dating back to the spring Cup race at Talladega in 2009 when Keselowski nudged Edwards out of the way—and into the catch fence—to collect his first Cup victory.


To read article in its entirety just click on link provided.

Now as the sport tries to pick up the pieces after the debacle of the travails of the domestic automotive industry. We’ve seen each of the domestic manufacturers cut back to some extent on their commitment to NASCAR . Albeit, that they’ve still a presence there but given the health of all three companies Chrysler ,__ Ford and GM no one can really say that they’re all out of the woods as of yet. As to the Sprint Cup season within the sport well once again Dale Earnhardt . Jr continues to disappoint and no mount of excuses can now be made for his poor showing overall . But his most ardent fans as always will continue to stick with him come what may. If his last name wasn’t Earnhardt one seriously doubts whether or not the press , TV media or fans like would be the slightest bit concerned. But Earnhardt Jr has a “family legacy” to uphold. One of which he hasn’t proven to be successful at in the highest echelons of NASCAR and that‘s with him now being a driver with perhaps one the most powerful teams in the Sprint Cup Series , Hendrick Motorsports .

Baseball and its owners are a proud bunch but inherently “the owners” are now coming cross like a bunch of buffoons given their unprecedented wealth couldn’t manage lemonade stand much less run a professional sports franchise ! Now with the death of New York Yankees’ owner George Steinbrenner the legacy of running the storied franchise is now left to his sons Hank and Al Steinbrenner to keep in tact and the keep the success going. No tough task given the resources to be had within the ball club. But the same can’t be said for at least 28 other teams around MLB. Who other than the Boston Red Sox and New York Yankees have such vast revenue streams whereby they can literally spend at will ? Luxury tax revenue sharing or not it hasn’t stopped either of the baseball behemoths from doing as they please.

Come the trade deadline __(31st July) both the Red Sox , Yankees and several other teams with a chance to make their presence felt in the postseason will be looking to acquire the players needed to put them over the top. Think of it in large part as renting a player for the short term in order to attain the success sought.

Courtesy of Dallas Morning News

Nolan Ryan testifies: Rangers could lose Josh Hamilton, prospects

By Barry Schlacter / Special Contributor to The Dallas Morning News

Fort Worth _Tx,. – Rangers president Nolan Ryan testified at a bankruptcy hearing Wednesday that financial pressures are hurting the club and could prevent it from keeping slugger Josh Hamilton, whose contract is up this season.

“I don’t know that I want to be there [if] Josh Hamilton doesn’t come back next year,” Ryan testified.

Ryan said the cash shortage is affecting the team’s trades and its need for a new video board and forced it to close a summer-league farm team in the Dominican Republic.

He wants the court to keep the Aug. 4 date to auction the team, while lenders want the date put off to allow rivals to put together a higher bid than the $575 million offered by Ryan and Pittsburgh sports attorney Chuck Greenberg.

Under cross-examination, Ryan said he was unaware that U.S. Bankruptcy Judge Michael Lynn could order Major League Baseball – on which the bankrupt AL West leader has been dependent – to loosen its purse strings.

“I want you to know,” Lynn later assured Ryan, “this team is going to get through this season, win the pennant and the world championship – and the bankruptcy is not going to interfere with that.”

Hamilton, an all-star outfielder, could see his $3.25 million earnings rocket to $8 million to $10 million if he goes to salary arbitration bearing such awards as American League MVP and the Triple Crown, Ryan testified.

The bankruptcy put a “very expensive cost” on the recent trades for pitcher Cliff Lee and catcher Bengie Molina, Ryan testified. Though the deals also brought in $4 million in cash, this didn’t compensate for the loss of minor league talent, Ryan testified.

Click on link to read to article in its entirety.


While this has been happening the ongoing saga of the ongoing sale of the Texas Rangers seems to be taking a nasty turn for the worse. The preferred choice of the league hierarchy is that the team be sold to a consortium led by former Rangers’ player Nolan Ryan and noted sports attorney Charles “Chuck” Greenberg. The fact the current ownership led by senior partner Tom Hicks is unwilling to sell the ball club in order to meet the team’s and his own debt obligations to his creditors has me wondering why the hell hasn’t Bud Sleig and his office intervened in the ongoing fiasco ? Bluntly put Bud Selig is no more a businessman than George W Bush could be considered to be a noteworthy politician, much less a Head of State. But somehow both have been lauded as being good for their respective endeavors. Pray , do tell what either has achieved that has been noteworthy much less of benefit to either fans of the sport or that of the country that can be viewed as being tangible and having a lasting effect that will be of benefit to everyone ? Don’t take too long in coming up with an answer mind you ?

Come what my the situation now rearing its ugly head in Texas will go a long way in telling us not only about the health of the game from financial standpoint but also how weak a leader Bud Selig has been as baseball’s commissioner. In Selig, to my mind he can’t retire from his post quick enough as far s I’m concerned ! The game needs someone with authority and who at least has a great deal of business acumen rather than a blithering idiot who continues to hang his head out in the wind just to see which way it is blowing before he can come to a decision !.

The Summer League in basketball (NBA) gives a number of undrafted players to shine ,blossom and prove to the GM’s who overlooked them that they made a mistake in not drafting those players. It also gives several players who’d spent time recuperating from injuries to prove that they’re now back and ready to show their worth to their respective franchise with regard to the rigors of the upcoming season. Thankfully, while this is going on the talk of the “newly anointed trio “in Miami can perhaps take a back set? There hasn’t been this much talk bout three human beings since the three wise men went in search of Jesus Christ prior to his birth. Now there’s no star in east nor has God commanded the trio of Bosh , __ James and Wade to go forth and do good deeds. But the way that the three are now being fawned over you would guess they were placed in their present situation through divine intervention.

For the sake of the Miami Heat fans I just hope that God loves this because as we all know he doesn’t like ugly. Things could actually turn out this way should “the team” fail to live up to expectations. Winning seventy plus games in the NBA season is nothing if you can’t land the brass ring of winning an NBA title at the end of it ll. And that is what is expected of this team and I’m not just talking about winning a single championship multiple ones over the years to come. That’s the least that is expected of this Heat team and of the architect who created this grand scenario, team President Pat Riley . They screw this up and about the only thing the fans of the Heat and NBA are liable to say bout the trio ……… and that would be to question their manhood , parenthood and anything else that’s possible without seeking to be overly personal in their criticism.



So this has been my little view of the sporting landscape at present . What if anything has you keenly looking over that specific scenery at present ?

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Why Not Bask In The Limelight ……….. Danica Patrick Just Get Busy And Show Us Your …..its

It doesn’t say much for your sport that’s allegedly male dominated but your most popular driver happens to be a curvacious self effacing female by the name of Danica Patrick. And in the world of Indy Car Racing (IRL) , where all things being equal . Danica Patrick reigns supreme as the sport’s most popular driver by far. Though she’s not the lone female competitor within the sport. Alongside Patrick as fellow female participants are Sarah Fisher and Milk Duno .

Patrick makes use of her assets and was in-fact #91 in Maxim’s Hot 100 females. She’s not averse to showing of her body to further gain that notoriety that she eagerly craves.

And in a sport where one excels through sheer determination and having nerves of steel to handle a vehicle that at times can travel in excess of 200 mph . One can only but admire Patrick, Duno and Fisher. Their male counterparts haven’t readily accepted Patrick within their throng. But in reality , they know that without her presence , the sport in effect would be on its last legs. Nevermind the fact that only recently had the sport re-enter into detente , wherein the former splintered factions of IRL and CART re-emerged to form the present body of IRL. For the present things seem to be working out OK.

Milka  Duno  of  Venezuela.   Duno  is  a  driver  of  #23  Newman  Haas  Lanigan  Racing  team.  She   alongside   Danica  Patrick  and  Sarah  Fisher are  the  only   females  competing  on the  IRL circuit.    picture  appears  courtesy  of  forum/klipsch.comarchives/duno_milka   ........................
Milka Duno of Venezuela. Duno is a driver of #23 Newman Haas Lanigan Racing team. She alongside Danica Patrick and Sarah Fisher are the only females competing on the IRL circuit. picture appears courtesy of forum/klipsch.comarchives/duno_milka ........................

The sport itself is now at a crossroads , merely of the financial constraints that a number of teams are now being placed under. With major Fortune 500 companies now leaving the sport because of the uneasiness of the current economic crisis. And the mere fact that in terms of cost effectiveness the visual media in terms of direct television advertising is far more cost effective , than that of spending millions of dollars each year, with marginal returns if that specific team isn’t having a great of success on the track.

History is made by Danica Patrick as she wins in Japan. Finishing second was Helio Castroneves in the Indy Japan 300 at the Twin Rings circuit , Motegi, Japan

Financially the sport cannot live without its major corporate sponsors or without the backing of several auto manufacturers. As the sport is one the primary testing grounds for its technology. But as with most auto sports where large part of the costs comes from the running of a team and the costant testing retesting. It’s easy to understand why it’s to cost millions of dollars to run a team for an entire season. It’s no wonder that several teams have either fallen by the way or merged with other notable teams in order to cut costs. The dilemma though for IRL was the impact that it would’ve caused had Danica Patrick left the sport to make the jump to NASCAR . The temptation was there as it had been suggested that several teams within the sport had shown interest in the driver. However , she was still under contract with her team Andretti Green Racing, until the end of the year. So it was imperative for the team and the sport not to lose the driver. She’d become the darling of Madison Ave , in terms of sponsorships and endorsements. But with Patrick , also came the glare of the spotlight for the sport in general. And genuinely that was what the sport wanted and very much needed.

Patrick’s Sports Illustrated 2009 expose’

For Patrick apart from her brassiness and her willingness to run afoul of her male and at times female competitors. There was no denying her eagerness to become a success on the track. She made history by becoming the first female to win an open wheel event within IRL. That moment came with her winning the Indy Japan 300 at the Twin Rings at the Motegi circuit in Japan , in 2008 . The fact wasn’t lost within the realms of the sport. And it certainly wasn’t overlooked by the press and the public alike.

Courtesy of Yahoo Sports and Associated Press:

Report: Danica Patrick to stay with IRL team

By Associated Press

Danica Patrick has agreed to a three-year contract to remain at Andretti Green Racing and stay in the IndyCar Series, according to a report in the Indianapolis Star.

Patrick, the first woman to win a major open-wheel race in last year’s Indy Japan, is finishing her fifth season in the IndyCar series and is fifth in points. She’s been rumored to be considering a move to NASCAR and still could compete in a limited number of races.

Patrick’s agent, Alan Zucker, did not return calls from The Associated Press. The Indy Racing League and Andretti Green Racing had no comment.

The IndyCar Series season finale is Oct. 10 at Homestead-Miami Speedway.

Jeff Belskus, the president and CEO of Indianapolis Motor Speedway, has said the 27-year-old driver is important to the future of the series.

“I know she has said winning the Indianapolis 500 is important to her and that it’s a lifelong dream to win that race,” Belskus said at the Indy Japan 300.

Patrick finished sixth at this year’s Indy Japan, which was won by Scott Dixon.

NASCAR star Tony Stewart said this month that he has no doubts that Patrick will eventually make the jump to stock cars. They’ve talked frequently about what it would take for Patrick to go from open-wheel racing to the heavier cars.

Stewart said Friday at Dover International Speedway that he has not talked to Patrick about her decision.


And for Patrick it’d appear that her being in a swimsuit is almost as desirable as being in her fire retardant race gear.

It’s now almost certain that Patrick will remain within the discipline , having signed a lucrative three year contract with Andretti Green Racing. It will no doubt make her one of the highest paid individuals within the sport. And when one adds in her earning potential away from the track. It’s easy to understand why she’s the most popular driver within the sport. She’s no doubt the envy of many of her male contestants. However, in light of the fact that she’ll remain within IRL for the forseeable future. She may well participate in several NASCAR events. Quite possibly in the Sprint Cup Series ,as well as in the second tiered Busch Series . The opportunities are there for her.

The very infamous spat between Duno and Patrick had everyone talking . Even if it was viewed in some circles as being for all the wrong reasons. But as they say “….. a little bit of controversy never hurt anyone”. In this case it only added to the persona of Danica Patrick. Who some viewed as a bitch , while others viewed her as the sport’s saving grace.

And while Danica Patrick no doubt has her admirers . She also too , has her detractors. She’s often viewed as a person who’s willing to push the envelope just a little too far on the course and then seemingly take the stance that she wasn’t at fault. In doing so she’s courted controversy with her antics. But in the not much has come of it , by way of a reprimand from the sport’s ruling body.

Ryan  Briscoe # 6  pits  his  Penske  Dallara  Racing Honda   as  Dario  Franchitti #10   leaves the  pits  in his Target  Chip  Ganassi   Dallara  Honda.  The  event  taking   place  was  the  Indy  300   at the Twin  Rings   circuit  in  Moetegi, Japan,.     picture appears courtesy  of  getty  images/  Chris  McGrath   .................
Ryan Briscoe # 6 pits his Penske Dallara Racing Honda as Dario Franchitti #10 leaves the pits in his Target Chip Ganassi Dallara Honda. The event taking place was the Indy 300 at the Twin Rings circuit in Moetegi, Japan,. picture appears courtesy of getty images/ Chris McGrath .................

For the male contestants within IRL , it’s hard to see what their take is on Danica Patrick. Some may well view her favorably . While there are bound to be others who look upon her as something of a mild irritant that for the time being they’ll have to live. Afterall the sport hasn’t seen a female competitor race within the sport since Janet Guthrie. Since the emergence of first Sarah Fisher , then to be followed by Patirick and Duno. The sport has seen a raise in its profile somewhat. And for the likes of Dan Wheldon, Tony Kanaan, Ryan Briscoe , Scott Dixion , Vitor Meira , Graham Rahal and Thomas Scheckter , this may seem as something of a welcoming
respite. Albeit , that it might well take away in part , the level of seriousness of the competition.

Danica  Patrick  #7  drives   the  Andretti  Green Racing Dallara  Honda  in  the  Indy  Car Series   300   at  Twin Rings  Circuit   in  Motegi ,  Japan. The  circuit  was the  scene   of   Patrick's   first win   an in Indy  Car race  in   2008.     picture appears courtesy  of  getty  images/ Chris  McGrath  ..........................
Danica Patrick #7 drives the Andretti Green Racing Dallara Honda in the Indy Car Series 300 at Twin Rings Circuit in Motegi , Japan. The circuit was the scene of Patrick's first win an in Indy Car race in 2008. picture appears courtesy of getty images/ Chris McGrath ..........................

Seemingly Patrick now has the sport at her feet to almost do with as she pleases. Let’s just hope that she’ll act with a little more decorum when competing. At the same it’ll prove to the fans of the sport she’s capable of not only being competitive . But also that she’s serious about remaining in the sport and looking for continued consistency and success. Patrick now stands fifth in the IRL standings and without much hope of winning the championship. But it represents thus far her most successful season to date. In 2010 it’s hoped she’ll look to make further progress in the series. And take another shot at making history by winning the series championship outright.

* CART signifies Champ Car Auto Racing Team

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Oh Yes Here Comes The Silly Season ……….. And It Includes NASCAR’s The Chase For The Cup , Shaq’s Asinine TV Show

Unless I’m mistaken , NASCAR’s regular season schedule has now come to a halt. And we now have the final-four postseason races for the 2009 season , that ends with the sport crowing its Sprint-Nextel Series’ Cup champion. And for all of the hoop-lah created by the sport and its fans. The tension that they’ve tried to build up has been about as suspenseful as being read the story of Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs. And while I don’t doubt the immense popularity of the sport across the country and seemingly across various demographics. It’s easily recognizable that the sport has now reached its zenith in terms of its popularity domestically. Now as the sport’s hierarchy seeks to further its presence on the global front. We’re led to believe that the sport can gain some further traction and resonance with a new-found fledgling of true budding NASCAR fans.

Juan Pablo Montoya of Earnhardt Ganassi Racing .

It has done its very best to lure the ever growing Hispanic market into the fray and with the popularity of Juan Pablo Montoya -his accessibility and the fact that he’s qualified for the final stages of the postseason. It bodes well for Brian France and Mike Helton , who oversee the sport under the NASCAR banner. And though it would be doing NASCAR a disservice in being critical of in their drive to lure fans of ethnicity and in particular the African American race within the sport. It’s been something of an uphill battle for the sport’s hierarchy thus far. They initially went about this haphazardly .Albeit , that they now have NFL star Randy Moss , who’s competing in NASCAR , as an owner in one of the lower echelons of the sport- the Truck Series. He’s had some semblance of success within the series and his fervor and passion for the sport hasn’t gone unabated. His Randy Moss Motorsports team has been at the forefront of NASCAR’s drive to lure the fans of color to the sport. And in particular those of the African American persuasion. And at the same time NASCAR also has its very own diversity program in place- which is proving to be something of a success .

NFL  star , Randy Moss (right)  and  business  partner , David  Dollar  of   Randy Moss  Motorsports Inc   pose  alongside  the #81  Moss  Motorsports   Chevrolet  during  the  announcement    of   his  vehicle's  entry  in  the  Craftsman  Truck  Series  .   The  venue  was  at   Daytona  International  Speedway  ,  Daytona  Beach , Florida,.  picture  appears  courtesy  of  getty images/  Geoff Burke ...................
NFL star , Randy Moss (right) and business partner,David Dollar of Randy Moss Motorsports Inc pose alongside the #81 Moss Motorsports Chevrolet during the announcement of his vehicle's entry in the Craftsman Truck Series . The venue was at Daytona International Speedway , Daytona Beach , Florida,. picture appears courtesy of getty images/ Geoff Burke ...................

As I alluded to earlier NASCAR went about trying to lure the African American fans with about as much aplomb as as would be befitting a group that they’ve been oblivious to in recognizing their many contributions to the sport over the years. And it most certainly didn’t initially help their cause when the interest shown by former NBA star Earvin ‘Magic’ Johnson was summarily brushed aside with their feigned interest in Johnson’s wish to enter the sport as an owner. Communications and PR wise it was an immense blunder on NASCAR’s part. But they’ve learnt from those mistakes and continues to do their utmost to make all fans welcome to the sport.

Randy Moss discusses his passion for NASCAR on ESPN‘s sports magazine program E:60.

As to NASCAR’s winding down to its regular season schedule and the upcoming postseason events. Well , there’s been about as much excitement created-as that of watching paint dry. Granted, the sport has its colorful cast of characters. But in all honesty , without its most popular Dale Earnhardt Jr not competing in the postseason. The ensuing events will create about as much excitement as watching a performance of Britney Spears or Ashlee Simpson lip syncing to one of their odious pop songs. The fans of the sport will no doubt tune in for the events as they take place and even in this dire economic climate. The faithful fans will turn out in some quantity to cheer on their very own. But as it’s been widely acknowledged that the sport has been seeing a decline in attendance for many of its events at the Sprint Cup level. The feeling is that some changes will have to be made with regard as to how NASCAR determines it champion in its highest echelon event. They’ve tinkered around with this system since its inception. And yet it has not been to everyone’s satisfaction. Though the drivers have seemingly remained mute on the topic. The fans for their part in general have accepted it up to a point. But there have been those who’ve voiced their displeasure as to the competitiveness and veracity of the system.

One has to  take  the  good , the  bad  and  the  ugly . O'Neal  and  James  auditioning  for  ' Dancing  With The Stars'  ......maybe .  Or  just getting  some  work  in  before  the  seriousness   starts  with  regard  to  the  upcoming   NBA  season.  It'll  be  make  or  break   for  both stars as   well   as  for the  Cavaliers'  organization.  They've   got  a  lot  riding  on the  success  of  the  duo.   picture  appears  courtesy  of  ap/photo/  Daniel   Garrard  .......................
One has to take the good , the bad and the ugly . O'Neal and James auditioning for ' Dancing With The Stars' ......maybe . Or just getting some work in before the seriousness starts with regard to the upcoming NBA season. It'll be make or break for both stars as well as for the Cavaliers' organization. They've got a lot riding on the success of the duo. picture appears courtesy of ap/photo/ Daniel Garrard .......................

There was a case at one time, where one could state unequivocally that Shaquille O’Neal was one of the most dynamic athletes in the NBA. In his younger years the fifteen-time All Star was also viewed as a dominant and some might opine an athletic individual. Nowadays, that would most definitely be the furthest thing from the truth. O’Neal, never one not to allude to his own perceived greatness. In truth however, over the last five years , he’s been doing it all with smoking mirrors. OK, it’s agreed he’s won with Kobe Bryant and Dwyane Wade. The latter of whom, made a much greater contribution in the Miami Heat‘s effort to win its only NBA championship-than O’Neal,, himself, is prepared to acknowledge. Granted ,he made the guarantee to the Heat’s fans that he’d secure them a championship. But having done so, he outstayed his welcome and inexplicably became something of a pariah amongst the fans and organization in Miami.

Shaquille O’Neal takes on the NFL’s Ben Roethlisberger and tries to prove his worth as a football player. Tonight’s episode of his show -you will get to see O’Neal go up against multi- Olympic champion swimmer , Michael Phelps in the pool.

After his sojourn with the Phoenix Suns, where his domicile with the team brought about some excitement amongst their fans. But added very little as to the team’s competitiveness and hopes of making the postseason. O’Neal now finds himself on his way to Cleveland to play alongside the ‘anointed one’ LeBron James of the Cleveland Cavaliers. And now there’s the added incentive for Shaq to play alongside James and guide this team to its first win of an NBA championship. It has to have been the primary reason that , the franchise’s owner, Dan Gilbert and GM Danny Ferry made the splash to acquire the player. With the clock ticking on James and his desire win a championship with the franchise . And the very fact that he’s not yet prepared to address his future with the team as to whether or not he’ll stay or pursue his career goals elsewhere. This season will be make or break for the Cavaliers-as well as for both ,LeBron James and Shaquille O’Neal.

O’Neal in the ring with former world boxing champ Oscar De La Hoya.

Last season’s disappointment of being dispatched by the Dwight Howard led Orlando Magic in the Eastern Conference Finals of the NBA postseason ,was a bitter pill to swallow for James and his teammates. And the thought is with the addition of O’Neal . It will be enough to put the team over the top. But much of that will be predicated upon O’Neal’s wish to be first, a team player and at the same time defer to James. Never-mind that O’Neal’s health and fitness will come into play. And even with his performances with the Suns having been somewhat lackluster. There is the strong belief that this may well be all the motivation he needs to prove the naysayers wrong as to his declining form and zeal for the game. But I for one wouldn’t bet on it. Shaq’s been mailing it in and the whole world knows it ! And the very fact of the matter is , he has been robbing several franchises blind with his antics and his lack of professionalism when it comes to the game !

LeBron James talks about his new teammate Shaquille O’Neal and the expectations ahead for the duo.

Now we’ve been regaled with his laughable efforts to prove that he’s an athlete who can perform at the highest levels in certain sporting endeavors. His ABC reality show ‘Shaq vs.’ is about as welcoming a respite as having teeth pulled without the use of novacaine. It’s embarrassing not only for O’Neal but also for the athletes participating in the facade. O’Neal as always , the consummate class clown but even the class clown eventually has to grow up and act with maturity. Something that O’Neal has failed to exude at this juncture. For the athletes such as Albert Pujols, Michael Phelps ,Oscar De La Hoya, Kerri Walsh and Ben Roethlisberger , amongst others. It may well have been fun to be around Shaq and to have participated in the concept. But in actuality unless they were very well compensated by ABC and the thought of raising their profile alongside Shaq was deemed to be necessary. The endeavor has been an entire waste of time. Was there anyone actually watching ? So much so , it’s understandable to me why ABC would want to place this piece of garbage on the network. It can remind us why , we are appreciative of real athletes who can consistently perform at the highest level. Shaquille O’Neal hasn’t done that in years . And that’s why when it comes to the silly season we’re asked to put up with more than the human condition can bare.

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Being There Live Or Watching From The Confines Of Your Home ?

There’s no denying that investing one’s money in a sports franchise by way of purchasing a ticket for an event or in the stock market at this moment in time. Well, it’s about as wise , as allowing Britney Spears or Lindsay Lohan to indeed drive an automobile with a child in tow. You know for a fact that no actual good can come of it. And at this moment in time the same could very well be said for any investment made in a professional sports franchise.

NASCAR event  at  Richmond  Int'l   Raceway ..........    picture appears  courtesy of   ap/photo/  Richard  Matthews  ..............
NASCAR event at Richmond Int'l Raceway .......... picture appears courtesy of ap/photo/ Richard Matthews ..............

And that would most definitely count for any one of the major sports governing bodies and their franchises. Be it NASCAR , NHL, NFL, NBA , MLB . And dare I say the MLS ? We can attest to the fact that the country is in an economic downturn. From which not even the many experts are sure of when the tide will no doubt turn. Meanwhile, we’ve seen each of the governing bodies mentioned shed jobs and and in some cases raise general admission prices as well as season ticket prices. And if you should happen to be an erstwhile follower of any of the major sports in question and should happen to be all too willing to put down an extravagant amount for a PSL non-refundable deposit. Then I can only assume that you’re prepared to pay for the privilege of supporting your team live.

Superbowl XLIII MVP  Santonio  Holmes  makes  the  game  winning  TD  reception  denying    Arizona  Cardinals'  safety  Aaron  Francisco  of making  the  defensive  play.   The  Pittsburgh  Steelers   would  go on  to  their   sixth   triumph  in the  Superbowl   played   at   Raymond  James  Stadium ,   Tampa ,  Florida.     picture appesrs courtesy of  ap/photo/ Matt  Slocum  ................
Superbowl XLIII MVP Santonio Holmes makes the game winning TD reception denying Arizona Cardinals' safety Aaron Francisco of making the defensive play. The Pittsburgh Steelers would go on to their sixth triumph in the Superbowl played at Raymond James Stadium , Tampa , Florida. picture appesrs courtesy of ap/photo/ Matt Slocum ................

I’ve got to admit that I’m an avid sport’s fan and my allegiances are to the following teams. In no discerning order they are the San Antonio Spurs , New England Patriots , Florida Marlins and with regard to NASCAR and the NHL . Well , let’s just say you’d be more inclined to see me watching paint dry before taking a complete interest in either of those two sports and that’s despite their popularity.

Erik Aybar  of   the  Los  Angeles   Angels   hits  the  game  winning   rbi  in a  game  played  against  the  Seattle  Mariners  at  Anaheim Stadium  ,  Anaheim  , Ca.,   The  Angels   would   defeat  the  Mariners  3-2 .     picture appears  courtesy  of  getty images/  Jacon  de  Golish  ....................
Erik Aybar of the Los Angeles Angels hits the game winning rbi in a game played against the Seattle Mariners at Anaheim Stadium , Anaheim , Ca., The Angels would defeat the Mariners 3-2 . picture appears courtesy of getty images/ Jacon de Golish ....................

It’s been often said that “…..sports is a way for one to get away from it all and enjoy a recreational pursuit with family or friends as the case may be.” And whilst there’s indeed nothing at all wrong with that. We’re now having to become ever more discerning as to our disposable income and where we’re indeed getting value for our money. Long gone are the days where a family of four could attend a major sporting event and spend less than $250-00 , even with the price of admission, parking and concessions. Which I might add that unless you’re a fervent follower of all of the major sports and are prepared to follow your team to the ends of the earth. The cost that one or even a family might spend on traveling several sporting events throughout the year has to be quite substantial.

DC  United  goalkeeper  Josh Wicks  (right) looks  to  secure  the  ball  as  FC  Dallas  striker   David  Ferreira  is  unable to  make  the  attempt  on  goal   in  an  MLS  game  played  in  Frisco ,  Texas  .,      picture  appears  courtesy  of ap/photo/ Mike   Stone  .........
DC United goalkeeper Josh Wicks (right) looks to secure the ball as FC Dallas striker David Ferreira is unable to make the attempt on goal in an MLS game played in Frisco , Texas ., picture appears courtesy of ap/photo/ Mike Stone .........

For myself , being a lone bachelor , albeit , that at times the girlfriend is there in tow. I try and attend as many games as is possible when my team is in town. I reside within the state of Florida, in the central region of the state. So, when it comes to top flight sport’s franchises. The area isn’t necessarily inundated with franchises that meet that particular criteria in terms of premiere sporting entertainment. OK, some of you may well state that there’s the Orlando Magic, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the Tampa Bay Lightning , as well as the Tampa Bay Rays. Entertainment and true value for money in terms of the on-field product is a stark difference in a number of cases. But I might hazard a guess that there some who may well feel that I’m lucky in that respect. Given the number of professional sports franchises that there are across the country. Value is value , no matter where one might be. But then again so is beauty and isn’t that meant to be in the eye of the beholder ? So accordingly whatever your tastes are you’re supposedly plead your allegiance to a team.

Floyd Mayweather vs Ricky Hatton . A PPV event that garnered 1.25m buys. Mayweather defeated Hatton with a TKO.

Attending perhaps no more than 20 sporting events a year . The rest of my time I am quite prepared to either sit within the confines of my home to watch an event. Or in some cases , a number of my buddies and I will find the local sports bar and watch an event. This has now become a ritual for us , primarily on a Saturday night in terms of a PPV (*) event, when it comes to boxing. And then, it has to be a marquee card with premiere talent on display . And the same can be said when it comes the UFC and their MMA bouts.

Now for many of us, I know that in the present economic climate attending a sports event has to be measured against other familial priorities and urgent needs. So much so , that it now becomes not so much of a want but more of a luxury in attending a sports event. At the same time we also have measure the benefits one is said to obtain from that. Whether or not it’s something that can be measured tangibly. As it now stands I’d be hard pressed to say that going to a game would still be of a real benefit. And it’s not just from the standpoint of the economic climate. But I know that in the confines of my own home , alongside friends or family as the case maybe . I can enjoy an event to my heart’s content and judged upon the content , I can switch to another channel if the event in question isn’t to my liking. However , if you’re there at an event live and it isn’t to your liking . The only two choices you’ve invariably got ,are whether or not to stay or to leave ? . And in doing so you’ve then got to question your wisdom in making such an expenditure to begin with.

* NB : Rust ? What Rust ? Click here on the text shown to see my own views on this upcoming event. Should you wish to comment on it , then by all means do so.

On the 19th September Floyd Mayweather and Juan Manuel-Marquez will meet in a welterweight bout at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. Which will act a precursor for the privilege of meeting Filipino boxer , Manny Pacquiao in a blockbuster bout , possibly later on this year or early, 2010 .