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If I Slap Or Choke My Bit_ch It’s Because I Can’t Beat Down The Opposing QB

If I Slap My Bitch It’s Because I Can’t Beat Down The Opposing QB

What does it say about the modern day male athlete, when they believe themselves to above the law ? Once again another athlete runs afoul of the law-having been caught in another bout of domestic violence. In this case it’s San Diego Chargers’ defensive lineman Shawne Merriman has been arrested for domestic violence and the case of aggravated assault against his girlfriend, tv personality and reality star , Tela Tequila (Nguyen).

Chargers defensive  lineman  Shawne Merriman  seen  here  on the  sidlines  during  an  NFL  game .    picture  appears  courtesy  of  ap/photo/ Matthew  Guest  .....................
Chargers defensive lineman Shawne Merriman seen here on the sidlines during an NFL game . picture appears courtesy of ap/photo/ Matthew Guest .....................

All this comes with the preseason about to reach its culmination. And with the regular season about to commence. It once again puts the NFL in the spotlight for all of the wrong reasons. PR nightmares come and go ,and in many respect they wane, only to surface again. NFL Commissioner, Roger Goodell ,for all of the tolerance shown. He, now has to get tough with the players and not let this all be left to be debated in the court of of public opinion. And no doubt we’ll hear the usual perfunctory round of apologies from Merriman as to his actions. One can’t help but wonder what sort of message that this sends around the league and in particular to the fans.

Merriman shoots a Powerade commercial alongside several sports stars.

One also has to take the stance and ask of NFLPA Executive DeMaurice Smith , why it is that he hasn’t been proactive with the regard to the behavior of his members. I’ve read and the opinion of several former NFL players who’ve felt that this is merely an everyday occurrence that’s no different from outside the everyday actions that takes within many domestic households. Well when I last looked or read , I certainly didn’t hear of a situation where you had a domestic partnership. Wherein, the male in that partnership was essentially physically abusing his female partner , merely because she failed to answer him. But one could excuse that behavior, one supposes, because this isn’t the act of a man. But if anything it’s the action of a conceited coward !

Tv  reality  star   Tila Tequila       picture  appears  courtesy  of /Paramount Entertainment   copyrighted  material   @  all  rights  reserved ....................
Tv reality star Tila Tequila picture appears courtesy of /Paramount Entertainment copyrighted material @ all rights reserved ....................

For the San Diego Chargers’ management and its ownership. This is hardly the headlines that the franchise would want to be reading and then having to be answering questions about. And given the fortunes of the franchise over the last few years where they’ve essentially underperformed. Merrmiman , for his part is coming off a cloud of suspicion and a four game ban last season along with an injury. But that’s besides the point, as the player’s actions there was of his own volition. But does it set Merriman now in a new light as to how he views himself ? First,as an athlete and then as a member of the public ? It comes down to perception. And if anything these are the questions that really need to be asked and answered. It’ll be interesting to see the action that may well be taken by the NFL and if anything that of law enforcement. We’ve seen the idiocy of the legal establishment as of late. And we’ve also seen the nonchalant attitude of the NFL and how it deals with the transgressions of its members. It’d appear that Commissioner Goodell actually feels it appropriate to arbitrarily mete out justice as he sees fit without about as much clarity and purpose as either Opus Dei or that of the Roman Catholic church and how it dealt with the sexual abuse scandal of young boys. It’s either a slap on the wrist or complete punishment that’s meant to be a deterrent to others. But on the face of it, it’d appear that as of now there’s very little deterring what’s happening on the path of the players and their behavior.

Courtesy of Yahoo Sports and Associated Press :

Chargers LB says he didn’t harm reality TV star

By Bernie Wilson AP Sports Writer

San Diego Chargers star outside linebacker Shawne Merriman says he did not harm tv reality star Tila Tequila at his home early Sunday and he added that he was concerned for her safety because she appeared to be intoxicated.

Merriman was arrested and accused of choking and throwing Tequila to the ground as she tried to leave his home in surburban Poway. Tequila signed a citizen’s arrest warrant charging Merriman with battery and false imprisonment. Both are felonies.

Merriman spent 2 1/2 hours in a downtown jail before posting bail.

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Shawn Merriman for his part now has to prove to the public and the rest of the NFL that this was an isolated incident. But no doubt as this comes to the public forefront, we’ll see what transpires. It does however, act as a precursor as to what we’ve so often witnessed with an athlete and his behavior. It’s been the usual perfunctory apology and then and public apology to the public. Can we now come to the conclusion that these players now feel that they’re above the law and are entitled ? And it’s not as if the NFL and the NFLPA have been proactive at all in dealing with this issue. The NFL has always been primarily concerned with its image and making money. But primarily about making money ! Everything else becomes secondary for its hierarchy ! As to the behavior of its members they’re about as concerned as the vast majority of politicians are about the constituents that they’re said to represent. Which begs the question can we actually trust either, to uphold the image and spirit of the custodianship of the bodies that they’re said to represent ?

Bi-sexual reality star ,Tila Tequila seen here on the Season 2 finale of her eponymous show ‘A Shot At Love 2 With Tela Tequila’.

And while I for one don’t doubt the talents of Merriman as a player. What I do doubt are the choices that he now makes as an individual in the privacy of his own home. And then looks to absolve himself of his responsibilities when it comes to his acting like a man ,then as a professional athlete. If he thinks it appropriate to act like a thug in the confines of his own home but then as a player on the field of play conducts himself as we’d come to expect. But in effect, then expects us all to overlook one act as fitting, as it should be. Then the other hand act as if it were just a slight lapse in judgement then there’s clearly something that he’s missing. As to what that might be ,I’ll leave that up to you to decide.

NB : Nguyen is set to address the public and the press as to the events that took place. As to what her statement will allude to. One can only surmise that it’ll be something that may well contradict the statement made by Merriman.


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What Would Or Should LDT Do ?


Well  it   would  appear  that   San  Diego  Chargers  owner  Dean  Spanos  and   General  Manager  A J Smith  have  come  to  the conclusion   that  the  team’s Pro Bowl  running  back  LaDainian  Tomlinson is  no  longer  a prerequisite   to  the  team’s  needs.  Bearing  that  in  mind  the player’s  presence  in the postseason  was  negligible  at   best.  It  is   believed  to  be  the only  alternative   that  the  team  has  but   to   release   or   trade   him.



LaDainian  Tomlinson  on the  sidelines  during  the  team's  postseason  game  against the  Pittsburgh  Steelers  .........
LaDainian Tomlinson on the sidelines looking on in the postseason NFL game played between the San Diego Chargers and Pittsburgh Steelers...............



LaDainian  Tomlinson   on  the  sidelines  looking   on  in  the  game  between  the  San  Diego   Chargers  and  Pittsburgh  Steelers.   picture  appears  courtesy  of   ap/photo/  Tom  McCaffrey …………….





If  anything  it’d  be   in  their   best   interest  to   trade  or   release  the  player  if  that  is  their  conviction  at  this  juncture.    And  in  all   probability  they  would  still  be  able  to  garner  a  first  or  second  draft   pick   for the  player   if  not   more.   He’s  still  productive   albeit  that   he  may not  viewed  as  explosive   at  this   point  in   his   career.  Upon  his  introduction  and   entrance  to   the  NFL  the player   himself   has  been   one  of  the  most  productive  ,  if    not the best   running  back  to  have   graced  the   league  over  the  past decade.    LaDainian   has  let  it be  known   that   he’ll  abide   by  whatever   decision  is  made     by    management.  Tomlinson   has  also   stated   that   he  would  let  the   fans   know  of  the progress  being  made   via   his   personal   website.    So  with  baited   breath    the  football  world  awaits  the   outcome.




Dean  Spanos  (left)   seen here  with Arizona Cardinals' President  Michael  Bidwill  at  the  Cardinals'  training  facility ..............
Dean Spanos (left) seen here with Arizona Cardinals' President Michael Bidwill at the Cardinals' training facility ............



Dean  Spanos (left)  the   owner  of  the  San Diego  Chargers  seen  here with   Arizona  Cardinals  President   Michael   Bidwill  at the  Cardinals’  training   facility.  picture  appears   courtesy  of   getty  images/  Tom  Bowyer ……………….. 





There’ll   no  doubt   be  a  number  of  teams  out there  vying  for  the  player’s   services  who  are in   need  of   someone  of   his   renowned  status.  But  the   caveat  here  is  that  he’s   no  longer  the  player  who   was once  considered  to be   the  most   explosive  and  prodigious   running  back  in  the league.  Injuries  as  of  late  have  hindered    his   productivity.  And   also   his  leadership   qualities   have  come  into  question.    There’ve  been  no  conflicts  between he  and  the  coach  Norv  Turner,  or   with   management   or   in  fact   his  teammates  at  large.  But  it may  well  be  that  Smith  and  Spanos  feel  that  it  is  now  time   in  another   direction  and  that they   don’t   need   Tomlinson  at  the   helm   to lead  the   team’s   ground   attack.



Cahrgers'  running   back  Darren  Sproles  tries  to evade the  tackle  of  the  Steelers'  linebacker  Patrick  Bailey  during  their  postseason  meeting.  ...................
Chargers' running back Darren Sproles tries to evade the tackle of Steelers' linebacker Patrick Bailey during their team's postseason meeting. ................



Chargers’ running  back  Darren  Sproles tries  to  evade  the  tackle  of   Steelers’  linebacker  Patrick Bailey  during  their  team’s postseason  meeting.   picture  appears  courtesy  of  ap/photo/ Tom  McCaffrey  ………………….





If  anything   they  may  well   feel   that   the  productivity   and  resourcefulness  shown  by Darren  Sproles  in  the  playoffs  . And   his   play   in  the  last game  of  the regular  season  against  the  Denver  Broncos  was    enough  of  an  indication   that  may   well   have   a  ready made     replacement .   As  to   the  Chargers’   fans this   may  not  be  something   that   they  want  to   hear   from  the  ownership  at this   juncture.    However  with  the  loss  of  defensive   stalwart   Shawne  Merriman    due   to   injury   early   in  the  season  things  went   downhill  for the  team.  They  were  able  to   regroup   and   were  it   not  for   the  sheer   incompetency   shown  and  the  meltdown   by  the  Denver  Broncos.  We  may   not  have  been  talking    of  the  San   Diego   Chargers   as the  winners  of the  AFC  West , much  less   them   making   the  playoffs.  But   such  was  the  ineptitude  shown   and  lack  of   quality  within  the  division   that    in  many  respects  one  can  view  that  they  won  it   by  default.   The  Oakland  Raiders  were   laughable  ,  the  Kansas  City Chiefs    struggled   to  show  some consistency .  And   as  alluded to   earlier    the  Denver  Broncos   in  the  end   cost   Mike  Shanahan   his   job  with  their   season   ending   meltdown.




Norv  Turner  looks  at the  playbook during  the  divisional  round  playoff  game  against   Pittsburgh  ................
Norv Turner looks down at the playbook during the divisional round playoff game against the Pittsburgh Steelers ......................


Norv  Turner   looks   down  at  the  playbook  during the  divisional round playoff  game against  Pittsburgh.   picture  appears  courtesy  of  ap/photo/ Tom McCaffrey ………………..






As   to  what  awaits  Tomlinson  is   now most   definitely   open  to conjecture  and   a  great  deal  of  debate.  But  if the  rumblings and   rumors  are  said   to  be   true   then  it  is quite  believable    that the  player  will  be  leaving  the  franchise   as  some  time   in  the  near   future.   His    destination   could  be  anywhere   in  the  league  and  there’ll  be  no  doubt    a  great  of    interest   shown   by  a  number   of  teams  around  the  NFL.     As   to  the  player’s   own  choices    that   is  something   that  we   know   nothing  of.    But   in  all   likelihood  he  may  well   prefer   to   remain   on   out   on  the  West  Coast.    But   I  for   one   believe  that  if  the  right  offer   came  along    he may   well   look   to   the   east   as  to   where   his   fortunes   may  lie.    So  let   the  chips   fall   where   they   may   and  let’s  see   what’ll    transpire   for    not   only   Tomlinson    but  also   for  the  San  Diego   Chargers   themselves.  If   nothing  else   this    off  season    could  well  be  a  very   interesting   one  leading   up    to   the   NFL  draft.